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Aint you surprised at the number of new social networking sites that have crop up in recent times? I can count atleast 10 at the top of my head. Each one claims to have something unique and different that will make them the top networking site in India.

I just came across this new Indian startup that claims to be a people search plus a social networking site plus a “band of rikshawvalas” aka . Their claim to fame is that they connect their users with like minded people. Are they a matchmaking site?

Hareepa LogoI really do not know what should I make of them. I cannot do a detailed review of them as they need a local Indian mobile number to get registered (supposedly to stop fake profiles). However, here are my first impressions and what I make of them.

How do they connect like minded people?

Based on the inputs user provides during registration. You can search using a window similar to the one shown below. Couple of my searches did not yield anything. They do not seems to have any users as of writing this.

Hareepa Match Making site

This probably is the highlight of their service, at least thats what they claim to be. Here is what they claim in their own words

An online portal that allows Indian users to connect with like-minded people through matching up similarities of their profile and interests with other users’ profiles. “It’s really simple – you fill out your profile and one click later, Hareepa!com’s similarity engine matches you up with the most similar people in your area” says Sobti. “The whole process takes 1-2 minutes and the results are extremely relevant; best of all, it’s free of cost” adds Sobti, a recently arrived NRI from the U.S.

How do they spread the word ?

Using a not-so-professionally shot ‘viral’ video of Rikshawvalas doing all kind of stunts and Wheelie :


Although, I have not seen much of, it looks like one more addition to the saturated space of Indian social networking. It is dressed up a bit differently than what we are used to seeing but it is the same wine in a different bottle. Will Rikshawvala’s video go viral, you be the judge. I have my reservations about that.

Where are they now? Search for FREE!

  1. seems like this site has gone down, its hard to crack the indian dating game

  2. NatalygoJapan says

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  3. Rhyo says

    A Cool social networking site for connecting indians in america

  4. indian videos says is better indian friendship site because you can watch indian videos as well

  5. Deep says

    I dont understand why everyone is behind ripping apar the layout of facebook.. first desimartini did and now these guys…

    the promo ad idea what they are trying to show through the ad… (may be they are passing the correct message,go away)

    I didn’t bother to register on the site by looking at the first page…

  6. Mesmerized says

    I have a friend who works at Hareepa , but i didnt know they even launched. So much for a friend i say!

    The video, well your right it hasnt been shot too well, and the editing is still rough, but i like the concept. Unlike most social networks who breath down your neck and tell you connect with your friends, this sort of tries to work with a attitude.

    Though there is lot being said in one video and im not sure, if the sequence is in a flow.

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