Top 100 Engineering colleges in India

[Updated August 2014]
Engineering is probably the most popular stream amongst Indian student. Thousands of Engineers come out of Indian colleges every year and work in diverse fields including Software, Manufacturing, Engineering & more.
And there is a reason why Engineering stream is so popular –
In last few days I have done lot of Top lists like ,
Update: This list of Top Engineering colleges in India is for last year (2006). I have published two posts recently that are updated for year 2007:
Top 50 Indian Private Engineering colleges of 2007Top 50 Government Engineering Colleges of 2007

Here is another very useful list that I have compiled together for the readers of this blog, especially the ones who seek admissions to engineering colleges in India. The list is of the top 100 engineering colleges in India. These rankings are as of early 2007 and had appeared in Outlook India.

Undoubtedly the IITs, the premier world famous institutes in India rule the roost. They are the best Engineering colleges not only in India, but across the world.
They are segregated on whether they are Government (G) Colleges or Private (P).
The ranking is based on following factors:
  • IC: Intellectual Capital
  • I&F: Infrastructure and Facilities
  • PS: Pedagogic systems (the art or science of teaching; instructional methods)
  • II: Industry Interface
  • P: Placements
  • T: Total

The Top 100 Engineering colleges in India

Rank Name of Institute City G/P IC I&F PS II P T
/30 /20 /15 /15 /20 /100
1 IIT Kanpur Kanpur G 28 19 14 13 19 93
2 IIT Kharagpur Kharagpur G 28 19 14 14 18 92
3 IIT Bombay Mumbai G 27 19 13 14 19 91
4 IIT Madras Chennai G 27 18 13 13 18 89
5 IIT Delhi Delhi G 26 19 13 13 18 89
6 BITS Pilani Pilani P 26 18 14 14 17 88
7 IIT Roorkee Roorkee G 26 19 13 12 16 86
8 IT-BHU Varanasi G 24 18 13 12 16 83
9 IIT Guwahati Guwahati G 25 18 13 11 15 81
10 College of Engg, Anna University Guindy G 25 17 12 13 14 81
11 Jadavpur University, Faculty of Engg & Tech Calcutta G 25 16 12 11 15 80
12 Indian School of Mines Dhanbad G 25 16 12 12 15 79
13 NIT Warangal G 25 17 12 12 14 79
14 BIT, Mesra Ranchi P 24 14 12 12 14 76
15 NIT Trichy G 24 17 10 11 14 76
16 Delhi College of Engineering New Delhi G 22 16 13 11 14 76
17 Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh G 22 18 10 9.3 16 75
18 NIT Suratkal G 24 17 10 10 13 75
19 Motilal Nehru National Inst. of Technology Allahabad G 23 17 11 9.9 14 75
20 Thapar Inst of Engineering & Technology Patiala p 22 16 12 12 12 74
21 Bengal Eng and Science University, Shibpur Howrah G 23 16 12 11 12 73
22 MANIT Bhopal G 24 16 11 10 12 73
23 PSG College of Technology Coimbatore G 22 15 9.8 14 13 73
24 IIIT Hyderabad G 21 16 10 11 14 73
25 Harcourt Butler Technological Institute Kanpur G 23 16 11 10 12 72
26 Malviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur G 23 17 10 9.2 13 72
27 VNIT Nagpur G 22 16 11 10 13 71
28 NIT Kozhikode G 22 17 9.9 10 12 71
29 Dhirubhai Ambani IICT Gandhinagar P 23 16 11 9.6 11 70
30 Osmania Univ. College of Engineering Hyderabad G 23 14 10 11 12 70
31 College of Engineering, Andhra University Vishakhapatnam G 23 13 11 11 14 70
32 Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology New Delhi G 22 17 9.3 9.7 12 70
33 NIT Kurukshetra G 22 16 9.9 9.6 12 69
34 NIT Rourkela G 20 15 10 10 13 69
35 SVNIT Surat G 20 14 10 11 14 69
36 Govt. College of Engineering Pune G 21 12 11 12 13 69
37 Manipal Institute of Technology Manipal p 22 13 11 10 13 69
38 JNTU Hyderabad G 22 13 11 10 13 68
39 R.V. College of Engineering Bangalore p 21 13 11 11 13 68
40 NIT Jamshedpur G 20 13 10 10 14 68
41 University Visvesvaraya College of Engg. Bangalore G 22 13 9.6 9.9 13 68
42 VJTI Mumbai G 20 13 11 11 13 68
43 Vellore Institute of Technology Vellore P 20 17 9.8 10 10 67
