Short Guide To Lightening Fast Decision Making – Simplifying Small & Big Decisions (Part 2)


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The entrepreneur needs to make a hell lot of decisions in day to day operations; both for his business and personal life. We are taking thousands of decisions daily, consciously as well as sub-consciously but sometimes, decision paralysis hits us and we are unable to make up our mind. We procrastinate and delay the decision as we hide behind the most favorite answers of all: “I need more time”.

In the last chapter, we had discussed 4 ways to take fast decisions about anything and everything. In this part, we will discuss how to simplify decision making process for both small and big decisions.

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Simplifying Short Easy Decisions: 2 Minute Rule

There are mainly two types of decisions we need to make at any given time: short easy decisions and big bold decisions. Surprisingly, often we take same amount of time for both of these decisions, thereby wasting time and resources which could have been used somewhere else.

Examples of short easy decisions can be something like which dress to wear, which movie to watch, what to have for dinner, which road to take, whether to go for the party or not etc. Decisions about these issues are short and easy to take, but sometimes we procrastinate about these and wait for the right time to make that decision.

Here is a very simple and efficient way to simplify these short decisions: The 2 Minute Rule.

The idea is pretty simple; whenever you are required to take such short decisions which will not impact you profusely but needs to be decided quickly, set the timer of your watch for two minutes, and force yourself to take the decision right then and there. Once you set a deadline for your brain regarding these decisions, you will be amazed to experience the amount of data and suggestions which your brain will send across.

The deadline will make sure that within those 2 minutes, you are able to judge the pros and cons of every factor related with the decision, and whatever you decide will be acceptable.

It may not work everytime, but, it can provide you enough clarity and ideas to tackle any short term decisions you need, without any hassle.

Simplifying Big Bold Decisions: 8 Strategies Which Actually Work

The most difficult and time taking decisions are those big, bold ones which can alter your career, life and business all together. Although these decisions are important and heavy, we sometimes give too much thoughts and visions into them, thereby making them even bigger and even difficult to choose. Here are 8 strategies, which can help you to make these big bold decisions in a simplified way:

a) Be grateful and stop complaining

The very first step is to feel grateful and lucky that you have been presented with an opportunity to make a choice! Not everyone gets this chance, and whatever you will decide, will only take you forward in your life. Once you stop complaining, a whole new level of fresh perspective will hit you.

b) Assume the worst and accept it

In any decision making process, there are atleast two choices which can be taken. Assume the worst possible scenario with each of these choices and accept the outcome as its happening in reality. If you are not dying, then anything you do from now on will only improve that scenario. This will help you to overcome the fear and the anxiety of the unknown.

c) Everything is reversible

Whatever can be done, can be undone as well. Say to your heart that the world wont end due to your bad decision. Every good decision is a bonus and bad decision an experience. Make this your principle of life, and take that decision.

d) Ask Your Heart

In the last chapter, we had discussed how pretending to be an advisor for a friend actually helps in decision making. While confronted with a big bold decision, have a talk with your heart and see what replies you get. Whatever you get, write it down. Although not an exact solution, but yes, it can give you enough ideas about the actual problem. Use them as the base of your actual decisions.

e) Don’t ask everybody

Some people make their biggest mistake while taking a decision; they ask each and every friend he knows and makes the matter more complicated. If you ask 10 people about a problem, you will get 10 different answers, which would be based on their worldly view and their behavior pattern. Don’t do it! The problem was created for you and its exclusive answer remains with you only.

f) Be debt free

If you are a new entrepreneur, then you won’t realize the importance of being debt free before making any decision; but if you are an experienced campaigner, then it will hit you like a missile. Being debt free before making a life changing decision can be the biggest asset you can ever imagine.

Debt makes you weak and fearful as you will think real hard on the financial aspects of your decisions again and again. Debt free makes you stronger and more independent to make the decision – whether its right or not, we cannot say!

g) Risks and Rewards

If you are struggling to make a decision, then it proves that you have choices to make. List the rewards and risks associated with each option and then weigh it down as per your current liabilities and assets. Spread it out on a spreadsheet and use the analytical brain to make the conclusion.

h) Trust your gut feeling and believe in your decision

Whatever decision you take, believe in that. Trust your gut feeling about the decision which you are about to take and be fully involved with that. If you are not believing that decision of yours, then even if its right, it will not be fulfilled.

On the other hand, if you are 100% believing in your own gut feeling then even if the decision is not right, it will convert to being right.

Taking decision is lot like plunging into a dark well, without knowing the outcome. At the best, we can only assume about the result. Great entrepreneurs never take the right decision because no one knows what the best decision under the present circumstances is. They take their decisions and then make them right. Taking more time and hoarding more information doesn’t actually help every time; infact it makes you weak and filled with anxiety and doubt.

Take that decision now because it will free your time and your resources and make you more productive.

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