Twitter – “not for sale”…


Internet is buzz with reports that Twitter may be acquired by Google. However, Dick Costolo, Twitter Chief Executive dismissed the talk of $10 Billion deal with Google as “Rumor” during his keynote speech at Mobile World Congress. But he was mum about similar rumblings about Facebook. He also talked about twitter – mobile easy compatibility in near future.


Since inception, all three of its founders, Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Evan Williams, are still involved with the site’s development in some way, which has meant that the service has stayed focused on its core purpose. Good work twitter!

Why would Google buy Twitter?

Giant search engine would love to give its users, the real time happenings over searched keywords.

Google would want total access to Twitter’s data so it can make real-time information an integrated part of its offering and not just an add-on. Since 2009 the search giant has been indexing Twitter users’ tweets to add a real-time element to its search experience. But Google is yet to create its own version of real-time search.

Why would Facebook buy Twitter?

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Facebook was rumored to bid for twitter two years ago, but nothing much happened. Facebook then introduced its Twitter-style status update box in 2009. Twitter is an information network, Facebook is a social network. The blend can share a valuable data for mutual and public benefit.

What’s up for Twitter?

Two types of web are being created at the moment – the information web, led by Google, and the social web, led by Facebook. Twitter, in order to really accelerate its influence, beyond the famous, disenfranchised and tech-savvy, needs to get deep and dominate both of those worlds to truly break into the mainstream.

In years to come, I see Twitter will either be able to create a third web world of its own, or will be gulped down in any of existing two web worlds.

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