44 Coimbatore Institute of Technology Coimbatore G 20 13 11 12 11 67
45 SSN College of Engineering Chennai P 21 13 11 11 11 67
46 IIIT Allahabad G 19 14 12 11 12 67
47 College of Engineering Trivandrum G 19 16 8.9 9.4 13 67
48 NIT Durgapur Durgapur G 21 12 11 11 12 67
49 SIT Calcutta G 23 13 10 8.9 12 67
50 Mumbai University Inst of Chemical Tech Mumbai G 20 13 11 10 13 67
51 Sardar Patel College of Engineering Mumbai p 20 13 10 10 13 67
52 P.E.S. Institute of Technology Bangalore p 20 13 11 12 11 66
53 Maharashtra Institute of Technology Pune p 20 13 10 10 12 66
54 Amrita Institute of Technology & Science Coimbatore p 20 12 12 11 12 66
55 National Institute of Engineering Mysore p 20 12 12 10 12 66
56 B.M.S. College of Engineering Bangalore p 20 13 11 9.6 12 66
57 Laxminarayan Institute Of Tech. Nagpur G 20 12 10 10 12 66
58 Nirma Institute of Technology Ahmedabad p 19 14 10 10 12 65
59 IIIT Pune G 19 13 10 10 13 65
60 Amity School of Engineering Noida p 20 14 9.3 10 13 65
61 JNTU Kakinada G 20 13 9.8 10 12 65
62 S.J. College of Engineering Mysore P 20 13 11 9.4 12 65
63 Chaitanya Bharathi Inst. of Technology Hyderabad P 19 13 9.8 9.2 13 65
64 IIIT Bangalore G 19 12 12 11 11 64
65 SRM Institute of Science and Technology Chennai P 21 12 9.3 8.4 13 64
66 SASTRA Thanjavur P 19 13 12 10 10 64
67 Bangalore Institute of Technology Bangalore P 20 12 11 10 12 64
68 The Technological Inst. of Textile & Sciences Bhiwani G 20 13 11 9.3 11 64
69 IIIT Gwalior G 20 13 10 10 11 64
70 JNTU Anantpur G 19 12 11 9 12 63
71 M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology Bangalore P 19 14 10 8.7 12 63
72 Gitam Vishakhapatnam P 19 15 11 6.2 12 63
73 NIT Hamirpur G 18 15 9.7 7.9 12 63
74 NIT Jalandhar G 20 13 9.3 9.1 12 63
75 SV University Engineering College Tirupati G 20 12 10 10 11 62
76 NIT Raipur G 19 13 9.6 9.1 12 62
77 Vasavi College of Engineering Hyderabad P 20 14 9.6 7.1 12 62
78 The ICFAI Inst of Science and Technology Hyderabad P 21 8.4 12 12 9.7 62
79 NIT Patna G 20 12 11 9.2 10 62
80 Cummins College of Engg for Women Pune G 20 8.7 12 11 10 62
81 VIT Pune P 18 11 12 10 11 61
82 Shri Ramdeo Baba K.N. Engineering College Nagpur P 19 13 10 8.2 9.7 60
83 Muffakham Jah Engineering College Hyderabad P 17 12 8.1 10 12 60
84 Karunya Institute of Technology Coimbatore P 18 12 8.9 8.4 12 60
85 D.J. Sanghvi Mumbai P 18 13 8.1 9.5 11 60
86 Sathyabhama Engineering College Chennai P 18 12 9.5 8.2 12 60
87 Kongu Engineering College Erode P 18 13 9.3 8.5 11 59
88 Mepco Schlenk Engineering College Sivakasi P 18 14 8.7 8.5 11 59
89 Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College Ludhiana G 18 12 8.6 8.8 12 59
90 Hindustan Inst of Engineering Technology Chennai P 19 11 9.2 9.3 10 59
91 SDM College of Engineering Dharwad P 17 13 8 9.6 12 59
92 R.V.R. & J.C. College Of Engg Guntur P 17 12 9.6 8.7 11 58
93 Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi New Delhi G 20 10 8.8 8.7 11 58
94 K.L. College of Engineering Veddeswaram P 18 13 9.4 7.5 11 58
95 Dharmsinh Desai Institute of Technology Nadiad P 16 12 10 9.1 10 58
96 S.G.S. Institute of Technology & Science Indore G 16 11 9.8 9.5 10 57
97 Jabalpur Engineering College Jabalpur G 16 13 8.2 8.5 12 57
98 Sree Chitra Thirunal College of Engineering Trivandrum P 16 13 7.9 8.7 9.9 55
99 G.H. Patel College of Engg & Technology Vallabh Vidyanagar G 15 13 9.5 7.4 9.6 54
100 Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology Bhubaneshwar P 15 13 8.1 8.5 9.8 54

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    Roll No: 24106551.
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    State Code of Eligibility: 20.
    Paper Subjects Marks Obtained.
    Paper-1 Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics 30.
    Paper-2 Mathematics, Aptitude Test & Drawing Not Applicable/Not Applied.

