The State Of Internet With Some Real-Time Stats


It is always good to visualize the rise of internet and the pillars of internet such as social media, e-commerce etc. A lot of market research and database companies come up with quarterly or annual state of the internet reports providing a visual peek into how the Internet is evolving.

The folks at OnlineSchools have come up with a real-time State Of Internet infographic which apart from some amazing data points is unique that real-time features have been embedded for a lot of internet based activities. The infographic in itself is rather exhaustive so I am only including sections that make for interesting insights. You can see the complete infographic here!

Let’s dive into some really interesting stats highlighted in the infographic

Regions Of High Quality Internet, Of Social Networking Dominance and Of Low Internet Penetration

The infographic lists countries where Internet or parts of it are heavily regulated (termed Internet enemies) and also showcases regions where the quality of Internet stands out (South Korea with best broadband connectivity).

Then there is the penetration and adoption of various social networking sites across regions (no surprise that the blue of Facebook dominates globally). Another interesting aspect is the busiest internet backbones and Mumbai finds a mention here.

Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Linkedin Lead The Growth, Myspace, Friendster Losing Sheen

No real surprises here! Myspace is pretty much a goner and the usual suspects like Facebook, Twitter etc. continue to gains steam. In addition, Google continues to be the undisputed leader in search and accounts for 3 out of 5 searches in the US.

The infographic also sheds light on the usage patterns and how users are creating and sharing content on various websites and social networks. But the best part of the infographic is the attempt to co-relate the Internet and Money including valuations and e-commerce

Sky High Valuations For Social Networking Websites

If anyone needed any other proof whether Facebook is a force to reckon with, one look at their valuations and those doubts can be dissed. So much so that if you remove Facebook from the chart above, a the difference in valuation for other companies can be comparable to a certain extent.

Another interesting aspect is the real-time ticker for estimated dollars spend on E-commerce. I am not sure what went behind developing the ticker but it almost looked like I was watching the ticker for American National Debt or India’s Population increase :-) .

There is also a ticker for number of items sold on the e-commerce giant Amazon and some estimations on this number and the total spending on e-commerce can suggest the enviable position enjoys in the e-commerce space.

Even as the social networking sites or today may not exist tomorrow or the company valuations might see a downside going forward, one thing is sure – Internet is becoming a indispensable part of our lives!

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