Mobile pricing innovation – Tata Docomo now charges per website for Mobile Browsing!


This is surely a first world over – Tata Docomo have gone ahead and announced an innovative mobile Internet offering which will allow users unlimited usage of their favorite websites on mobile for a fixed cost.

Tata Docomo have been forefront in coming up with various attractive pricing schemes especially in the pay-per-use paradigm. They were first to introduce pay per second billing on calls, which now is followed by every mobile service provider. They followed it with pay-per-minute and pay-per-call pricing plans as well which has made them one of the fastest growing Mobile companies in India.


The new pay-per-website offering however, takes it to a complete different level and unheard of pricing strategy. This is a very thoughtful strategy and something which has potential to growth rapidly.

If you think, an average user does not browse internet on Mobile for anything and everything. Majority of users browse specific website – It may be your webmail, a social-network site, a particular blog etc. By subscribing to the new pay per site plan they can now be free from monthly rentals and packs.

Pay Per Site offers two combination packs—those only interested in single websites need to pay Rs 10 per site, whereas those with multiple site browsing needs can opt for a combo pack at just Rs 25 per month. Customers will have a bundle of options within various categories of social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Orkut), mail options (Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff) and chat messengers (GTalk, Yahoo!
Messenger, Nimbuzz).

Having said this, there is also a caveat (there is always a caveat..ain’t it!) – If you thought it was valid for unlimited use…it is not.

Tata Docomo pay per site plan categorizes each service under 2 different genres – Social Networking Site and Emailing & Instant Messaging. Each site under this genre is priced at Rs. 10/- bundled with 200 MB free data usage valid for 30 days, post which customers will be charged at 1p/kb. There are also 2 Combo options – SNS Combo Pack and Emailing Combo Pack and each Combo Pack is priced at Rs. 25/- bundled with 500 MB free data usage post which the customers will be charged 1p/kb.

I have been quite impressed the way Tata Docomo have gone about their innovative pricing models as well as marketing strategies.

How soon do you think it will be before other service providers follow suite ?

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  1. Altaf Rahman says

    Looks like they got inspired by Pizza Hut :)

    Pizza Hut offers many packages to suit the tastes of diff customers.
    1) Each individual pizza has got seperate price,
    2) ‘Personal pizza’ for 2 dollars
    2) ‘All you can eat’ lunches on week days for 8 dollars
    3) All the salad you can have in a half plate for 4 dollars

    Also I see similarity with TV network providers. Each provider has got different packages like silver, gold, platinum packign a predetermined set of channels with diff pricing.

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