    B.E./B.Tech B.Arch
    All India Rank.
    Overall 555310 ——
    Category 42472 ——
    State Rank
    Overall 30530 ——
    Category 2898 ——

    plz can u tell me which college I can get just tell me or contact me at.
    [email protected]
    or call me at.

    1. Sangram M Patil says


    2. Sangram M Patil says


    3. Anirban Sengupta says

      you are a complete loser … not fit for even Bcom … chuck education

    4. Anirban Sengupta says

      you are a complete loser … not fit for even Bcom … chuck education

    5. Ekta Tiwari says

      u'll get a good colz bt nt due to ur rank bt due to ur reservation quota

    6. Ekta Tiwari says

      u'll get a good colz bt nt due to ur rank bt due to ur reservation quota

    7. Pankaj Kumar Ksms says

      truly agree sometimes i think its good to be a sc or st

    8. Aftab Alam says

      Gandhi Engineering College , BHubneswar

    9. Aftab Alam says

      Gandhi Engineering College , BHubneswar

  107. kaustub priyadarshi says

    can i get any govt. college on the bassis of inter marks.below 70% and above 6o%

  108. Amith Aaron says

    can u rate the new iits please?

  109. Ramsewak Dhruv says

    it's very very helpful….

  110. prabhat singh says

    my rank in aieee 42,000 plz gve me gd college list

  111. Prabhat Singh says

    my rank in aieee 42,000 so please gve me gd college n contact [email protected].

  112. Deepak Malaiya Ji says

    my rank is 25370 in aieee which collage provided………….. please contact me……[email protected].

  113. ravali says

    i got all india rank is 223561.can i get any college 4 studying computer science.

  114. Amit Bhatnagar says

    hi I m amit I got 32105 in general category which college I ll get please contact me at…………………. [email protected]

    1. Amit Bhatnagar says

      hello up or iske as pass

    2. Amit Bhatnagar says

      hello up or iske as pass

    3. Jnan Sharma says

      wich state do u want?

    4. Jnan Sharma says

      wich state do u want?

    5. Amit Bhatnagar says

      agar acha mile toh

    6. Amit Bhatnagar says

      agar acha mile toh

    7. Jnan Sharma says

      banglr mei kuch chahiye?

    8. Jnan Sharma says

      banglr mei kuch chahiye?

  115. Aspirant says

    Please update the list. It is quite outdated… many colleges have performed much better since then… like iiit allahabad, nsit and iiit hyderabad deserve a rank in top 15

  116. Richik Sinha says


  117. Sujit Singh says

    my rank in aieee 36000, which college provided…………plz contact me…[email protected].

  118. Sujit Singh says


  119. Kukki Dhillon says

    its helpful.

  120. Praveen Mishra says

    my rank in aieee is 185000 , which college provided…..plzzzzzzzz contact me……[email protected].

    1. Jnan Sharma says

      colg mila?

    2. Jnan Sharma says

      colg mila?

  121. Aman Bhandari says

    its a good very good site.

  122. Ravi Teja Peruru says

    nice site

    1. Pardhasaradhi Vemuri says

      first rank enta ravochu adi cheppu taruata best colleges choodochu…

  123. goutham says

    to get bio tech seat in bit mesra what rank should i get in aieee sir please let me know sir

  124. Ashok Reddy says


  125. Anish Sood says

    must watch

  126. Anish Sood says

    must watch

  127. Wasim Quadri says

    have a look at this.

  128. Wasim Quadri says

    have a look at this.

  129. Wasim Quadri says

    have a look at this.

  130. Wasim Quadri says

    have a look at this.

  131. Wasim Quadri says

    have a look at this.

  132. Wasim Quadri says

    have a look at this.

  133. Wasim Quadri says

    have a look at this.

  134. Wasim Quadri says

    have a look at this.

  135. Wasim Quadri says

    have a look at this.

  136. miraj alam says

    My expected marks in aieee is 130-135 .whats my expected rank and i want to take admission in goverment college .can i take adms or not plz replay…

  137. Shantanu Sardesai says

    How are you measuring IC and PS? Please publish your criteria completely. It becomes difficult for Indian graduates abroad when you just throw out information (or statements) like this.

  138. Vishal Dash says

    Sir, I have been called for counselling by Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Bhubaneswar. so i want to know how is the institute and what courses are better one should do there and what is the future

  139. ankit kumar rawat says

    sir i want to the amount that should be paid to the engineering colleges in hyderbead if suppose i take computer and science engineering

    MY RANK IS 210

  140. Arpit Bansal says

    i m arpit bansal.
    i'm passed 12th 2010 and I'm doing 2 year diploma last year for sikkim manipal university my 12th is bhse from delhi privet nd I want doing tha in dce if posiibel please conact me my no.9808262220.
    my email add [email protected].

