Productivity Hack For An Entrepreneur: Understanding The Importance of Time


Editors Note: This is the introductory piece to “Hacks For Entrepreneurs” series which we are doing over next few weeks. The series will bring you various hacks for Entrepreneurs that will help them to their productivity and efficiency to next level. The series will also be released as an eBook shortly!

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Understanding The Importance of Time

“You May Delay, But The Time Will Not” – Benjamin Franklin

Imagine that everyday someone gives you a blank check of Rs 86,400 which needs to be spent by the end of that day. Whatever you have left unspent, doesn’t carry forward to the next day, but gets expired. How will you spend it?

Time, is that blank check of Rs 86,400 which we receive from the Universe, every day. There are exactly 86,400 seconds in a day, which will anyhow get expired after 24 hours. How to maximize its usage and bring in more productivity in our lives?

There are just 24 hours in a day, and our time is limited. The clock is ticking away every second, consuming with it the moments which shall never come back.

Time management is one area where most of the entrepreneurs fail miserably. In fact, I am aware of very few people who can claim to be an entrepreneur and a perfect time manager both at the same time.

As hundred different things are going inside the mind of any typical entrepreneur, it becomes more and more difficult to optimally categorize the limited time which is available to any other person in this world. And the end result is often disappointing: things are not accomplished and productivity is down.

There are magazines and books to be read, emails to be answered, flowers to be bought for your wife, toys to be gifted to your child, meeting that important person for a project, visiting your ailing uncle at hospital, finalizing the marketing plan for your business, visiting that beach which you had always dreamt of, exercise to be done at the gym, and requirement to sleep as well. It seems that there won’t be enough time to do everything, ever.

Time is one of the most crucial limiting factors for any entrepreneur; the factor which prevents him from achieving whatever he wants in life. Thousand ideas bubbling inside you and waiting to get materialized; but alas, only 24 hours in a day!

In order to increase productivity and bring in stunning results; to execute the daring plans and to have a goal-fuelled life, every entrepreneur needs to apply some productivity hacks. These hacks will give you a clear direction of the work flow, will make you understand time management and help you achieve great results. Time is the only significant resource which we have right now, and we should ensure that it’s not wasted.

In this series of Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs, we shall discuss ways to optimize performance by better utilization of time and our energies. We shall discuss ways to speed up the decision process, identify the weak areas which lead to procrastination and find out the solutions through which we can extract maximum productivity.

No, we won’t tell you to stop loving your family or quit exercising, because these are part of your life. But yes, we will tell you how to manage the available limited time in-order to enjoy life to its fullest. We will see how an entrepreneur can make the best usage of time, and increase his own productivity for his overall betterment.

We hope that this series of Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs help you to achieve your goals, and make you a productive professional. If you have any suggestions or expectations from these Productivity Hacks, then do let us know by commenting right here!

.. to be continued …

  1. bhushan says

    Thank you so much for inspiring me… 86400 seconds… I never think about it. But i’m looking now to manage time.

    1. Mohul says

      Hi Bhushan,

      Glad to know that the concept helped you understand the importance of time..

      Do read the rest of the series, and discover the true power of productivity!

      Keep rocking the show..

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