This is Why Net Neutrality Must Be Protected: 50% Of All Indians Are Heavy Users Of Facebook & Whatsapp


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“A moral monopoly is the antithesis of a marketplace of ideas.” – Thomas Sowell

TNS Global, one of the largest research firms globally, has just released their latest research study on the Internet users all over the world. Their report, titled “Connected Life” states that more than 50% of all Internet users in India are hooked on to just two digital platforms: Facebook and Whatsapp.

The report says that 56% of all internet users in India use Whatsapp and 51% of them use Facebook.

Hence, Whatsapp for messaging and Facebook for networking are the largest and most influential web based services for more than half of all Indians!

Globally, the survey reached out to 60,500 Internet users across 50 countries; and if we compare worldwide stats, then 55% of all Internet users are either on Facebook, Whatsapp or Wechat (a Chinese instant messenger)

An interesting trend which has been confirmed by TNS is that, more and more young Internet users are opting for closed-messaging platforms, for more privacy. Globally, instant messaging apps have witnessed an increase of 12%, with maximum growth observed in Asia-Pacific region.

When it comes to top three social networks in India, then Facebook crushes them all. After 51% share of Facebook, at #2 is Linkedin with 3% share and Snapchat at 1% share. For instant messaging niche, Whatsapp with 56% share is being fought by Facebook Messenger with 28% share; while Yahoo Messenger is still surviving with 4% market share.


But, the scariest part is that, Whatsapp is owned by Facebook; which effectively means that Facebook is already holding a monopoly over 50% of Indian Internet users’ information and details.

And this is why we must protect Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality, & Regularization of Apps

If we observe news related with net neutrality, which happened in the last one year, we can spot a trend: Multinational companies are trying to control Internet.

Assocham has demanded that all messaging apps be regularized, which means that users will need to pay for using free messengers. Note here, that its not the messenger themselves which are asking for the regularization, but the Internet service providers who want a share in the booty.

On the other hand, Facebook is aggressively promoting scheme, which will generate more Facebook users for them, and which will make them even bigger. Using free internet as a marketing tool, Facebook is attempting to control the Internet (remember, they are already controlling 50%+ in India!)

Regularization of free apps and thrusting propaganda leads to only thing: Monopoly of existing Internet giants.

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