WoW! BSNL launches 100 mbps broadband on Fibre in Pune!


Now, that’s what I am talking about – Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), announced the launch of Fibre To The Home (FTTH) service in Pune, that will offer customers bandwidth speed up to 100 Mbps.

According to DNA news, this was disclosed by BSNL principal GM, VK Mahendra at a press conference held in Pune on Saturday! The FTTH service will be based on gigabit capable passive optical network (GPON) that will bring blazing speeds to subscriber’s homes.

Just to give you an idea as to how fast 100 mbps is – you can download an entire DVD quality 3 hour movie or about 5 Gigabyte in less than 1 minute . That’s fast, really fast!

Having said that – one thing is for sure, everyone will not be able to afford it as those kind of speeds will come at a cost. The minimum plan for 100 mbps starts at Rs. 3000/- and if you are interested in unlimited 100 mbps plan you will have shell out about Rs. 84,000/-.



BSNL FTTH plans start from as low as 1 mbps and go upto 100 mbps, so users can choose which plans they want. You can check out all the BSNL FTTH plans here.

This is great news – but lets look at other side of coin as well. It very much possible that it may take sometime for BSNL to implement this at all locations. If the Fibre network is available in your location – you are in luck. Otherwise, you will have to probably wait for months before you can get your hands on that kind of speeds.

This is a good development and being a Puneite, I am very happy. I will now not have to be too envious of Hyderabadis!

  1. anuj says

    bsnl hahaha,.,shitest isp in the universe,.,
    look at the rate of these fiber plans,.,. for 1mpbs we have to pay 4000rs,.r u kidding me.,
    its been 5years m using this shitty service coz of no other isp in our area,.,.and the service is getting worse and worse day by day.,
    starting 2-3 years they give ok service but after that they fuck everything up

  2. Patanjali Hardikar says

    There are 2 major mistakes in the blog. Does the author know mbps is mega bits and not mega bytes? You cannot download 5GB (40,960 mega bits) in less than a minute. You will need 409.6 seconds (about 6 minutes) even if you get exactly 100mbps speed.

    Secondly, the rates for 100mbps plans do not start from 3000/- per month. They start from 16999 per month.

  3. Alok says

    sanjay torrent speed depends on seeders internet connection
    if a seeder only have a 1 mbps connection or 4 seeders have 250kb upload speed
    so how will you get the speed of 100mbps if you have any doubt about your speed so check on speed test or try to download something from direct servers with IDM

  4. Mickey Patel says

    It is 100 mbps plan and really a very nice, I am using the same. Thanx to BSNL.

  5. sanjay says

    hey guys, how can i get 500 kbps for utorrent to download?my connection is bsnl unlimited plan worth 500 monthly and it’s speed is 100 mbps, how can i get the same speed in utorrent plz….. help me

    thank u

    1. michael triton says

      hey sanjay you have to increase ur bandwidth as to obtain maximum speed in u torrent i m also using u torrent at speed around 200kbs taking an net connection of 100 mbps.but due so hacks and tricks flowing all over the internet i get about 700-800kbs.but that is still low i want at least 2-3mbs.

  6. Abhilash Kushwaha says

    The min. plans for 3000/month is limited to 1 MBPS and not 100 MBPS with unlimited download/upload.

    I would say this is very expensive.

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