Top 15 Web properties in India


Comscore today released statistics for top web properties in India for the month of May 08. The numbers throw up some interesting facts. For one, Google has overtaken the Numero Uno position from Yahoo that it had held since the start. Last year they were neck to neck with roughly 14.5 monthly pageviews (Yahoo slightly higher ), however Google sites saw a growth of 35% as against Yahoo’s 27% notching the top position.

It grew on the strength of several Google-owned entities, including Google Search (up 38 percent to 17.1 million visitors), social networking site Orkut (up 39 percent to 9.3 million visitors), blog platform (up 102 percent to 7.3 million visitors), and video site YouTube (up 131 percent to 6.3 million visitors).

The top 3 slots go to Google, Yahoo and Microsoft respectively. Rediff comes at respectable 4th place with a rise of nearly 19% over last year. The surprise inclusion was of AOL sites at 5th spot, who were not even present a year back. The AOL mail seemed to have been quite a hit with Indian audience and number of them are adopting AOL mail over Yahoo and Gmail.

 Top 15 Web properties in India 

Two other sites that are taking giant strides are Naukri and BharatMatrimony. Both of them grew 55% and 46% respectively notching 9th and 14th positions.

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