Govt Launches MyGov, A Crowdsourcing Platform For Good Governance



Government has launched a new idea-platform for Indians –,  a place where Indian citizens can share ideas and act upon them. In a first of it’s kind web portal, this technology driven platform has been created with the aim of helping citizens contribute and get intimately involved in good governance.

The website: which was was launched last week also marked completion of 60 days by the new government.

The web portal has been created by National Informatics Centre (NIC), Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) who will also maintain the website and it’s entries.

For a change, the new MyGov platform has a modern look and feel, which you do not generally associate with Government websites.


What Can You Do MyGov?

Often at the grassroots levels of governance, there exists a huge gap between conceptualization of a good, noble idea and execution of the same. In most cases, any new suggestion to improve the lives of citizens from a area gets stuck in the red tape, and the project gets delayed.

discuss do mygov

But not anymore!

Using this website, any Indian national can submit creative, useful and beneficial ideas related to governance which would be discussed on the forums available in the website. Constructive feedback and expertise from various professionals can be accumulated and the idea gets developed and matured.

Action – Right Now!

Besides just sharing thoughts and ideas, you can now act upon them as well. You can volunteer to finish or execute the task on a small scale, and then submit your entry. The good work done by you will be reviewed by government officials, and other experts of that particular domain. Every approved task will earn you credit points as well.

Check out this video overview of MyGov

Kickstarting Citizen Enabled Governance

Right now, several programs which need immediate attention from the government has been listed in the website, divided by several groups. Some of them are: Clean Ganga, Girl Child Education, Clean India, Skilled India, Digital India, Job Creation. Active citizens can take up particular tasks within these groups, share their ideas and thoughts regarding better implementation of those ideas. Additionally, they can take up some specific tasks as well, and submit their entries.

MyGov Discussions

The government plans to create a repository of ideas within this web portal, which can be used as a case study for citizen enabled micro-governance, thereby bringing a wide-scale change and progress within our society.

But.. Technological Challenges Exist

At the time of writing, the website was not opening as this message was displayed:


This error actually created mixed emotions for those who were trying to access the website: On one hand it was disheartening to know that the Indian Government, which commands the ultimate technological resources and infrastructure available within our country can’t manage few thousand clicks in a day; and on the other hand it was encouraging to see so many Indians participating in a unique initiative, which is bound to create ripples across the Indian society, if implemented with honest intensions.

We congratulate Indian government for this citizen enable idea-powerhouse, but also suggest that a dedicated team of technologists and web specialists be made accountable so that this great idea actually flourishes.

  1. […] the recently launched crowdsourcing platform to bring in good governance and Google have collaborated with each other to launch a nationwide contest for developing a mobile […]

  2. […] the recently launched crowdsourcing platform to bring in good governance and Google have collaborated with each other to launch a nationwide contest for developing a mobile […]

  3. arun says

    Respected sir,
    good evening.i wish you to thank u for open an mail id to communicate directly with have started a plan “clean India within 2019” congragulations for that this plan i also have an idea that You told to our people that try to make our country as clean.for that my idea is , “if we try to put a dust bin at the end of each and every street all the peoples are properly use it.Incase it not they are always try to throw all wastes in the roads,drinages”.for that try to put an order to all municipalities in our country to place a broader or small dust bin. this is the small idea from myself.if there is any error in my idea sorry for that and thank you.

  4. Ajay Tiwari says

    Sir mere pitaji army retire hai unhone apko 10 se jyada patra likhe magar ek ka bhi jawab nai aya kya yahi government hai w ap logo pe bohot vishwas karte hai to uska ye sila mil raha hai ek army retire ko ghut ghut k jine pe majbur hona pad raha hai aur sarkar ka koi jawab hi nai hai kya yahi wade the apke unki pension loan me Kat jati hai ghar nai chal pa raha hai wo asthma k patient hai mujhe v job hai mil rahi hai kya apko nai lagta ek fouji ne jisne apne Puri zindgi desh k liye bita di pahado pe rehte rehte unko asthma bhi Ho gya unko kuch madad milni chahiye kya isiliye chuna hai apko hamari madad kare

  5. SanjeetDeswal says

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    rukawat ke kaam Mar sake .thank you sir.

  6. abhishek mishra says

    Sir sbse pahle to tahe dil se dhero bdhaiyan . . . ||
    sir mera mudda bohot alag h jo apne samaj ke naujawano ko prabhavit karta h ham sb ek bdiya samaj bnana chahte h jahan manavta par jyada dhyan de log na ki jaat paat par .
    Par aj kal k saas bahu k seriel or family k sath na beth kar dekh pane wali filme is tarah se he bnti rahenge to wo din dur nai jis din yahan k bache apni sashkriti he bhul jae . . ||
    or jo dusna mane mudda h wo h shiksha ka kiuki ab jitne b private colleges h wo sirf business k lie he h naki shiksha bhav or kam sarkari vidyalyo k karan ese kai bache h jinhe in colleges me admmision lena padta h

  7. anil says

    sir first advice agar manogae tabhi sec lLIkhunga 10 saal purani private or commercial sabhi vehicle scrap ki jaaengi yadi koi 2 saal or rakhna chataa hae toa private car ki bhi fitness compulsary 12 saal mae gaari khatam RESULT.loha sasta traffic control CRIME KAM RUBBER SASTA PETROL DISEL SASTA SEERF 72 GHANTAE MAE KAI PROBLEM SOLVE LOGO NAE SEERF SHOW KAE LIYAE 6-6 GARI RAKHI HAE OR GARAGE MAE HI START KARTAE HAE KYOKI AADMI 2 GARI 6 MAAN JAAO PL DEHH KO AAPSAE BOHT UMMEED HAE JAI HIND

  8. DD says

    As more n more people are frustrated with the limited availability of all govt. services n resources, n people need to queue fr hours to avail any govt. basic services-like train tkts-gas lines, electricty bill, water bill, municipality bill, income tax, sales tax, where do we dont see hourly queues-and young generations are easily frustrated about all dheela govt, babu type services…. It is a sure shot easy n direct complaint box for all. But lazy-sure shot salary-no tension I.A.S officers are bound to create a limited entry for public -type of website, so that less complaints will come in-n they need to do less work- also public memory is very short- on repeated non entry into website–public will slowly but surely start to avoid the website n again IAS officers need to work less n rest more in AC rooms…!!!

  9. rtdp says

    Tried signing up, but signup form has a security code at bottom, which is not loading. It’s just a capcha but image not loaded. –

    Where can this be sent as complaint and be heard.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Just send this to email which is given on the site, and they should help you…

  10. Debranjan says

    My first suggestion would be to move all govt computation to open source and Linux. Their tender sites are so dependent on. Net that they don’t even render on Linux or osx browsers

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