Top 5 things that make India a great tourist destination!


There’s something about India as a tourist destination that makes is exotic, exciting, mysterious, enchanting, exhilarating, incredible, humbling – call it what you will. India has become an increasingly popular destination for all kinds of travelers from across lengths and breadths of the world – from shoestring backpackers, spa enthusiasts, avid photographers to leisure holiday seekers.

Here are top 5 things that make India a great tourist destination.

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India is one of the few countries of the world that houses almost all forms of landscapes in the world. India has extreme mountainous region of the Greater Himalayas in the north, a large coastline offering amazing beaches in southern western and eastern regions, high monsoon regions in the East, a desert in the West and plains and plateaus in Central India.

This helps in attracting tourists with different interests hoping to do a spectrum of things. Whether you want to lie on a hammock on the beach, go ice skating in the Zanskar range in Ladakh, pick tea from plantations in Darjeeling, live on a house boat in Kerala backwaters or live on stilt houses in Guwahati – you can take your pick.

A confluence of innumerable styles of architecture

India’s architectural history is ripe with inspirations and cultural traits from various regions and communities of the world. The British Raj brought in Gothic and the Victorian aesthetics, the Mughal regime led to the spread of miniature art and Persian Islamic designs and the history of Hinduism in India has given rise to a bewildering range of temples with detailed carvings and pictorial representation of myths. The legacy of Buddhism too has left its traces on the cultural and architectural history of India. It’s amazing that India has no single representative form of architectural style to call its own!

Easy communication and great hospitality

India has become very popular specifically amongst oversees travelers because of the convenience and ease with which they can explore the country. English is spoken and understood by a large part of the population of urban India and the signage in public landmarks and avenues is also often displayed in English. Indian people by far are an extremely hospitable lot, who pride themselves on their culture which teaches them to respect and welcome guests as if they were God. If you are adventurous enough to opt for a homestay accommodation in India, you’ll get a taste of how important culture is in an average Indian family’s life.

Great shopping

To the amusement of many travelers, national and international, every state of India has a cultural treasure to offer, which often translates into shopping. Whether you are buying fabrics or handicrafts of a particular state or simply soakings in the local art, you could end up spending a bomb on shopping in India. Even if you take handicrafts and indigenous items off the list, shopping in Indian malls too offer great value for money! If you are a foreign national, be ready to train yourself in the art of bargaining if you are going to shop from the great Indian street side.

Fairly cheap and well connected

Unlike many countries in the West where the cost of living is very high and where internal traveling can become very expensive, India is a fairly inexpensive destination for both national and international tourists. Of course, there are plenty of uber luxurious destinations where you could empty your pockets quite easily.

However, travelling across India is generally reasonable, fast and convenient due its well networked and developed rail, air and road networks. Railways are said to be the best way to explore the real India. The Indian railways have dedicated special tourist railways to heritage and historical routes. The mountain rail routes of India are especially worth checking out.

This list has not even scratched the surface to tell you why India is a great tourist destination. You can spend a lifetime exploring the jewels of this country. No wonder India’s had been garnering attention from the world as a great tourist destination. It has something unique for everyone!

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