$35 Tablet revealed [Video]


The cheap $35 tablet released by MHRD (Indian Govt.) was probably the most talked about news last month. We were one of the first blogs to bring in that news and then it got covered wildly in online and offline media.

Till now the whole world has only looked at the pictures that were released to Media, however, now we have a video as well with full details and specifications about this much anticipated device.

NDTV managed to get all the detail’s from none other than Honorable Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal in their TV show Gadgets Guru.

Here is the Hands on Video of $35 Tablet

Note: You will have to go through the pre-roll advertisement as well as probably skip to 2:30 min mark, where the details of tablet start being discussed.

So, there it is for all the skeptics out there – $35 tablet is very much real and happening. The only question is how and when the tablet will go in actual mass production !

  1. Jessica Blox says

    I have placed my order at http://www.aakashtablet.com.

  2. Sumesh says

    If and when this tablet goes into production, it’ll be historic – much more so than Nano.

    One thing to note (which Sibal also said): actual price of this device by the time it reaches buyers’ hands will be closer to 100% premium on manufacturing cost ie, if it costs $10, it’ll be likely sold for over $20.

    Having said that, I’d buy it instantly if it is sold for anything less than $50. The question is, whether they’d sell it in open market or restrict it to charities/nonprofits/institutions.

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