Weekly Wrap-up: Rs.10 plastic notes, Infosys Stock, Brand Ambassadors, Credit Card Debt & more…


Trak.in has had a relatively slower last week, thanks to string of holidays for Ganesh Celebrations. However, we did have some very buzzing posts – Here take a look.

BusinessBlogpopularposts1 Weekly Wrap up: Cloud TV, Active internet users, Steve Jobs resignation, Rural BPOs & more…

It looks like we will have some respite from corruption thanks to “Anna Campaign” – But the question is what are you doing for corruption? Here are 3 things you can definitely do about corruption.

Very soon Indian citizens will have plastic notes – Indian Government has decided to do a trial run for Rs. 10 Plastic/Polymer bank notes. Soiled notes will be thing of past then!

Indian economy is not doing too well – Infact, many are predicting that economic growth will be one of the slowest in past decade. Even Business Confidence has hit a 2 year low!

Infosys stock has taken a beating over past few weeks & months. It does not probably hold the same status in Indian stock market as it used to 3-4 years back. But even today Infosys is one of the safest stock pick. Just check out their growth plans and you will know why!

Bollywood celebrities are much safer bets than sportsman as Brand Ambassadors. And, here is the reason why Dhoni & Team should thanks Anna Hazare.

Government of India has decided that it will build a Medical College & Hospital in every district of India. Could this spur a much needed health revolution in India?

Ok, Are you planning to buy a plot or a land – You must read this to understand most important aspects while buying a land!

So what should investors do in such kind of volatile economic scenario ? They should move to Fixed Deposits!


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The Gadget Fan1 Weekly Wrap up: Cloud TV, Active internet users, Steve Jobs resignation, Rural BPOs & more…

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