  141. Arpit Bansal says

    i m arpit bansal.
    i’m passed 12th 2010 and I’m doing 2 year diploma last year for sikkim manipal university my 12th is bhse from delhi privet nd I want doing tha in dce if posiibel please conact me my no.9808262220.
    my email add [email protected].

  142. R.K.Bansal says

    Pl.sent me the list of Engineering colleges in NOIDA,Ghaziabad and Meerut

  143. deepak munji says

    l complited my diploma engg in auto in 2009. and now i want to go for degree engg. can anyone tell me that is there any chances of getting admission in the collage directly into the second year.

  144. vineeth paul says

    wat about vinayaka mission engg. college salem. is this college got approved for m.e power system from a.i.c.t.e. this college certificate is valid in india and outside countries.

  145. Manish Demblani says

    I’d like to know which of the above colleges would be the best for computer science-software engineering

    1. Deepak Barik says


  146. pankaj says

    when would be the application form of AIEEE, IIT,BITSAT will be realeased on net

  147. Sanjit says

    Can anyone tell how Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore ranks in India ?

  148. sushant singh says

    wat the rank of veer surendra sai university of technolgy,burla,orissa?

  149. Azam Ghani says

    Jamia is now ranked 31 all over India.

  150. arun kumar says

    i have not given a i have taking addmision in plz sjas me wht m i do?

  151. billo says

    plz tell at M.M.M.ENG COLLEGE gkp and raj kumar goel inst. of tech. ghaziabad……..????????????????

  152. flav says

    my cet rank is 48119 wil i get a seat in cet college

  153. reddy says

    hi, i want to know about lovely university in ludhiana. i got an admit for cse course there. Want to know whether it is a decent college and their placement statistics etc..please help

  154. jyothirmai says

    sir i got 19541 rank which colleg should i opt with best placements

  155. Vivek adhikari says

    Sir i gotta 87830 rank in aieee. Bihar state board 10+2 marks are 68.8%and p.c.m marks are 67.7%. Can i get vit pune or guru nanak dev engineering college or jntu or gitm or jabalpur engg college.i want to get branch eee or cse or civil.send me [email protected] and phone no-09504157225

  156. sonam dwivedi says

    my rank in aieee is 12345 in which college should i get addmission with best placement

  157. vinzak says

    my rank in aiee is 19400 nd i mgetting civil in thapar as well as in nits what shud i opt for……… how is thapar and how are its placements…………

  158. Saurabh says like Army institute of technology is not present in the above list.Ait is no1 college in pune univer. And its placement record is 95% + in 2007 .8.9.10.which is best in pune unive..and its infrastructure is also best whole pune university…so some correction is required..’

  159. anusha says

    sir i want to the amount that should be paid to the engineering colleges in hyderbead if suppose i take computer and science engineering

  160. Pro says

    For newbies !

    Don’t Follow this , because it can put some of the u guys in serious trouble who blindfoldedly follow dis given table and end up learning that they had chosen the wrong college for the same value of money and rank.

    U know this sort of table has always been enraged me a lot because this sort of analysis never gives clear picture.When people are in ambivalent state they prefer to look for these type of articles and waste many hours on net searching for the college which suits them best.And very hopefully they chose a college which has higher ranking compared to others.But this completely misleads them.

    And this above table is completely rubbish.How come IIIT Hyderabad is in 24th position.Infact, It is among top 10 colleges in India. And If U are Interested In Computer Science Its A Paradise, Top 5 I Should Say.

    U Know this year there were 6 FaceBook USA Offers to Indians, Out of which 5 are IIIT-Hians. 1 Google Mountain View USA Offer to IIIT-H student. All the offers were 110,000 $ per Annum (approx 50 Lakhs).

    For Details See This :

    I m not boasting or bragging but dis is fact. If u don’t believe ask a guy who has done AIEEE (CBSE) counselling. Its closing rank is about 2,000 among 8,00,000 students that are competing.In terms of percentile a guy coming to IIIT Hyderabad has more than 99.8 percentile.Many of the guys who have successfully competed the JEE with fairly good rank are rather choosing IIIT Hyderabad than IIT.

    Actually i don’t prefer to post a comment on the blogs but this table completely pissed me off.

    And guys don’t solely rely on net and magazines to find the right college coz they are very much biased.Go and ask person who really has some insight in dis matter.

