Top 5 Facebook etiquettes you must follow!


Are your Facebook friends getting more of your time and attention than your real friends? Are you constantly checking your Facebook updates? Do you worry about what others will post about you on Facebook?

If you’ve been nodding along any of these questions, here are 5 Facebook etiquettes you must follow.



Avoid sending out random friend requests

Are you fond of sending random friend requests on Facebook?

Well you’re definitely not alone nor are you suffering from a rare disease. Sending out friend requests on Facebook to people you may not know has become quite common. While this can bring you an interesting contact once in a while, it carries more risk of bringing unscrupulous people in your network. Try avoiding sending out such random friend requests.

Stop posting embarrassing pictures of others

Yes, we understand that some pictures may be too funny for you and others, but have you thought that they may be embarrassing for the person in the picture? Classic examples are pictures of a drunken friend up to something really ridiculous, pictures of friends taken without their knowledge and other pictures of your friends that they may find embarrassing.

The law of karma exists in Facebook too. So be prepared to have your very own embarrassing picture being splashed on Facebook by your friend who’s out to get back at you.

Limiting the use of swear words

If you’re using the F word in your wall posts like you do when you’re talking, you need to become a little discerning about it. This Facebook etiquette is all about knowing that your friend may have relatives and family in his/her friend list. Do you really want your friend’s father/mother see swear words being slung left, right and center on their Facebook page? Mind it!

Stop bombarding your friends with constant status updates

We can understand that you want to update your friends if are travelling to an exotic place or have just passed your board exams. But if you are the person who keeps updating their Facebook status 15 times a day, we suggest that you stop because your friends really don’t want to know why you had for lunch or when you took a shower. Remember this Facebook etiquette and keep your private life, well, private.

Don’t share your friend’s Facebook posts

Just because your friend has made a post on his  /her Facebook page, it doesn’t mean that they want it to be displayed to the whole world. You may want to share the happiness or simply make fun of him/her, but think to yourself "Would my friend really want to share this outside his/her friend circle?" Know this Facebook etiquette because we really don’t want you to lose a ‘real friend’ simply because you shared their posts to people who they despise.

Ideally, your Facebook profile should reflect you the way you would want to look when introduced to a stranger – restrained and reasonably pleasant. Unfortunately or fortunately, you cyber behavior does have consequences in real life. So don’t let your keyboard get the better of you on Facebook.

[Note: These FB etiquettes apply to personal accounts, not for business or non=personal accounts]

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