Dell remains No.1, Acer trumps HP to become 2nd largest PC manufacturer in India!


Acer has beat Hewlett Packard in India’s PC shipments to become the second biggest vendor behind Dell. Acer holds a market share of 12.1% for the second quarter of 2011. Dell held on to its top position with 16.7% market share.

A total of 2.5 million desktop and mobile PC’s were shipped in the second quarter of 2011. Dell, Acer, HP, Lenovo and HCL remained the top 5 brands. These were the top brands in Q1 2011 too with the sole exception of Acer and HP swapping places. The overall growth is dominated by laptop PC’s which grew at a rate of 17%. Gartner however doesn’t provide the split between laptops and desktops.

Indian PC market is largely foreign brand driven. 50.4% of the market is dominated by four foreign PC makers. HCL is the lone Indian brand in the top 5 with 6.6% market share. Though 43% of the PC shipped or close to 1.1 million PC’s shipped are from other brands (probably some local too).

India PC Shipments QII 2011

PC Shipments

Does Gartner track assembled PC’s?

It is not clear if Gartner tracks the shipments of assembled PC’s by local vendors. Tracking shipments itself is a difficult process which is error prone. Tracking assembled PC market would be a Herculean task even for Gartner. If assembled PC’s aren’t tracked, then the overall PC market will be much bigger than 2.5 million units.

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  1. vinay says

    Toshiba currently holds only 4 % market share but their aim is to be 7 % by year end 2011 , but after some few aggressive months in market (Second and third Q 11) , Laptop nonavailability and models have gone down , their current laptops seems not attractive in looks or at price point , seems to slow in bringing new models to market

  2. Facility Management in India says

    Dell has a very good reputation in the market. People are now mostly buying in the name of Dell. Acer is most popular among students as it offers great services and reliability at a very minimal cost. But I was surprised to know that this list doesn’t include Toshiba. I found Toshiba very good. But may be experts thinks in a different way.

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