Weekly Wrap-up: Google trouble, Infra projects, Chop Shops, Tata Docomo, Social Media, Aircel, Travel time and more…


Its start of another week, and time for us to do our weekly wrap-up. We had quite a few interesting and much discussed posts last week. If you have missed them, here is your chance to have a look at them again.


The new Rupee Symbol is now starting to show up everywhere – In your Newspapers, in word documents, on websites and very soon you may also have a 10 rupee coin featuring it. If you are a web publisher and want to use Rupee Symbol on your website, here is a 2 minute procedure to get it incorporated.

Facebook’s growth has been tremendous and Social Media is one area where Google has been unsuccessful even after many tries (Through new launches or Acquisitions). Is Google is trouble because of this ?

Although, CWG Infrastructure is talked about for all the wrong reasons, some of the other Infrastructure projects in India seem to feature in the top 100 interesting Infrastructure projects in the world.

America is at it again – On one hand they project themselves as pro-outsourcing economy, however, time and again their representatives are taking potshots at Indian Outsourcing Industry. This time a Senator calls Infosys as “Chop shop” – an atrocious phrase used in describing a business involved in selling of stolen goods.

Another innovative Mobile pricing scheme from Tata Docomo – Pay-per-site.

With growth of Social Media, many startups have cropped up around it – Are we heading for a Social Media Startup bubble ?

Pre-paid Mobile subscribers are 5 times more than post-paid Mobile subscribers in India. This market is so huge that we are seeing number of startups offering freebies for online pre-paid recharges through innovative schemes.

If you have not yet seen the Video of much talked about $35 tablet – Here is the man himself, Mr. Kapil Sibal demonstrating it to you in a video released by NDTV.

Aircel is one of the late entrants in Indian telecom services space – But they are seeing good number growth, thanks to their socially relevant messages.

Every one is looking forward to one announcement – Successor of Mr. Ratan Tata, who will it be ?

Traveling in India is time-consuming, especially in Metros like Mumbai. Did you know that average Indian spends about 90 minutes a day traveling?

Finally, Google Android overtakes Apple iOS smartphone sales worldwide…

When Tata made Corus and subsequently JLR acquisitions, many questioned that decision. However, Tata’s seemed to have made huge turnaround with these acquisitions with both of them coming out with great numbers.

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  2. Jessica Blox says

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