Now, Getting Appointment With a Govt Officer Is Just A Click Away!



It’s quite pleasing to see the rate at which various Government services and functions are coming online. In yet another online initiative, Government has launched a portal that will facilitate any citizens of India to book appointments online with Government officers from any state and central department..

Trying to get a meeting with a Government officer is one of the toughest task for most ordinary citizens. And, if the officer in question is a senior bureaucrat, it is next to impossible. You need to go through hoops and wait for countless days to meet them. But, that is now history! facility enables the citizens to have a smooth and simple process of making an appointment. It will bridge the gap between the Government and the common man and will enhance the opportunity of a common man to meet a government officer, hassle free.

Procedure to Book An Appointment With Govt Officer

Visitor Officer details

The registration for this service requires Aadhaar card number, so you will need that before you start the registration process. Here are various steps involved.

  • Prospective visitors are requested to submit the visit details in the prescribed format as shown in the Registration page. The visit details as entered (registration number, date of visit and approval status) are communicated to the visitor through SMS / eMail;
  • The visit requested will be authenticated / verified by the officer to be visited through this eVisitor operational at the Ministry;
  • The current approval status of the visit can also be enquired by the visitor on this website by entering Reg.No.
  • The status of visit approval / change in visiting time will be communicated to the visitor through SMS / eMail;
  • Visitor pass will be issued to the approved visitors after capturing a photograph at the reception counter.
  • If visitor is earlier registered at least once with this eVisitor, he / she can refer his / her old registration number, mobile number or personal details for quick registration of his / her current visit at the Reception Counter.

The appointments can be sought for personal as well as official meetings. This portal can be used by ordinary citizens as well as Government officers to seek appointment!

According to the website, “MyVisit is a cloud based application software developed by NIC with an easy to use graphical interface and embedded with comprehensive security features. This is a unified and centralized application and can be easily implemented in any Government offices / Ministries / Bhawans with minimum customization efforts. It assists in maintaining all-relevant information about the visitor, which is automatically saved in a database.”

So, next time you want to meet a government officer, remember, they are just a click away!

[Hat-tip:  Anchit Shethia]

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