3 Mindblowing Brain Hacks For The Angry, Unhealthy & Forgetful Entrepreneur!


3 Brain Hacks

Entrepreneurship is a tough job; it’s going against the stream and doing what is perceived as impossible. Entrepreneurs are basically those human beings who refuse to accept the status quo, and embark on an impossible journey whose destination is often unknown and results unexpected.

Success and failure in entrepreneurship is entirely different question, the point is the path which is being taken.

And the path is of course difficult, full of obstacles and it consumes much from the entrepreneur. There are various side-effects of entrepreneurship, and the most common of them are unhealthiness due to weird time schedules and constant pressures; anger creeping in from behind due to delays and unexpected outcomes and a constant need for sharper, more enthusiastic memory for keeping the facts and figures straight.

Although we cannot give a magic pill for solving all these problems, here are three mind blowing brain hacks, which can help the cause a bit, and allow the entrepreneur to have a good memory, capabilities to control anger and to some extent, have a better health (we will strongly recommend going to a doctor if the issues are indeed serious)

Brain Hack For Better Memory

There are infact two hacks involved here.

While the first involves using pencil, the second involves creating memory palaces.

Pencil, you will soon find, is an excellent neurotic tool to enhance memory and to retain information longer than you ever imagined. As per study by Psychology and Neuroscience Department at Indiana University, writing by pencil on paper involves sequential finger movements, which triggers some sections of the brain to enhance thinking ability, learning power and powerful working memory.

You can know more about the experiment here.

The other hack to improve memory is by creating special memory palaces for remembering things.

The process is pretty simple: Imagine a known location, whose map, layout and surroundings you remember pretty well. Now imagine walking on that map, and then associate an item with each of these locations.

Don’t believe it works? Read about these memory experiments using this same technique, and find out how it helped the participants to remember things which they never expected to remember.

Brain Hack For Better Immune System

It would be a surprise for many, but our brain controls everything of our body, including our immune system. And all that a brain needs is images of sickness to make the body stronger to fight against diseases.

In a study by British Columbia, students were shown slides of people with diseases and within 10 minutes, their body started producing a protein called interleukin-6 (IL-6), which increases white blood cells in the body to fight diseases.

So, now you know what to do in order to instantly boost your immune system by using this brain hack!

We would again recommend that if you are really sick, then looking at pictures of people with diseases won’t help. Visiting a doctor might.

Brain Hack To Control Your Anger

This hack involves using the less dominant hand for every day’s task, which can actually control your anger.

And the logic behind this is the fact that outbursts during anger is more about control and less about actual anger. Due to lack of control, the person who is angry tends to throw tantrums and even become violent.

As per a study by Association for Psychological Science, when a person is intentionally made to use the less-dominant hand for everyday activities, the control mechanism substantially increases, and this control helps that person when he is angry.

More than a hack, this anger management technique is a brain exercise which gradually improves your control over mind and lets you manipulate the anger, and win over it.

Do share your feedback, opinions on these brain hacks by commenting right here!

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  1. Shanaya says

    This was very informative
    I loved the brain hacks for better memory
    I too personally find writing down my daily outcomes on a piece of paper, drastically improves the chances of me remembering them :)

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