Hostgator comes to India – Publishers rejoice!


In last four years since I started this blog, one of the main problems I have always faced is – Lack of quality of India based web hosting company. Yes, there are many, but most of them are quite expensive or lack sorely in the services they offer!

Also, one of the main issues for publishers hosting in U.S (like this blog,, is that of latency (time taken to get the first byte of data to web visitor) is quite high which slows down the loading of site.

Latency Test on


One of the things that has surprised me is none of the big hosting providers globaly have setup their data centers in India till date. Especially, because India is a huge hosting market and is also growing at a fast pace, unlike most western countries where web hosting market is more of less saturated.

But that is about to change – Today I received a mail from hostgator, one of the top hosting providers worldwide, that it has started an India data center (in Nashik, Maharashtra). This is really a big news for web publishers in India, who will now have world class hosting services at very competitive prices.


According the to mail sent by Hostgator – here are some of the highlights of the offering !

Hostgator India Features & Offerings

  • HostGator India will allow their existing & future clients the opportunity to receive local hosting with servers in India.
  • Support will be entirely localized.
  • The Indian office will work 24×7 and provide technical as well as sales and billing support to our HostGator Indian client base
  • The network path for websites hosted on hostgator India network is very short and you can see that it never travels out of India, so an international broken backbone will never affect access to your sites

network path

This is really a huge news for all Indian publisher including me – We are hosted in U.S and I am quite happy with them, but the latency issue is something which cannot be resolved unless I host website in India – and hostgator seems to have made it possible for me to do that!

If you are a web publisher, let us know what you think!

  1. priceindiaka says

    Hostgator Is One Of The Best Web Hosting Company In The World.Splendid News For Indian Users..

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  5. Mark Smiithh says

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  6. Mirza Ghalib says

    Great news! I hope they make local modes of payment for Indian users, which will be great, especially due to the fact that paypal has made credit card mandatory for Indian users.

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