The Hindu punches Times of India in face with this Super Creative Advertisement!


The below “The Hindu” Advertisement is creative at so many levels, I can’t describe. Whoever, has made it, has punched ToI in the face, all keeping themselves within the legal boundaries of what is allowed. The advertisement indirectly takes a jab at low quality of news covered by Times of India and how their readers severely lack important knowledge.

Check out this video and I am sure you will love it (of course, if you are not a very big fan of Times of India)

Stay Ahead with Hindu


Many are calling it a response to a ad released by Times of India for its Chennai Edition couple of months back, where the ad directly takes a jab at “The Hindu” and calls it a very boring newspaper. It is a Tamil Advertisement, but I am sure you will understand the gist of it!

The Times of India Chennai ad TVC Wake up to the TOI

There is no question that Hindu Ad is far more punchy and creative – We will have to wait and see how and if Times of India responds to this!

What’s your take on these newspaper wars – It makes for an interesting viewing, isn’t it!

  1. Karthik says

    TOI is not just a tabloid but also spreads fabricated news. No reponse from TOI for this artcile from The Hindu

  2. Ankit Chandra says

    same thing in a clickable url:

  3. Ankit Chandra says

    here is a very relevant documentary on the topic of the corrupt business of news:

  4. Pre Et says


  5. Maxim Lis says

    Its very nice. Provide very clear cut information. TOI ad is best in quality, picturization and goal concer.

    1. Chandra Kumar says

      If TOI advt focussed on advertising its own strength (like pan india readership,etc.), i would be on your side…TOI, did it like an avg politician…….!

  6. Satyandhar Jain says

    if we talk purely quality of ad and standard, TOI Ad was much better compare to Hindu.

    1. Chandra Kumar says

      Your focus seems to be out of focus…..?!

  7. Prashant Shetty says

    Way to go “The Hindu”. It smacked the day lights out of “TOI”.

  8. Shebeeb says

    Superb… TOI is such an waste.

  9. Wesley-Anne Rodrigues says

    I feel bad for ToI. It had its glory days and lost it. It was once a trusted newspaper that mirrored happenings in India, and now has been reduced to a celebrity gossip tabloid. While the Hindu has definitely been one up, I’m not sure if I agree with the advertising now. It could have taken the higher ground and stayed true to its high caliber and offering of knowledge and trusted information. Somehow, I feel this blatant stab at ToI has brought the Hindu down a notch. The wise don’t need to justify their wisdom.

  10. vai says

    Feeling sleepy while watching TOI add :P

  11. Ankit Chandra says

    Papers like TOI do more harm to India than any of these orthodox parties could ever do to India. sick.

  12. Ankit Chandra says

    Actually, for the news items TOI calls 'news that makes you sleep', its sad on so many many levels. Its like telling young people: "don't grow intelligent, keep getting wasted on the dope we provide you. stay in a (of course false) sense of euphoria."

    Yes TOI, there is a LOT of value in sleeping and wasting our lives with information you provide us, like the pet name of Hritik Roshan…

  13. notric says

    Lol. I think Times of India Chennai ad was a better one. I recently got a chance to visit a Paper Recycling Industry. Tell u what – I hate newspapers now. So much of wastage. thousands and Thousands of Unread News paper, brand new newspaper, wasted and then Recycled. Recycling is good but u cannot recover all of it. Such a Waste. Sucha Sheer waste. I dont want to read any news papers now. Internet news – way to go…. forgot to add (aaj tak kal tak etc etc news channels sucks)

  14. Muthu says

    I was saw this ad yesterday & boy!what a well directed AD..’Big tat for tit’
    Perhaps the best way to say ‘ToI does not give you any knowledge’..
    I read both newspapers & completely agree with the Hindu ad, that ToI news is substandard & pure sensationalism with heavy dosage of film news.
    I would prefer to sleep after reading Hindu rather go to work knowing nothing after reading ToI.

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