Aircel Offers free iPhone 4 with 2 year plans!


Ok, iPhone 4 is not exactly free, but close to it… Lets find out how!

iPhone 4 is coming to India when consumers worldwide are getting ready for iPhone 5. Although, for iPad 2, India has been given better treatment, when it comes to iPhones, India still looks like a dumping ground.

When iPhone 3G came to India last year, Apple had tied up with Vodafone and Airtel, but this time Aircel seems to have been the preferred telecom operator along with Airtel, who will be launching iPhone 4 in India.

Also, unlike last year, both Airtel and Aircel are giving lot of freebies on iPhone 4 purchase to attract customers – I am sure they don’t want to repeat the same thing that happened last year – Earlier iPhone launch was a super flop in India.

While, Airtel is offering 50% discount on iPhone 4, if user’s bill is above Rs. 2000 monthly – Aircel has gone ahead and is offering even better plan. It plans to offer discount equivalent to price of iPhone over a 24 month period !

How much does iPhone 4 cost ?

While Airtel is offering iPhone 4 for Rs. 35k (for 16gb) and 41k (for 32gb), Aircel has announced slightly lower prices – Rs. 34.5k (for 16gb) and 40.9k (for 32gb).

Aircel offerings on iPhone 4 purchase

If you are a pre-paid customer – sorry, you have no discounts, just take the iPhone at face value and forget about it, but if you are a post paid customer, and are a heavy mobile user (i.e: if you mobile bill is in the range of 2-3k), you stand to save a lot of money on iPhone 4. Here are the details:

Aircel Plans for iPhone 4


So, if you opt for premium plans, you end up saving 100% of your iPhone 4 costs. At the end of 2 years a consumer will essentially pay about Rs. 51,336 for 16GB iPhone 4 + voice calls + data and similarly and Rs. 60,240 for 32 GB iPhone 4 ++. If you have any questions on this Aircel scheme, head over to FAQs section and you should find your answers there…

We will have to obviously wait and see how many consumers will lap this up, but according to me the prices are just too high even with all the discounts and freebies offered ! This will be another flop is what I can say ?

What is your opinion? will iPhone 4 fly off the shelf’s in India with that kind of pricing?

  1. Jas Arora says

    I am highly satisfied using iPhone 4S.I have a special plan from Aircel and I am told its under the special service that Aircel has started for the senior citizens. What an amazing thought from Aircel!

  2. Sushant Bharti says

    don't waste money on such bullshit things…ask your friends to get them for free from abroad….

  3. Amit Moond says

    wht is going on with aircel..
    is it useful or not?

  4. Shubhanshu Mandloi says

    You can get free iphone seriously…
    and follow the steps.
    I have got an iphone and xbox already…

  5. Jatin Wadhwa says

    I ve been to US, UK, Europe…everywhere people running for I-phone 4s and I phone 5..and in india still I phone 4.

  6. Avinash Mokal says

    people who can invest 2000 per month on a mobile bill, can buy it without this offer……total crap.

  7. Chaitanya Patil says

    Now get a chance to hve 'iphone'.

  8. Pranav says

    Should i u use my iphone in india?

    Or is it require to unlock from AT & T.

    What is the tariff and charge for iphone use via airtel or vodaphone network?

    I already own Iphone

    From UK

  9. AdItya Divecha says

    I haven't yet understood the plan! Would like to know more!

  10. Gurpreet Lamba says

    not very useful in most of cities and towns in punjab..

  11. Shivank Srivastava says

    why is it so costly in India… DAMN!

  12. Wajid Bhat says

    Fuck you all.. Fuck you all around.

  13. Myne Ruless says

    fooling innocent's :p

  14. Jignesh Gohil says

    plan is very costly..

  15. Shival Parashar says

    there are only two words for this plan and that is f*****f…….

  16. Anonymous says

    Abe koun dega tume free may phone that to iphone 4. Aircel giving iphone 4 32GB but you have to spare min 800 per month. u fools this is not bakvas. if u want to buy ip4 32g u have to spent 40K, but u are paying the amt in installments in Aircel/Airtel plans. This is good who can spare 1000 per month. I think the people in this blog is not that kind :)

  17. Shiven Thakker says

    I want to buy iphone 4 on emi uptill 18 months.

