Bangladeshi Black Hat Hackers Declare Cyber War Against BSF, Deface 60 Indian Websites


The “I hack you, you hack me” game seems to be raging across borders. Around India’s Independence day (August 15th) Pakistani hackers defaced Indian Eastern Railways and MTNL websites. In retaliation, Indian hackers defaced around 30 Pakistani websites (the exact number is unknown).

Now, according to, 60 Indian websites have been defaced by a group which calls themselves Bangladeshi Black Hat hackers. In a Facebook post, the group has mentioned that they are declaring war against Indian Government, especially in the protest against Border Security Forces.

Hacked by Bangladeshi Hackers

Here is the press release BBHH have put up on their Facebook Timeline.

Most of the websites that we visited from the list seem to have been restored, but the defaced page is still showing up on number of websites.

From what we can say, most of the websites that were hacked were based on WordPress platform, and security updates may not have been done on them. BBHH seem to have taken advantage of these known security holes and were able to gain access to deface them.

How to ensure safety of your website?

If you have a website for your business, it is extremely important that you update the software or CMS that the website uses, for any security holes that have been found. Ask your web hosting provider or webmaster run a security audit. Most of the websites get defaced because they run of out-dated versions on CMS which have known security holes!

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