Campus Placements: MNCs beat Indian IT Biggies!


Infosys, Wipro and TCS pick up in such big numbers from engineering colleges that today for most people it is not a question of being proud getting into such organizations. But instead it is about landing that one particular job which would make their parents happy, their girlfriends / boyfriends happy etc. But the personal satisfaction is when a person gets a job within say a Google, Microsoft or any of the core companies of his / her field like Electronics, Biotechnology etc.

But recently I was reading an article which spoke about how the recent recession and quarterly results could affect the chances of the Big 3 at campuses. Interestingly many students have started to look at the financial health of some of the companies while others are concentrating on the appraisal and the performance management system. And there are even others who are looking at the facilities for helping develop innovation and creativity at various organizations.

So you would ask, “Why wouldn’t people choose these three?” In India everything works on speculation and company announcements. From stock market movements to bets in cricket, everyone loves to speculate. And so when Infosys and Wipro announced their quarterly results, people were shocked and disappointed. And this was overtaken by fear when the CEOs of Wipro were kicked out. There were murmurings about employees getting scared and some others even went on to say that many jobs are in trouble. All for the sake of spreading some rumours. In total contrast to this TCS has performed way beyond expectations that people are gushing left, right and center about the largest employer in this country.

Interestingly MNCs like Cognizant, Accenture and IBM are said to be doing much better at campuses. Though obviously Infosys and TCS had hired at least thousand each from one particular college, many students prefer these MNCs who are recruiting in thousands for the first time because they aim to expand a lot more in this country. Even today for a student an MNC is an MNC however less one may tend to agree with. And secondly none of these MNCs recruited in such large numbers ever. That means not being part of the herd.

Moreover their entire package of no bonds like in Cognizant and better salaries at Accenture and IBM seems to be wooing students like never before. Interestingly while TCS is going a lot for hiring laterals this year because of its projects, most of the others are going all out to hire fresher’s in order to save salary costs. 200,000 fresher’s are expected to be hired this year. But are there that many responsibilities?

Talking to most of the top tech firm executives makes one surely agree. Looks like finally Accenture, Cognizant and IBM are making a bee–line for engineering colleges over and above the BIG three!

PS – IBM has the highest employee base in India!

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