Most Social Media Friendly Bank in India!


Can you guess which are the most Social Media friendly banks in India ? If you thought of HDFC Bank, you are right – It is the most social media friendly private sector bank in India and when it comes to Public sector the honour goes to largest Bank in India – State Bank of India.

Simplify 360, recently published a presentation on how Indian Banking Industry is leveraging Social Media to grow its business.

Indian Private Banks Social Engagement Graph

 Social Media Friendly Banks

HDFC Bank is active on on Facebook, Twitter as well as Youtube. They use maximum channels as well as they communicate with their users through these social media channels. ICICI Bank comes second both in terms of interactivity as well as use of different channels. Yes bank although uses more channels, Axis Bank is higher on interactivity scale.

Indian Private Bank Social Media Grades

Social Media grades

Here is a complete presentation deck that gives detailed information how Indian Banking Industry is leveraging Social Media

  1. Divya Bhaskar says

    The social media has gone from being just a place to interact to the favorite place of brand managers. Technology is working wonders for businesses and people alike. Websites like facebook, twitter and many others across the world are an example of the power of social media. They are the platform to exchange view, news and ideas. People interact much more on social media than what they do in real life. Social media has people from all across the globe with different backgrounds. Thus the reach is much deeper.

    Divya Bhaskar

  2. BanksIndia says

    The most social media friendly Banks in india is private sector bank…

  3. Vidit Narang says

    grt wrk….

  4. Vidit Narang says

    grt wrk….

  5. CA Karan Batra says

    Banks would be social media friendly only when we can start receiving payments directly to our bank accounts rather than routing social media payments through PayPal….. i wish that becomes a reality soon…

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