    And feel free to contact me regarding dis on my mail : [email protected]

  161. Ankush Sharma says

    Respected Sir,
    I would like to inform you that I want to get direct admission in undergraduate degree program (B.Tech.) in your college or if possible plz tell me bout donation (managment )sheat also. . I have got77 %in high school and 67% AND IN PCM (69.33%)in intermediate from UP board. And my UPTU rank is 92328[GEN]. I hope you will kindly look into this matter and I will be highly obliged for your kind concern.Waiting for your reply.
    Thanking you.
    Your’s obediently


  162. shahul hameed says

    sir ;
    i am a diploma student , as i want to get admission as a lateral entry student in NIT , or any other good institution . Is this possible or not in NIT PLZ ANS ME

  163. piyush says

    Sir/Madam, I just wanted to know that why L.N.C.T., Bhopal is not in the all over india top 100 rank list!!!! According to the list Sathyabama is ranked 81 in all over India whereas LNCT is nowhere in top 100,but the average package in LNCT is 3.2 LPA while in Sathyabama it is only 2.7 LPA. And LNCT’s highest package is 7.50 LPA while that of Sathyabama it is only 5.00 LPA. It’s really shocking,please explain me. Finally, I request you to include LNCT,BHOPAL IN THE TOP 100 LIST.

    1. Pankaj says

      Not just salary and placements can decide the ranking. The quality of education, participation in research, paper presentation, selection in engineering research companies and industry experienced/PHD faculty has got more weight-age than placements. Colleges have to change their focust to work on research side. Whoever does, would be considered beter.

  164. deepak says

    my rank in aieee is 50000. may i take any college out of these top 100 colleges.

  165. Jyotz says

    can nebody suggest me a gud engg coll of ECE…. ne wher in india specialy…..banglore n chennai….. m nt a brillnt n also a bottom line aieee ranking……..managment quota v chalega……….. plz rply me soon……tyms runng out…….too confused yar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. Sugunendra says

    Please give me information regarding my possibility to have an Mechanical Engineering in any of the top 100 colleges. My AIEEE All India Rank in General category is 8203.Please make it quick please. I am running out of time

  167. ashish says

    i have secured 70% in orrisa board and my aieee rank is 947464 could u tell me which college i prefer or where to prefer in jaipur,delhi……….pls reply soon

  168. anuradha says

    i have scored 71% in 12th class and 59000rank in general,11000 rank in girls quota in UPTU,how can i get college in abroad or any other top colleges of india and in which branch should i take admission.

  169. Vishal says

    my all rank in aieee is 138505 category rank is 95303 and state rank for haryana is 6621 and state category rank is 5450 in general category in which college (in haryana I can expect admission)

  170. anirudh jain says

    my all india rank in aieee-2010 is 54928 and in category(general) is 41013 .tell me the names of the engineering colleges from top 100 engineering colleges in India in which i can get a place in mechanical engineering branch .

  171. chaithanya reddy says


  172. anurag mukherjee says

    i v gt a descent rank in comedk 2010…so a bit cnfused abt bms college….is it safe 2 take admsn in ths college …hows the packages fr ece???

  173. jeevan says

    hi guys,
    i got 5588 rank in AIEEE.I am sure to crack IIT next year.will there be any problem in future by joining the long term for coaching?what is the criteria for a good institute?


    I have secured 38000 rank in AIEEE. Please name the colleges, where I can get admission in Mechanical Engineering. I have no particular choice regarding state.

  175. Anthony says

    i secured 62 marks in aieee
    and i got 201000 al india rank
    state rank-26016
    category rank-1306

    wat coleges shild i prefer

  176. Harsimran Kaur says

    my AIR in IIT is 3692 and in AIEEE is 1936, which college and which branch should i prefer

  177. harmeet says

    my state rank in haryana is 39350 .in which govt engg college in haryana i wiii get the admision


    i would like to know the colleges for mechanical engineering in mumbai (maharashtra will also do) what are the top 20 good ones faculty hostelwise and educationwise also

  179. prince tiwari says

    i have 69577 rank in uptu.which good college is possibal for me.

  180. rashmi says

    sir i have got 73000 smthng rank…..
    can i get ne college.
    or shud i tk drop it was my 1st yr…

  181. naveen says

    sir i m an itbhu student chemical 1st yr i want to knw the future nd job oppurtunity in this area nd also the avg package….

  182. Anonymous says

    where can i get info regarding highest and average packages of every college in top 100??

  183. sagar says

    which is better for doing enginnering hindusthan or jamia islamia..

  184. MITS Engineering College says

    MITS engineering college is the top engineering college in Orissa.

  185. ambrish says

    i have scored 87.5% in pcm in boards
    in which best collage i can grt admn.

  186. ASHIMA says


  187. surabhi grover says

    well this is surabhi here
    i want to know about srm and vit
    hows d college…d placements …and which stream shall i get srmeee rank ia 2481 and viteee rank is 9769..plz reply,.

