Planning To Quit? Companies Like Dell Will Conduct ‘Stay Interviews’ To Stop You From Quitting!

Many big companies are facing the demon of attrition and in order to fight this menace, many have devised new ways in order to stop their employees from quitting by making them feel valuable.

Planning To Quit? Companies Like Dell Will Conduct 'Stay Interviews' To Stop You From Quitting!

Despite the fact that employees make up their mind about quitting the organization, managers take one on one interview with the employee to show them and make them feel valuable.

There has been quite some time now that the companies have been practicing the exit interviews of the employees who have resigned.

“Stay” Interviews To Prevent Attrition

Now there are “stay” interviews, wherein the company engage with the workers and making them feel that they are key to the company’s growth. 

Post the Covid, companies have seen Great Resignation and since then in order to keep their talent they have been using stay interviews in order to improve the employee relations.

As per a report, a senior manager at staffing agency CIEL was told about his importance for the success of the firm and its future growth plans. 

MD & CEO Aditya Narayan Mishra said that “We gave the manager a clear picture of where he stands and why he is important for our success now and in the future. He was appreciative of the path and that helped us in retaining this high-potential talent”.

However Dell Technologies’ regional HR head Ritu Rakhra feels that it is team leader who should build a rapport with the members of his team. She said that “Their priority is to build a personal rapport with every individual member.”

She said that “Whenever there are red flags and a high-potential employee may be thinking of leaving, we expect the leader to step in and have that conversation and, if required, pool in the skip-level leader. An additional level can help the team member understand the situation and it also brings in a different perspective to the conversation”.

Career Chats and Rapport Building To Prevent Quitting

This chipping in of senior people can help put perspective in place and let the team member know that the company is committed towards the career of the employee.

But the catch is, is there any predictive way in which the employees can figure out whether or not the employees are thinking of quitting.

Nowadays, companies are looking for signs to understand an employee’s psyche and whether they are felt unwanted in their team.

It all starts with the career chats and interviews with the team manager who explains to the employee their career path in the firm.

Stay interviews, unlike career chats and interviews with the team manager who explains to the employee their career path in the firm, go long way to make the employee feel psychologically safe and build bonds with management.

Counter offers are not that effective, as per HR experts, as they come up when an employee has resigned.

As per the HRs, team leaders must be empowered to take such decisions to engage in career talks with employees.

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