4 Things Super Productive Entrepreneurs Do Before Breakfast


Love it or hate it, mornings are the foundation of your day’s productivity.

Once your body gets the desired sleep and the mind is empty like a blank paper, you can chart out a perfect roadmap which can guide you through the day and make you more productive.

Morning time sets the tone and tempo of your rest of the day. And no wonder super successful entrepreneurs and personalities use morning time to maximum effect.


Here are 4 things which super productive entrepreneurs do every morning:



Exercise is the best thing to do as soon as you get up and freshen up. By exercising, your body is warmed up, blood flows to every inch of your body and stress levels come down. You feel good after a session of cardio or light weight lifting. Exercise prepares you for the tough day ahead.


Just like exercise is important to make you physically fit, meditation is crucial for your mental health. Not just entrepreneurs or business-men, but each and every individual should meditate in the morning (or any time in the day).

Meditation is not a one-off activity; it’s a habit which makes your mind strong and aware. Your consciousness is more awakened and you have more control over your body and mind. Even 10 minutes of intense meditation is pretty useful in the longer run.

Map out the next 12 hours

Now, when your body and mind is under control and you are experiencing waves of energy and enthusiasm, you should map out the next 12 hours. Remember, each and every second is invaluable and once gone, it won’t ever come back.

Create a list, break the major tasks into sub-tasks and just make most out of the day. You can focus on the primary goals which are important for your business and the meeting which are scheduled that day. The best way is to write them down and create a list; but there are several people who don’t like to create such lists. But the main objective is to derive maximum from the next 12 hours.

Eat that frog

“Eat That Frog” is famous time management book by Brian Tracy, wherein he says that as you start your day, eat one frog. This will help you to do difficult tasks without any problem; after all what can possibly go wrong after that! Eating frog is symbolical of doing the most difficult task first thing in the morning.

It has been observed that when your mind categorizes a task as difficult then it starts finding excuses not to do it. It creates a mental block inside your sub-conscious which prevents you from achieving other tasks and the overall productivity decreases. This can be overcome by doing the most difficult task first thing in the morning. This will free up your mind and you can be super-productive for the rest of your day.

Bonus Tip:

As you go out of your home, don’t forget to hug your loved ones. When you hug your mom, dad, wife or kids, you exchange energy with them, which keeps you motivated and strong for the rest of the day. Naturally, it is not a co-incidence that the most successful and productive entrepreneurs have a great family life as well.

Besides these, do you follow any other motivational exercise in the morning? What keeps you inspired for the whole day? Do share your tips and tricks with us by commenting here!

  1. Jose says

    I loved the article. The bonus tip is the one I should start following from now on. And totally agree with Viral to not forget that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

    1. Mohul says

      Thanks for the comment Jose! Yes, Bfast is definitely one of the most imp meal of the day.. but.. this post was more or less about the things which an entrepreneur does ‘before’ bfast! I sure the steps will help you.. Just an update: New York Times had referenced this post for one of these articles..!

  2. Viral Dholakia says

    Mohul, nice do.

    Probably, one thing I expected you to mention absolutely unambiguously, is to eat a stomach full of healty breakfast, which sets the tone for the whole day, just like workout & mind yoga.

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it refuels the body after the night long fast, and energises the body to survive the tiff, including the gruelsome exercises at the start of the day.

    In effect, it could have been a post on 5 things that successfull entrepreneurs do first up during the day.

    1. Mohul says

      Thanks for the excellent advice, Viral. Bfast should be definitely the most imp meal of the day.

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