Revealed: Who Manages PM Modi’s Facebook, Twitter Accounts? (And 9 Fascinating RTI based Facts)


PM Narendra Modi Selfie

World’s 13th most Influential Person; 9th most Powerful Person and Prime Minister of a country with 126 crore people: Narendra Modi has efficiently used social media as a tool to inspire and motivate people. He is right now having 16.8 million followers on Twitter and 31 million people like his Facebook page.

But, often we had wondered, who actually manages his social media profiles? How does he manages to remain so active and vigil on social networks, tweeting, sharing and liking posts every few minutes?

It seems curiosity got the better of an Indian citizen, who decided to file an RTI (Right to Information) seeking these answers.

And the replies may shock you.

While replying to the RTI, Government of India has said all personal social media accounts of PM Modi are managed by him personally, and there is no staff or PR agent behind those interesting tweets and selfies.

However, it was mentioned that the official social media accounts of the PM are being managed by the Prime Minister Office (PMO).

The RTI was pretty interesting, as it included several other questions as well:

Official leaves taken by PM

In the last 18 months, PM Modi has not taken a single day’s leave. Considering that he has made 18 foreign & 10 domestic trips and stayed away from the country for 89 days, and overall 100 days away from office, this is indeed incredible.

Salary of Social Media Account Managers

While replying, PMO said that no dedicated employee has been hired for managing official social media accounts; and his accounts are updated by various officials as and when information arrives.

Who Helps PM In Sending Tweets/Posts in Foreign Language?

No reply was provided. However, it is well known that Doordarshan has several language translators, and they can easily help out our PM.

What Is The Internet Speed Accessed By PM?

It is 34 mbps in the PMO, as per the reply.

Who Pays for Internet Charge?

PMO said that Internet bill is part of telephone bill at his office, and no separate record is maintained for that.

PM’s Official Mobile?

Surprisingly, PM has not received any official gadget from the PMO. He uses his own personal mobile, which has been found to be iPhone on several occasions.

PM’s Kitchen Expenses?

As per the reply, all kitchen expenses are incurred personally by the PM, and Government’s money is not incurred in that.

PM’s Highest Qualification?

Masters in Political Science. The exact marks were not revealed.

Will Prime Minister of India Turn to Prime Servant of India?

Once, PM Modi had called himself as Pradhan Sevak (Prime Servant) instead of PM. Maybe this prompted that RTI seeker to ask this bizarre question. The reply from PMO: “There is no proposal to change the official designation of the Prime Minister of India,”

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    This is clearly wrong. The PM does not like posts on twitter.

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