    1. RITESH GOT YOU...................................... says

      Hats off to google Although I talked ab this with Shreshth (Have I spelled it right English teacher)(Jus jokin) Now comin to the pt. I dont think VIT is a good choice as I have listened millions of times about FAVOURISM n NORTH SOUTH discrimination although I dont think u shud go that far,I m readin ur poems at Excellent(Who am I to rate them???? oops!!!!!) OK bye do reply me on mail at [email protected]

  188. shadab says

    hyi guyz, is dere nt way to get direct addmisn ti manipal like top engg colleges….plz tell me if ny1 knw abt dat….thank u!

  189. Anoop S says

    Can you publish the list of colleges offering M.Tech based on the RANKING.

    Thanks in advance

  190. pk khorana says

    Thanx man. I am pursuing CSE from BIT mesra’s jaipur extension branch. The extension branch has been opened 3 years. this is the fourth batch. actually i had got aieee rank 7200 and i was pretty good colleges but the problem was i wasn’t gettin a good branch. then i came to know about BIT’s jaipur centre. we’ll get the degree of BIT mesra and for placement we will go to ranchi for placements. hence i preffered it over others. Thanx a lot for makin me realise that my decision was correct.

    3 idoit

  191. sameer says

    sir i accepted to got about 700 marks in uptu 2010 will i got admission in hbti kanpur if not then which collge i got and i want to know the rank at which i got admission to hbti kanpur i am in gen. catogery

  192. pankaj says

    hiii tanjore ssn is very good collage inchennai $ other then ssn there is srm, vit , anaetc so many collages r there i m in chennai from last 2 years 4 addmission in any collage of india u can contect me 09566052275

  193. tanjore says

    hi..completed my 12th..
    very much worried about those arguements(bitrocker and….)what about ssn?which is the best college in chennai 2 get joined…plz do make a reply!

  194. siddardha says

    is “K.L. College of Engineering, Veddeswaram” that good? can you please inform me about this college. if it is good/bad please specify reasons.

    and can you please notify me about the recently rated top 100 private universities in india.

  195. deba says

    please give me the rank list of aeronautical engineering colleges and the rank list of space technology colleges both owned by government of india and also the procedure of getting admitted in them and their fees structures per year…

  196. NIKHIL says

    i have 190 marks in aieee 2010
    now what can i do

    1. BAIVAB NAG says


  197. abhishek says

    hello sir
    i am scored 160 in aieee please tell me in which colleges
    i got admission.

  198. parth says

    Which are the top10 eng.colleges in gujarat.

  199. player of vitam says

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii everybody do u know about our college vignan institute of technology and management ……….it is one of the best indian engineering college………
    it has started at 2008 but i m sure that it will get a good position in future
    becoz of its management

  200. AnyOne says

    If guys really work hard for ranking Engineering Colleges for guiding engineering aspirants then visit and rank this college. Get into insights and extract the real truth. Further, how come IIIT Pune is a Gov College?

    Donot b soo excited to publish the data just for publicity of your effort. do the right things.

  201. dhivya says

    can you send me list of colleges that select students on the basics of iitjee ranks and aieee ranks

  202. NAGENDRA says


  203. manu says

    thiss is not possible how can kanpur b first colege dehli must b first .let me enter iit delhi then it wil b first.

    1. A K Chaubey says

      Sir’ please tell about Jayoti vidyapeed womens university Jaipur Rajasthan, in light of following for addmission of my daughter in B Tech.
      1- AICTE approval
      2- Infra structure available.
      3- Study level
      4- campus selection

  204. vyga says an engineering student.i got my seat as NRI.can i change my from kerala and studying in travancore engineering college,kollam.i want a change to another college in thrissur.can i

  205. rahul sharma says

    i m studying in class 12th..
    i have got science with information practics as my extra subject..
    please guide me as to what would be tha best sector/collegre for me after 12th…

  206. omnarayan yadav says

    top gov engg college of uttar predesh

  207. K Pranavi says

    Dear Sir,

    I’m in 12th class pursuing at Noida, can u pl. let me good Engg. colleges in Noida for Bio-tech engg. and BArch.


  208. padma ashok says

    hey how many engineering colleges are there in india, TOTALLY as of today?

  209. ankita says

    i want to know about fees structure of bit meshra and delhi collodge of engineering for engineering,placement and salary generallly people get?

  210. sanjoy jena says

    why vssut burla is not in the list .it was the best college under bput. established since 1956. also recommended as a technical unitary state university.

  211. sushant lee soccer saxena says

    i think iit delhi is the best in india

  212. chandan kumar says

    hye i want to list of colleges which enterance exam for lateral entery for engineering 2nd year.

