Instagram Launches Auto-Disappearing ‘Notes’: But Social Media Had A Good Laugh (Check Reactions)

Instagram has launched a new ‘Notes’ feature that lets users create short notes with a 60 character limit.

Instagram Launches Auto-Disappearing 'Notes': But Social Media Had A Good Laugh (Check Reactions)


In brief

These notes will be visible to followers in the DM section and just like Instagram Stories, they vanish after 24 hours.

The responses sent by followers will appear as DMs to the poster.

The feedback seems mixed, but the feature is useful in that it can be a less obtrusive way of pushing out information.

Basic info

For the time being users can post only one note at a time.

If the new note is posted before the previous note’s 24 hours have passed, the existing note will be automatically deleted.

It’s already available on some devices running version of the app.

The feature appears as a new section underneath the search bar on the chat page.

It displays a button to let you add a new note, followed by notes from users you follow.

How it works 

Tapping on the ‘Your Note’ button opens up a new page that lets you add a new note for your followers.

A description at the top of this page states that your followers won’t be notified when you add a note.

However, they will be able to see your note for 24 hours and reply with a message.

Once you share a new note, your followers can reply to it by tapping on the note on the main chat page.

In addition, it will show how long ago the user shared the note.

How to use it

Update to the latest version of the Instagram app.

Open the Instagram app.

Now, head to the DM section.

Here, tap on ‘Your Note.’ Type whatever you want.

Depending on who you want to share your Note with, choose between Followers you follow back or Close Friends.

Hit Share.

Twitter responds

The Twitter crowd, however, isn’t known for being silent. 

Enjoy a couple memes while you’re still here.

Unexpected benefit.
Blessing for the loudmouths.
Someone tell Adam Levine.

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