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When I read about National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) on WebYantra, I headed straight for the site. I spend nearly an hour on NEN site after registering and still could not feed my appetite with the wealth of information they had. I am surprised that I had not stumbled across them till now.

If you are a first time Indian entrepreneur, this place has all information you will ever need and much more. Lets have a look.


What is NEN ?

The National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), founded in 2002, is a not-for-profit initiative of the Wadhwani Foundation, working to inspire, educate and support the next generation of high-growth entrepreneurs in India.

National Entrepreneur Network Logo NEN was co-founded by five of India’s premier academic institutions: IIT Bombay; IIM Ahmedabad; SP Jain Institute, Bombay; IBAB, Bangalore and BITS Pilani. Over the past three years, NEN’s focus on introducing a new paradigm in entrepreneurship education in India — and its innovative method of doing so — has made it its leading catalyst on campuses across India.

NEN’s ultimate goal is to help launch thousands of new entrepreneurs, who in turn will create hundreds of thousands of much-needed valuable jobs for India.

What does NEN offer ?

Community Section

NEN Community creation

NEN is committed to getting together Entrepreneurs in India. You can create or join groups or create your own blog and share your entrepreneurship story.

Resource Section

NEN Resource Section

The Resource section of NEN is what will keep you engaged. In Getting started section they have tons of videos, documents and presentation that will give you wealth of information. They also have some excellent compilation of suggestions, articles and information on Venture capital, Angel investing, Intellectual property, Idea generation, Opportunity evaluation and Business planning. If for some reason you have a question or do not understand something, Ask the Expert section will help you out.

Teaching Materials

This section too has loads of Audio / Video presentations, Case studies, Courses / Syllabi, Exercises, How To?s and Slide Presentations.

Do not forget to have a look at comprehensive database of VCs- where to find them and where they invest. Private – Indian funds (33), Private – Global funds (25), Government funds (23), Banks (11)

I have found NEN to be the only place till date that has such large and comprehensive repository of free information.

Enough of my ramblings now, just go ahead and click on any of the links above to take your first step in becoming an entrepreneur.

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    hi i m doing MBA .
    need a case study on indian entrepreneur
    specially SUBROTO ROY

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    i m the student of an MBA. i was given the assignment to do case study on indian entrepreneurs, i need a published case study on Shivram Dugal – ICRI.

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    i want to get matter on research topic entitital ” Women entrepreneurs in India: performance, problems and opportunities”

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    tell me about jamshedji tata

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    i need the autobiography of all the entrepreneur in india

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    I am MANDEEP. i am doing MBA. its a veay benefical site for profesionals. i like it. keep it up

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    it v3ery good

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    thanks for this link. I will spend some time reading it.

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    I didn’t know about this till now… :(

    Must explore the site…hopefully I’ll find some good people there…

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