  18. Ankit Aggarwal says

    A marketing gimmick… very sad abt it.

    1. Sharad Khandelwal says

      Whats wrong with this Ankit ?

    2. Ankit Aggarwal says

      They have created special tariff plans for iPhone which are expensive. Now, they are discounting them so that they are at part with the existing plans. Eventually you get around 50p per call after discount which is actually there in almost all the plans currently as well. Hence, I believe it is just a gimmick to attract people to buy iPhone with a lock in period of 2 years as iPhone user will have a high ARPU.

      I would suggest everyone that if they want, they should but iPhone separately and take any other plan. It will eventually cost you the same and you will be free to change your operator if you require in 3 months. :)

    3. Amit Mittal says

      Ankit Aggarwal yup i would say a Blackberry plan or an unlimited 800 mts local would have been 899. But 2500 mts is very clear as available and the highest plan would have come with 1499 rent otherwise yet lower calls. Price plans have been specially created, and I almost thought it was a gimmick but it is not.

    4. Amit Mittal says

      It's like the service charges being extra, somemight think it is no tneeded if they are actually in a 899/1499 corp plan because they are used to their "unlimited" 1500 minutes, yet others wanting the iphone may see sense..?

  19. rani says

    i phone 4 is am using around 4 months . in aircel giving a money back plan and its unlock phone .

  20. Angrej Singh says


  21. Austin Baba says


  22. Anonymous says

    tumhari maa ki aankh! logon ko sirf lootney aata hain!

  23. Pranav Bhatia says

    @Saurabh Gupta yes they are making us fool.

  24. DrNeeraj Gupta says

    Easy to get it frm abroad then unlock it in here.

    1. Jignesh Gohil says

      hmmm its true..

    2. Wajid Bhat says

      How can we unlock it here in India? Can we really do it?

  25. Debashis Mishra says

    airtel……aircel…..just fuck off.

    1. Ali Khan says

      vodafone rock………

  26. Kishore Acharya says

    abey paise kya ped pe ugte hai kya…………

    1. Suchita Sharma says

      sahil vaishnav ke papa ke khet me hai lena hey to jao or le lo

  27. Vedanta Gowda says

    Aircel has some very attractive money back plans for iphone4 deal. I am on for it

  28. Saahil Vaishnav says

    hey smbody can plzzz tell me… is ther any company which offers free iphone with post paid plans… where I can the rest amount in installments….

    1. Saahil Vaishnav says

      where i can pay the rest amount in terms….

    2. Suchita Sharma says

      Tara Bapa na Vada ma male che joto nathi akhu gam lai gayu ne tu rahi gayo ??????????

    3. Saahil Vaishnav says

      guys meet this babe… potana thekana nathi…loko ne gyan aapva lagya che…!!! LOL..

  29. Anonymous says

    It should be Rs. 600/month(or according to use) and then stick with that contract for two years without paying 35k or 40k for iphone 4, if we have to buy that phone for 35k or 40k and then recharge every month with at least Rs.600 then I think is not for INDIANS,,,,,,,

  30. Amazon Bhinder says

    very bad plan.just to make people fool.

    1. Suchita Sharma says

      just try its really goooooooooooodddddddddddddddd

  31. Harendra Kumar Chandra says

    Total crap…

  32. Suvidha Nabira says

    I was thinking of some discount in iPhone for 2 yrs contract….It's not good.

    1. Devbrat Daga says

      I was so looking forward to this too… At the end of it.. Its all a sham..!! :O

    2. Vimal Rastogi says

      Same here, thought it'd be a plan similar to what is being offered in US/UK.

