Weekly Wrap-up: Flipkart $1B Funding, TCS Valuation, Hindi Maps & More


Here is a quick wrap-up of some of the buzzing articles that were published on trak.in last week.

Trak.in weekly news wrap-up

In an attempt to boost internet access in such areas, the department of Information Technology and Electronics is planning to launch Hindi language domain names, and will be unveiled on the Independence Day.

Indians were defrauded for a whopping $870 million in Advance Fee Frauds (AFF) scam in 2013 according to Dutch financial intelligence organization Ultrascan-AGI.

We researched through tens and hundreds of smartphones available currently in India and came up with Top 7 smartphones that are top most value for money phones available today!

Facebook has now introduced a new feature called “Save on Facebook”, which could be a strong competitor to a popular “save and read it later” mobile app Pocket.

In the recent announcement, Microsoft has decided to discontinue their focus on Nokia Android devices that were launched 5 months back. Here are 3 reasons why Microsoft was right in killing Android Devices

Google has announced yet another feature – Google Maps in Hindi. Hindi enabled maps will be available online as well as for mobile app on Android devices running versions 4.3 and above

Indians spend at an average of 3 hours and 11 minutes on Smartphones per day as compared to 2 hours and 8 minutes in front of their televisions.

According to reports, Flipkart may have raised over $ 1 Billion in funding from new and existing investors. The funding announcement may come by next week

Have you ever wondered who sent the first email on the Internet? Who bought the first book on Amazon and who viewed the first video on Youtube? Let us explore some memorable firsts of the Internet:

In Banking, HDFC Bank has overtaken ICICI Bank to become the #1 bank inside Indian social media space. SBI has tripled its SM presence in last 3 months and Axis bank is doing well on Social Media

Have you ever thought how many Mobile Apps you use in a month? If you have not given a thought – here is the answer. Approximately 30 according to the research done by Nielsen

Flipkart has now launched a new category called e-learning, which will sell online tests, educational media and online certification and professional courses.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), which is already India’s most valued private company in terms of market capital, has just broke another record: It has become first Indian company to break Rs 5 lakh crore market capital.

A researcher has accused Apple of installing security backdoors in 600 million+ iPhones all over the world; an arrangement using which any iPhone can be manipulated and examined.

Indian IT industry is paying less salary and wages to women employees, compared to males; and this gender based gap in this pay structure is high as 29%!

OnePlus, makers of OnePlus One smartphone based out of China, have indicated in a blog post that they will soon be coming to India.

Indian Ministry of Tourism has just launched an Android application – Incredible India WoNoBo Tours – that will help people take a virtual walking tour of 16 Indian cities, right on their smartphones.

Computer Emergency Response Team – India (CERT-In), Government of India organization under Ministry of Communication and IT has just released an alert for all Indian internet users on Windows Operating System: Stay clear from Bladabindi virus!

LG was preferred by Google to manufacture their Nexus devices, Infact 2 of them, Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. Did Nexus’ success lead to change in market perception about LG. We think yes…

For the first time in its history, Google will be providing direct mentorship and guidance to 25 Indian startups via their 5 day event called Launchpad, which will be happening during the first week of November.

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