Same day, Same TOI editions, different numbers !!!


Here is a big gaffe by India’s largest and one of the most respected newspapers in India – The Times of India.

Surprisingly, today’s Mumbai Edition of Times of India seems to have two different versions with different titles for the same story. It is also one of the lead story on the homepage regarding Minissha Lamba being detained at the Mumbai Airport.

  • Version One reads – Minissha detained at city airport with 30 Lakh jewellery
  • Version Two reads – Minissha detained at city airport with 50 Lakh jewellery

Screenshot of same TOI edition with different numbers


I am not sure how this happened, but there could be couple of possibilities – Probably the printing process was stopped in middle and figures may have changed (they might have got the number wrong first time). May be there are different places from where same TOI edition gets printed, so after getting the correct number, it may have been changed!

Whatever the reason – This is serious (go ask Minissha about it) and such a gaffe from someone like Time of India is absolutely unacceptable!

What do you think ?

  1. rabi gupta says

    TOI’s is not respectable. I had a friend working for Times and he himself used to like HT more than TOI. HT is 100 times better than TOI in terms of content and accuracy :)

  2. Ankit Chandra says

    As a matter of policy, I never read Times of India. If you open their website, you will be greeted by, besides thousands of popups, a plethora of news about sleaze, sex and page 3.

    I think I am better off sleeping than wasting my time on the Dark times of India

  3. Ravi Dawar says

    haha, TOI is the only newspaper i can expect this gaffe from. Half of the pages are filled with advertisement and it is more of a masala paper. It should be named as ‘The gossip times of India’.

  4. Vijay says

    this is really sad for TOI’s authenticity

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