Gaming Industry & Accessories Market gaining prominence in India


Few years ago, Gaming industry was not even in the consideration set of the economists in India. Today the virtual world has become an unavoidable dimension of its own and people are easily switching between their life online as well as offline. It won’t be long before we see people opting to work in Gaming studios as designers and developers among many other roles.

Gaming Industry

The Gaming industry cannot be overlooked any longer. According to recent industry reports, gaming industry in India is all set to increase by 32% by 2014 and if we consider the current growth rate of the industry it will touch Rs.3100 crore within the said time frame.

By 2013, Mobile Gamers (53.4%) will outnumber the PC Online Gamers (46.8%) and will form the largest segment’ – according to NASSCOM’s findings on Casual gaming in India.

Gamers, be it casual gamers or professional gamers are now looking to enhance their gaming experience and not just play for the sake of gaming. Gaming accessories are gaining prominence in India like never before. Right from, memory cards, gaming mouse and move motion controllers to gaming eyewear, this industry has provided a lot to the gaming community to enhance and improve their experience.

A brief outlook of Indian gaming industry in its entirety as per NASSCOM report:

  • The total number of gamers using PC as the medium for online gaming will decrease to 16%, whereas 57% gamers will use 3G network.
  • Gaming companies are promoting console based casual games as a family activity, thus trying to move past the individual gamers.
  • The average price of the retail boxed game is also expected to go down by 2015.

In this day and age, everyone has adopted digital medium as a means of gaining knowledge and working. Teachers who tutor the primary kids on a digital screen to a working professional who spends nearly 6-7 hours in front of a computer screen, everyone is adapting to this change in technology and methods.

The most critical equipment for a gamer is their eyes. The constant and swift movements in a gameplay keep the user’s eyes engaged on screen at all times. In long run, the user may feel exhausted and his eyes may start watering. To avoid this eye fatigue and to make sure that the gamer gets an enhanced experience while gaming Gunnar eyewear was recently launched in India.

Gaming eyewear increases contrast, comfort and minimizes eye fatigue for gamers to have an enhanced gaming experience.

[This article has been authored by Srujay Parekh (Partner – Gunnar Optiks India), worlds first high tech digital eyewear which engineers Computer and Gaming eyewear.]

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