Evolution of Tablets [Infographic]!


Did you know that first tablet computer came into existence more than 24 years ago? Infact, not one but 2 portable computers (now called tablets) were launched way back in 1987!

Obviously they were not real fancy as the tablets today – but conceptually, they did the same job what today’s tablets are meant to do – Offer ultraportable and personal computing!

The evolution of Tablet Computers [infographic]

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Evolution of Tablet Computers

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  1. Daksh Chhokra says


  2. onesmartclick.in says

    Changes make perfection

  3. Guha Rajan says

    Yes, Tablets are not new. It was known in 90’s as well, unfortunately pricing played a significant role.

    Tablets, which costing few thousands now, were costing in more than a lakhs of rupees then, considering the cost of living in those days it was clearly a fortune. Further, it not available in Indian market, it had to be imported by the respective buyer.

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