Rs 50 Lakh Contest For Smart City Project Announced To Measure ‘Impact’

Govt. of India’s Smart City Project has received a new boost


Smart City Contest

Govt. of India’s Smart City Project has received a new boost, as a contest has been announced, whose prize money is Rs 50 lakh.

This special contest has been designed to measure the actual impact of the project, and how the ideas and concepts are changing the ecosystem.

As we discovered, the idea of the contest was proposed in the month of June, during a workshop conducted for officials of Smart City Mission, under Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

The final draft of all the rules, regulations and concept has been finalized, and have been shared with all the concerned personals.

As per information received, the basic idea behind this contest is to find out exactly how much growth and progress has been made under the ongoing smart city projects, pan-India.

What Does This Contest Cover?

There are 7 main categories, which are covered under the contest, whose total prize money is Rs 50 lakh:

Governance, Environment, Social Aspects, Culture & Economy, Urban Environment, Transportation & Mobility , Water & Sanitation

Before April 1st, 2018, the participants will need to demonstrate how their ideas and concepts are impacting the various factors, under these 7 categories. Introduction of new, innovative ideas, speed of execution, how the status quo is being changed and other such factors would be considered, against the backdrop of Smart City project.

Who Can Participate?

Participants here are the smart cities, where one or the other form of activity is already taking place.

The contest will only consider the updates done before April 1st, 2018, for the contest.

Hence, 98 cities, which have been included in the Smart City list will be able to participate in the contest, and stand a chance to win Rs 50 lakh prize money.

In a related Smart City challenge, 20 cities won various awards last year.

How Will The Winners Be Decided?

In order to evaluate the winners, Govt. of India will consider three aspects:

Innovation, Impact and Scalability

Under the innovation factor, the uniqueness of the idea would be considered; whereas under Impact, the Judges will gauge the tangible results and outcome of the smart city project.

You can get more details related to the Smart City Contest 2017 right here.

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