5 New iOS9 Features That Apple Users Are Really Going To Love!


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The much-awaited iOS9 was finally announced at WWDC yesterday. And if you are an iPhone or iPad user, you will be amazed to see what improvements Apple has made to its latest iOS. The Apple user base has seen a steep rise in fourth quarter of 2014 those users are going to be delighted with all the new features that are on offer in newly baked iOS9.

Taking a dig at their main competitor Android OS and fragmentation of their versions, Craig Federighi announced there are only 12% people in the world using latest Android Lollipop version .

Here’s something which you haven’t experienced ever before in iOS:


Siri Gets Even More Smart

Over the times, Siri has got smarter to understand the user requirement. Siri now displays relevant suggestions as you use the voice search frequently. Besides just searching something in the browser, you can now search anything in your iPhone or iPad. Just for an instance, “Show me videos of Arun’s birthday party” and it will show the videos of it. You can also search by speaking the album name, date, folder etc. In fact, when you use Siri frequently, it will suggest what to do next even before you ask.

For example, if you have a habit of checking your social media profiles in the morning hours and when you open Siri, it will automatically suggest you to open the social media profiles. Additionally, it will also show official results in case if you are searching for scores or weather updates in your iPhone or iPad.

Make Notes from Anywhere:

Using notes in iOS9 is not all about typing the text and setting a reminder now, there is a lot more to experience. You can now add photo, URL, map, sketch your thoughts and even some things you need for a birthday party or a meeting to take along. And you can access the notes of any one of the Apple devices because they are automatically synced to iCloud.

No matter on which device you are active, you will get reminders saved in your notes using iOS9. Most interestingly, you can directly add notes from the browser, messages and emails with a share button and even take a snapshot of a note within the notes app on your iPhone or iPad.

Multitasking on iPad

iPad is always been one of the best devices for business persons and tech enthusiasts. Now, with the introduction of iOS9, it is easy to do multitasking on your iPad. Be it a video call and sending an email or watching videos while reading the news, everything multitasking will simplify your work. Shortcut bar will let you open the keyboard with a single touch on your iPad and more shortcuts are added for the same.

Maps to Guide you Better:

The new transit view will now show you maps with lines to guide you better. It also focuses more on public places like stations, gardens or any other popular place around you so that you can turn around where you would like to. Get the nearest subway station when you search for a specific station around you. This will shorten your distance to reach the nearby station.

News at Your Fingertips:

iOS9 will now come with a news app on the home screen which will fetch all the trending news from the top resources and news of your interests. Now that you get everything at your fingertips, you need not switch between apps or tabs to read the latest news.

More Features:

  • Move your contacts, messages, camera photos, bookmarks, mail accounts, books etc from your Android device to iPhone by using Move to iOS app wirelessly.
  • Improved security with Apple ID as it now has 6 digit passcodes and two-factor authentication.
  • Longer battery life and you can update iOS9 with just 1.3GB space as compared to 4.58 GB of iOS8.
  • Email suggestions will show the email IDs of frequently used members or more of them to whom you send you emails in a single email.
  • Connect iPhone with CarPlay without plugging in (wirelessly) and you can use Siri in your car too.
  • More cards added to Apple Pay making it easy for Apple users to pay bills
  • Compatible from iPhone 4s to iPhone 6 plus models, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad 2, iPad 3rd generation, iPad 4th generation, iPad 3 mini, iPad 2 mini, iPad mini and iPod touch 5the generation.

Well, this is not yet finished, there is still a lot to see from Apple when it updates iOS9 in the coming days. The iOS9 update will be released this fall. However, there is no word on the update release in India. But we can expect it to be released soon after its release in USA and UK.

Are you an iOS user? Do tell us what you think about this update?

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