Hari Sadu – Naukri’s new TV commercial is simple and to the point !


Naukri is back on TV with its very popular Hari Sadu line of commercials. I think Hari Sadu was a break through commercial, purely for the reason of the impact it created. The First version was excellent and Hari Sadu became a household name. No other online brand has been so well advertised.

On the other end of spectrum is / was the Rediff ad – I literally switched channels when that ad came. They made their homepage dead simple, but the ad looked quite confusing (and boring) for an ordinary person !

Coming back to Hari Sadu Ad, Naukri has now launched a new advertisement carrying on with the Hari Sadu brand. The ad is simple yet gets across the point very clearly. The punch line is what I really like

Bye Bye recession, Hello New Year !

New Hari Sadu Naukri commercial.


I really liked this ad for its simplicity and to get across the point (of giving galis to your current boss !). Whats your opinion?

  1. vikram says

    one of the best commercials we have got. i believe there was a news sometime back that a real person with the same name sued naukri for making his life a living hell ??

    the other one i like is the pidilite one – nikaal mere 5 Rs :)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Oh Yaa….that recent pidilite Ad is awesome….very creative…at par with those favicol ones…

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