  33. Nitesh Chaudhry says

    not so interesting………….1st buy the phone den opt for their schemes only and get bound to it for 2 yrs………….just 4 saving 500 – 1000 bugs….naaaa…

  34. Nitesh Chaudhry says

    not so interesting………….1st buy the phone den opt for their schemes only and get bound to it for 2 yrs………….just 4 saving 500 – 1000 bugs….naaaa…

  35. Nitesh Chaudhry says

    not so interesting………….1st buy the phone den opt for their schemes only and get bound to it for 2 yrs………….just 4 saving 500 – 1000 bugs….naaaa…

  36. Nitesh Chaudhry says

    not so interesting………….1st buy the phone den opt for their schemes only and get bound to it for 2 yrs………….just 4 saving 500 – 1000 bugs….naaaa…

  37. Nitesh Chaudhry says

    not so interesting………….1st buy the phone den opt for their schemes only and get bound to it for 2 yrs………….just 4 saving 500 – 1000 bugs….naaaa…

  38. Saurabh Gupta says

    People are not mad, dnt make them fool.

    1. Amazon Bhinder says

      ur right just to make people fool

  39. Omi says

    iPhone is best cell in market..m using iphone4 for last 7 months..
    Instead of going for Aircel or airtel just get locked AT&T iPhone 4 for about 26-27 k n unlock it with turbo sim..:) I did’s cheapest solution..or go for unlocked iPhone 4 for around 35 k..these ppl r selling u locked iPhone 4 @ actual factory unlock
    But iPhone 4’s d best..n u getting 4g..:)

  40. shivam says

    i olready own a iphone 4 , jailbroken(4.2.1)
    got it for 35,000 …
    and i am a prepaid vodafone customer …mine works fine …and i love it
    i don’t see a point in people getting attracted to the lousy schemes these companies have to offer ..
    they will give you a discount if of 50% if your usage reaches 2000 or above …but are still demanding an upfront payment of 34,500
    use less fellows
    its better to import and iphone , rather to get trapped with these stupid companies
    the only thing you miss out is a 1 year apple warranty …but i don’t think that is needed coz the phone is perfectly crafted
    anyways …if you are planning to buy one
    i would suggest you should wait for the iphone 5
    i am getting that one as well
    i just love apple
    they make the best things and the best apps
    the iphone 5 is due near july so better wait and import it
    good luck if you want to get trapped with these inglorious companies

  41. Vishnu says

    Iphone is only a craze, its an useless phone. Its better to buy a sony xperia series like neo pro or some gaming console phone where we are atleast getting the same quality at 10k lesser. Sony has got even a gud touch response n i dont see anything that sony misses from apple except some craze which adds no value to a rational consumer.

  42. chetan says

    I don’t understand why these companieswill stop looting us.
    if you take normal aircel plan of 999 you get 3600 mins airtime(including local and std)
    but if you take 1199 plan with iphone u get 1250 mins airtime that too local only…. i don’t see any discount in iphone plan i.e aircel charging half of price of plan but they are also reducing the value of plan… as we can clearly see airtime is reduced to half and that too getting local airtime only… i hate these indian companies which are looting common man saying they are giving benefits…whr r the benefits i can only see company filling up there pockets by looting common man…
    i don’t know when we will walk up against these companies…


    1. Neerav Kothari says

      does the 999 plan also give u 500 free national sms and 350 mb 3g data usage???

      1. Saurabh says

        @Neerav Kothari
        350 national sms and 350 mb(haha srsly?) 3g data are not free they come at cost of potentially +1500 minutes of STD talktime.
        Most likely you sir are a aircel employee.
        Your company as well as airtel fail too much.
        You think that you can make fool out people by advertising on whole of the front pages of TOI and ET.
        The truth is this scheme is going to fail becoz people are smart when it comes to money.
        I’d rather buy iPhone 4 unlocked rather then this bs.
        As for national sms and mobile internet , buy a mifi router and buy a BSNL/MTNL 3g plan and one is good to go.