  213. Subhah Garg says

    we are interested to add our engg institute name in above lsit
    subhash garg

  214. Subhah Garg says

    We want to include our engineering college in above list.

  215. Jash says

    i am looking for best aeronautical colleges in India n also their cut off

  216. Aman kumar says

    hi this aman kumar doing B-tech from Amity university.I got ECE(2nd year) in my college.
    please send me details about what should i do for better placement from my college.

  217. BHAVIN says


  218. Jayakumar A U says

    Thank you for the Top 100 List of Engineering colleges whole over India. I have a list of Best Engineering colleges in Kerala. Please check out my website.

  219. Shambo says

    kindly tell me what is the difference between 37th ranker MIT manipal and NIT durgapur

  220. gaurav says

    where does pondicherry engineering college stands in college ranking and does it really has any chance to be converted into an NIT this year?PLEASE REPLY SOON.

  221. chanakya says

    JAMIA MILLIA rank should be more better in 2009 ranking as many things have been improved here like a big digital library established ,modern workshop established ,more better faculties has been appointed ,new lab & research programmes has been started, for COMMONWEALTH GAMES sports activities has improved so much like bhopal stadiun established & many more……forms r being dropped for engg dis time shoein ratio of competition 1:96.

  222. ayush says

    well,guys if you can guide me on the kind of college the Sri Rammurti Samarak college of technology is ??this would be a great help??

  223. prashant says

    sir, i have got information technology in DR. M.G.R. engineering college. should i consider it or take drop for an year. also pleaase tell me about the placements of the college?

  224. rajesh says

    Today MIT has made a progress in placement and hostel…


    NOW I WANT TO TAKE Addmission in B Tech 2nd YEAR (3RD SEMESTER).
    bcz after diploma, students are eligible to take addmission in 2 nd year directly. through a test known as LEET ( Lateral Enterance Engg. Test)

    My needs are I WANT TO Study In gud COLLEGE Specialy from Where I Can Take Knowledge, i want a gud lecturars.

    Now a days seats in some colleges are filled bt in some colleges even now forms are available ( one of them is in maharashtra)
    so plz help me to find more colleges of well known universities.
    plz im very tensed now days. nd i need ur help.

  226. ankita says

    plz send me the list of top 100 engineering colleges in gujarat[both private nd gvt]
    i hav qualified for NMIMS in bombay,shuld i go wid it or wait for gujart college??

  227. PAWAN says


  228. jyotsna says

    Sir, My ranking in AIEEE is one lakh in PH category.May I get admission in any NIT for EEE branch.PLease reply earliest so that I can take decision as per that .

  229. tanvi says

    Hi all,
    I am working in HR of a compnay and would like to know the averge,minimum and maximum salaries offered to engineering students of top 50 indian private colleges..could u let know where i can get this info..any website or survey etc..thanks a lot…

  230. nanda says

    MVSR COLLEGE Should be placed among top 100 ranks….Coz The faculty of the college and the management is really very good..The college was shifted from saidabad to nadergul in 2000 year and the development was so fast that the colleges which were established in 1997’s and 1998’s were some what advance in a very few things (which are almost not necessary to be among top 100) and lags behind some things(some of which are necessary to be among top colleges).. So the college’s development rate is high.. Since it is in a village which is far from city, many people dont prefer to take the college and will go for MJ , Sri nidhi , vasavi… So the college actually Rocks!! Very Good FAculty and Placements and the facilities are also very Good.

  231. sachin says

    what about the ITM Gurgaon.
    What’s its ranking???
    tell me please.
    i’ll be very thankful to you

  232. sai krishna says

    Is osmania university good for mechanical engineering?please give valuable suggestions.

  233. suraj says

    respected sir,
    my aieee rank is 27000 which will be the best college that i can get, the college whic can give agood placment and can give good annual package wil be which one
    can i get any nit??? if can yhen with which trade???
    plzzzzzz reply.

  234. Ashish Upadhyay says

    i want to know the colleges of aeronautical engineering in delhi

  235. Dark Feather says

    Lol… Whats this fight about SSN…. i herad about it for the first time.
    And some guys comparing to IIT’s!!!…. Only BITS pilani can be compared to IIT’s (BITS is better than most in terms or infrastucture and facilities). Sorry guys who could not clear IITJEE or BITSAT and now go singing about shit colleges like SSN(whatever it is)…. try harder next time.

  236. Amitbir says

    i think u forgot to consider Jay Pee Noida in ur list of private colleges…..
    cud u pls tell me wat college i can hope to get as i hav got 29000 rank in aieee n 7041 rank in UPSEE …
    pls reply as soon as possible….
    my email id is [email protected]

  237. sanu says

    i got 32000 my catagory rank inaieee,iwant to take admission in top aerospace engineering colleges in india.but this branch is not available in aieee website.what can i do right now, plzzzzzzzzzz help me.

