Busting Myths of Becoming an Entrepreneur!


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No matter how appealing the thought of becoming your own boss is, there are always advise givers (who don’t charge you), and also have never been entrepreneurs themselves to water you down. No matter how much you want to jump unto the bandwagon, there’s a puller. And believe me you; those outright statements are nothing but assumptions based perceptions. There is absolutely no study involved, and hence the factual accuracy is definitely questionable.

Here are some myths to trash off!


Businessmen are born with ‘business sense’!

Being ‘born’ that way is no prerequisite to being a businessman. If you know for yourself where you want to reach and what you want to become, there is absolutely no stopping you. If you can take the leap of faith, and have the guts to battle it out, you could easily accomplish your set goals.

You could meet people locally, join some entrepreneurial groups, find others like you who are looking for co-working spaces. If you are willing to put in work, there is always help around the corner.

You need to invest MONEY to start a business

To have money while you’re starting on with a new business is quite a boon. But taking it the other way round, in case you do not have any, does not in any case mean that you CANNOT start a business. You could always knock doors of investors if capital is mandatory in the kind of business you’re pursuing.

A unique idea has to be successful!

There are many existing products and services in the market. Slight tweaks to the same could make your product a stand out. In 2016 years of civilization, there is nothing that is not done before, there just need to be additions in the existing models, and you don’t have to go about re-inventing the wheel. The wheel is already made; you just have to make it run faster, smoother and better.

Take the mobile cab services like Uber and OLA for an instance. For a unique ideation, they didn’t have to invent transportation, they just had to add on to the already existing taxis which have been around for like forever! Even if these mobile cab services hadn’t come up, we would still be using the usual ‘kaali-peeli’ taxis. But mobile cabs have just made it all easy!

You have to be the risk taker!

You will often, very often, come across people who mortgage homes, fetch loans to pull in investment. Though it’s not always about placing your bets right, the risk factor is of certainty. At times, you might have to stick to a 9 to 5 routine and carry on with your passion at later hours. If that be the case, so be it, but just don’t give up!

Networking is the key!

A good businessman is as good as his connections. You do not know who, when and where might turn out of what help to you. This again does not mean that if you do not have the contacts, you cannot become an entrepreneur. If you have them and do not utilize it, then it’s a bad move. If you don’t have any, there’s always LinkedIn in this era, and its never too cheesy to ask to get introduced.

Lastly, if you’re a determined entrepreneur, you’ll figure out a way to make it happen.

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