Weekly Wrap-up: Google Play store, Roaming Free, Note II & more…


Here are some of the buzzing and popular posts that were published on trak.in last week.

This is an interesting question – Should technology know-how be considered a bar for intelligence? What’s your take?

Google played a joke on Indian developers last week – First the news came out that Indian Android Developers were now allowed to develop and sell premium apps. However, in 2 days time “India” was gone from the list of supported countries, much to the dismay of developers.

With the rise of Smartphones, one Industry is making a huge leap and that is the Gaming Industry and the accessories market.

Last week Kapil Sibal made a statement that from next year, Indian telecom operators will do away with Roaming charges completely. It will be one nation, one sim!

Google has launched yet another initiative for upcoming Entrepreneurs – A umbrella site which will help aspiring entrepreneurs in a big way!

Last week, we finally completed our hugely successful, HP Make IT matter contest. We had total of 27 winners over last 4 weeks and one winner – Siddharth Vyas – who went home with HP Playbook as well!

Facebook has now started asking users to identify fake profiles – Basically, they are asking whether their friends profiles are fake or not..An we have a wonderful Trak.in Toon on that!

Everyone MUST read this article – How lack of green cover is harming us. The article also shows comparison between some of the Indian cities and similar cities in the US.

Do you think that cloud services and offerings are wiping off the storage devices (Pen drives, SSD etc) market?

Delhi Court last week gave an order that may spell doom to online gaming sites. The order said that any online game involving money is illegal in India.

According to a report, Tablet Sales have tripled over last 9 months and low cost devices are increasingly becoming more popular…

Kilp.in is new website launched in India that makes shopping more of a social activity.

Entrepreneurs – you MUST check this out. A reference guide on how to get exposure for your startup!

In recent times there have been many vehicle launches – But the question is does India have the right roads or even the drivers who can drive these vehicles properly and safely!

The much awaited Samsung Galaxy Note II has been launched in India for Rs. 40k!

Google Android Play Store completed a whooping 25 billion app downloads and they are offering awesome apps on much discounted rates, so head over to play store for some great deals on apps.

According to Freedom house report, Indians are much free in terms of their expression on internet – They rank 3rd in Asia when it comes to Internet Freedom.

Would you believe that iPhone 5 is on sale on Ebay for Rs. 60,000/- and even they are falling short on stocks – Imagine the kind of frenzy Apple has created with iPhone!

Check out this toon depicting the comparison of Smartphones of past, present and future.

And as is customary here are our Top 10 Indian Business News and Top 10 Tech News of last week.

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