        1. Neerav Kothari says

          hi… i’m an engineering student from Mumbai and am a vodafone customer since 7 years +. i finally got the 32gb iPhone 4 from apple store in inorbit malad at 40900. its FACTORY UNLOCKED!!!! my vodafone card is working fine. it didn’t require any jailbreaking. turns out this itself is tthe iPhone that aircel is selling. it comes along with a free aircel microsim which is completely optional to activate/use. it can also be activated at a later date if one wants. doens’t have any number associated with it and one can port one’s existing number to it. now what else can i say? not only do i have a factory unlocked iPhone that can work with any sim in the world but also i have the choice to use aircel’s sim and data plans!!!!!! paisa vasoool man. the only catch is the the warranty is provided by aircel. and on airtel ones it is provided by airtel. apple is still not directly providing service for any iphones . if something happens i have to carry it to aircel.

          from my past two years with vodafone locked iPhone 3g, i have realised how world class apple service is. i got extende croma warranty for 1.5grands back then and the result was after 2 years of use it was replaced for free with a brand new iPhone 3g because of some dead pixels that were developed on the lcd. and it still has about 12 months of croma warranty left!!!

          this is called true value for money which no other phone can provide… and ah… not to mention how my MacBook was uprgaded to an aluminum MacBook and then a MacBook pro (yes… 2 replacement) absolutely free under warranty when they ran into problems.

          this aircel iPhone 4is a win win situaltion for everybody… apple, aircel and the customer. i’m not sure if airtel iPhone 4 is also factory unlocked or not… but i’m glad they didn’t launch it with vodafone!!!

        2. ravi shankar says

          Could you enlighten me on the usage of a mifi router and a BSNL 3G connection , please. Ravi Shankar.

        3. Neerav Kothari says

          UPDATE: the warranty is actually provided directly by APPLE!!! On top of that, if you use and Aircel sim, u can carry it to an aircel gallery too if something goes wrong. Bang of the buck. all other phones suck!

        4. Neerav Kothari says

          a mifi router is a special router which allows u to insert a 3g enabled sim card inside it and then lets u use the 3g internet provided by the 3g sim card (if u ever get a 3g network) with more than one devices (phones/ipads/ipods/computers/laptops etc) all at onces, through WiFi. iPhone 4s and some android phones already do this. they act as a miff router them selves. u just toggle a switch to ON and the phone starts a wifi network of its own, which i think is about 10 meters in range and then devices could connect to it and use the 3g internet ur phone is getting, through wifi. u do not remove ur sim card and can continue to use call/data services from ur phone. its l called a ‘personal hotspot”. its really good if u got a laptop to carry around and don’t want to buy a separate connection for it.

          i haven’t tried this, but i think, by putting ur regular router to access point mode u can make it join the hotspot of ur phone and extend the network to a greater degree.

          also, i think whether the phone will show the hotspot option for a given provider’s sim card depends on whether the service providers allows hotstop connectivity in ur current data plan.

          one last thing… MTNL SUCKS!!! I’ve heard reliance is getting really good with 3g.

  43. Ravi Dawar says

    Still Too high considering the prices AT&T and Verizon offer in the US.

    1. Neerav Kothari says

      considering the fact that at&t uses the same telecom technology as its gsm indian counterparts airtel and aircel are using, if u consider the price a person pays for each phone call.. each minute of it, each sms including incoming ones and the data usage price and convert it into INR u would know why its impossible to sell iphones for cheap and India and recover the cost later through a 2 year contract.

      iphones are the cheapest in India considering a 2 year usage span.

  44. Altaf Rahman says

    In 2007 when I was working in Far East, I had a collegue who is from UK. Once he returned from vacation he brought a brand new Nokia N92. Upon enquiring, he told us an interesting way they operate in telecom business in UK.

    Due to compitition, the telcom operators want to attract customers and retain existing cusotmers. One way of doing it is by offering mobile sets for use. It works something like this :
    When your anual subscription ends and time for renewal, the operators give you a choice to choose the mobile model. (My friend choose Nokia N92 which was released at that time) Then they give anual subscription. The process is repeated and once agian during subscription renewal, the customers can choose the model they wish to have and return the used mobile to the operator.

    I am not sure of the exact modalities but I broadly understood the concept. I understood that the post paid customers always use the latest model mobiles (as they are given by the operator for use and to be returned on completion of the subscription)

    I think what is written above is something just like what my friend told me.

    It is interesting to see if such business model comes to India, how they operate.

    On a lighter note, may be people get a most expensive model mobile from telcom companies and run away :)

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