Multiple brand ambassadors for one product! A sign of the times?


Brand ambassadors are commonly used by companies across the world to personify their brands. Be it Shahrukh Khan for Santro Zip, Sachin for Boost or Hrithik for John Players, brand ambassadors are a way people easily associate themselves with a brand.

Other than building awareness, it is a way brands use to build an emotional bond with their target and potential customers. The most important criteria which is considered in bringing a brand ambassador on board is whether he / she is the right fit for the product or not.

Till date, it was considered as illegal / unethical if a company had more than one brand ambassador. Even if they had, like Tag Heuer or Omega watches, the multiplicity of their brand ambassadors wasn’t shown at one particular time.


But now, more and more companies are looking at finding more and more stars / celebrities to endorse their products. Take Airtel; today it is using Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Bipasha Basu, Shahrukh Khan and Saina Nehwal as its brand ambassadors for different segments. With Rs 400 cr set aside for just promotional campaigns (17% TV ad volume share), Airtel seems to say, if you have got the money, why not use it. With such distinct personalities, Airtel aims at breaking through the clutter of the competition. And Sony, Levis, Pepsi, P & G, all are following the same.

So today companies are saying

“Why stick to just one person if you have the money to spend on other media vehicles?”

It is the age of differentiation in every possible way. And if using different brand ambassadors for different segments helps, so be it.

Sony uses Kareena for Vaio and Deepika Padukone for its cameras. Gitanjali uses different brand ambassadors for its different collections like Nakshatra, Gili etc. In such cases if different brands operate across segments, socio economic classes and also undergo extensions, using multiple brand ambassadors is beneficial. In the case of Gitanjali, different brands convey different emotions thus stimulating the need for different brand ambassadors.

Obviously a well known face for a brand works. But after that, the match of the ambassador and the brand and also its ability to strengthen its positioning and values is the most important factor.

Do you think having a good brand ambassador makes a difference for a brand?

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  1. Gurveersingh Sekhon says

    I like it.

  2. Gurveersingh Sekhon says

    I like it.

  3. SANTA says


  4. Anju says

    i regularly read is interesting to read and debate on particular topic. but i first time tried to put my comment on the same ,though i m not expert in this.
    i agree that any good and .well -known celebrity can help to increase the brand value of particular product.people are very much interested in celebrity’s life and somehow follow them. sometimes it will be the disadvantage for the company , when any brand ambassador or celebrity caught in any controversy , it may directly affect the product. if we take the example of salman khan who is very popular as well as controversial actor and also brand ambassador of many well-known product.when he caught in any controversy , company might have taken the advertisement back from telecasting and might have use other celebrity as a brand ambassador.i think in this situation also , the multiplicity of brand ambassador works for a single product.
    secondly,i want to put some lights on the most controvercial actress rakhi sawant .we have not seen yet her in any single commercial even though she currently gives many hit reality shows on her name and producers of the shows also want to make her a part of the show to increase the TRP . then why the company of even minuscule product does not want to take her for their product it because she has negative popularity or people just want her to be controversial.suppose any well established company take the risk selecting her to personify it’s product , will it affect the product negatively.

    1. Aseem Rastogi says

      You have put down some nice points here Anju. I think how a celebrity behaves publicly plays an important factor in a company getting influenced in its choice for a brand ambassador. But then in the case of Salman, he’s obviously a much bigger star who people want to see. In that case companies don’t bother so much negative publicity I feel.

  5. Yaamini says

    For most people it does make a difference. Most of the world runs on these Bollywood Celebrities .Having a good brand ambassador definitely increases the price value for a product. It also kind of initiates a trust among the common people.

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