Get Up Early For Maximum Productivity – 4 Tips For Conquering The Alarm Clock


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Do you know what unfair advantage Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, Virgin founder Richard Branson, Procter & Gamble CEO A.G. Lafley and other entrepreneurs have compared to others?

They get extra two to three hours every day, and this is the factor which makes them supremely powerful because others are missing these super-productive hours!

These are early rising entrepreneurs and innovators, who understand the importance of the morning time. Earlier, we had covered some early morning productivity hacks which can prepare the entrepreneur for the fight. Also we had shared what super-productive entrepreneurs do before breakfast, every morning. Ofcourse these activities and actions will help you; but the main problem comes while getting up in the morning.

This chapter will help you with 4 tips which will help you to get up early, and make your day super-productive. After completing this chapter, you can easily conquer your alarm clock!

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1) Taking Control of Your Body Clock:

Everybody has an internal biological clock called “circadian rhythm” based on which our internal organs and most importantly brain functions. Not only human beings but animals, plants, bacteria and fungus; every living organism follows a particular rhythm every 24 hours which propels most of our biological actions. The first step towards getting up early in the morning involves taking control of your body clock by gradual process.

No, you can’t decide one fine day that you will get up early and the very next day you will fail because the body clock isn’t adjusted yet. Start small; wake up 15 minutes early on day 1, then 30 minutes early on day 2 and so on. Slowly your internal body clock will adjust to the new rhythm and will respond positively. After 7 or 8 days, your internal body clock will be conditioned such that getting up early won’t be an issue.

2) Sleep Early and Sleep Full:

Getting up early in the morning doesn’t translate to less sleep! A human body needs 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every 24 hours, and you should not hamper that. A body which gets less sleep will respond negatively to the positive actions planned for the whole day, and ultimately the program will fail.

Consider sleep as an extension of your next day, and sleep early so as to complete the 7-8 hours mandatory sleep which every human body requires. Before you go to sleep, consider one task which excites you, and remember to do that first thing in the morning. This will turbo-charge you the moment alarm clock starts buzzing and you will wake up in an excited mode!

3) Avoid Gadgets before Sleep:

Electronic gadgets radiate immense amount of energy vibes, which stimulate your mind and ignite action hormones. Doctors suggest that atleast 60 minutes before you sleep, get away from any electronic gadgets you work on and concentrate on some physical or mental exercise like walking or reading a book (actual hard-cover book not ebook!). This will soothe your mind and heart and it will help you to get to sleep easily and comfortably.

Scrolling your smartphone or tablet as you prepare to sleep is same as drinking Red Bull just before the bedtime.

4) Keep the alarm clock in the next room and jump from your bed:

Placing alarm clock near to your bed will seduce you to hit the snooze button, which will trigger further laziness and you will be never able to get up early. Some therapists suggest keeping the alarm clock in the next room so that you can listen to its buzz and get up without hitting the snooze button. Once you hear the alarm clock buzzing, just jump out from your bed and stretch your arms wide and long.

Try to say it aloud, “Yes! I am alive and this the most wonderful day of my life!”

Follow these 4 simple steps everyday, and getting up in the morning won’t be an issue ever. Early morning, when your mind is fresh like a blank paper, is the most creative time for an entrepreneur or an artist. Don’t waste it by sleeping!

Getting up and leaving the bed is the hardest part in the morning, and these above 4 steps will enable you to overcome this hard part. Achieve greater heights of productivity right now!

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    I needed this article, Thanks. I will
    Like to ADD something to the 4th point. Well I use NFC tags to turn off the alarm. They work great and I placed them somewhere near bathroom. Even if don’t have NFC enabled smartphone I will recommend puzzle alarm apps. They really works.

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