  238. Gaurika says

    How Bansthali Unversity Engineering College is Rated Vs JIIT Noida for Computer science studies .

  239. Nirdosh says

    which top collage of india can i get through management qota and how much i should pay as donation.

  240. balajee says

    and AVIT,chennai.
    Among VMKV engineering college,salem and AVIT, chennai, which one has better placement?
    plese tell me about it.

  241. akhtar says

    can any one provide me the list of top system eng.(s/w) colleges in noida/chennai/banglore…. please…


  242. Ashish Manjariya says

    I have got 38000 rank in aieee and i have secured 80.92% in 12th .
    i want to go in amity or pec(chandigarh) . please suggest that whether my decision wiil be right or wrong and if wrong then for which institute should i look for???
    Is my chance in NIT’s???

  243. Gaurav Sharma says

    May I have the list of good aerospace engineering colleges in Uttar Pradesh

  244. sanjiv says

    u can get admission any where in India except IITs

  245. Akash Parashar says

    My AIEEE score is 107 can I get admission in engineering colleges which ranges top 100 in India

  246. sanjiv says

    Top engineering colleges ofNorth India
    1 DEC
    2 Thapar Universiy
    3 PEC Chandigarh
    4 Netaji Subhash Chander Delhi
    5 NIT Kurukshetra
    6 NIT Jalandhar
    7 NIT Hamirpur
    8 NIT Kashmir
    9 Punjab University Chandigarh
    10 Guru nanak Dev Engineering College Ludhiana

  247. vikkie says

    For you all lover of AMITY, it is not recognised under AICTE, instead, quoting the Supreme Court’s judgement that AICTE is not required. Hell with the judgement, are goin to have a better and recognized placement or having confrontation quoting Supreme Court before your employer ?

  248. sara says

    i have got a ranking of 13000 in uptu will i get some good engineering college or should i try for amity lko plz do suggest

  249. kumar abhilash says

    i have got 45232 rank in aieee and i have secured 89.8% in 12th .
    i want to go in amity . please suggest that whether my decision wiil be rightor wrong and if wrong then for which institute should i look for???

  250. sumit says

    my state ranking is 122 under SC. can i get admission in Punjab Engg Collage (PEC chandigarh)

  251. ashish verma says

    hallo, i have passed my 12th class with non-med stream and got 68.7% marks in PCM and now i m very apset about colleges . l want to do engg. so tell me about ur college and tell what should i do . call me on 9899837141 to tell about ur college. i requested u to take action immediatelly plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………..

  252. ashish says

    sir just tell me how to get good placement in any college …
    i mean what should i do from the 1st semester in the college to not suffer in the end…

  253. divyesa says

    please tell me name of the best collage of the India for taking admission of engineering.

  254. Manan says

    Plz clearify that what does Govt. College of Engineering Pune refer to ? is it bhartiyavidyapeeth(BVP)

  255. asha says

    Lots of colleges have come up in and around NCR Delhi-Sonepat.

    Most of them are just money minting shops started by illiterate farmers.

    One such colIlege is in village Jhundpur named IITB. got to know that it is started by a class VI th fail farmer / property dealer who just says

    “piase Bore mein bharoonga, ……………..”

    Imagine the career of students in such colleges. please be careful

    Good colleges in sonepat are Govt. Engineering College, Murthal OR BM college OR Hindu enginering.

    Please do not join this college. IITB (A fraud college by a class VIth fail. contractor…..)

    student’s guardian

    BEWARE !!!!!!!! of IITB, Jhundpur (Fraud college…………..)

  256. shiv says

    hi, IAM SHIV
    have given aiee n iit entrance exams .
    i hav chekd key answers from net n have found my score very bad . iam expecting 20% in aieee
    and 17% in IIT.
    Iam completely frustrated now. Iam worried what wil hapen if i dont even get niit’s in India . How wil i face everyone ??? Iam a sharp student ( as said by my teachers) with a socre of 89 in my 10th standard (c.b.s.e board)

    Please help me …what should i do???
    R there any gud colleges in India whos date of filling of entrance exam hasn’t gone ?

    plss mail me at my id : [email protected]
    Thanz in anticiatn for ur help

  257. atul ranjan says

    top engineering college of kerala
    1.nit calicut

  258. sure shooter says

    msu is much better than ddit and gcet . Who r the idiots who decide rankings as students in gujarat themselves first prefer msu….One can easily get gcet and ddit through nri quotas by paying lakhs…

  259. BIT CIVIL 2k3 says


    Who ever thinks BIT Mesra aint good enough then you should probably go back and check on the facts instead of passing brainless remarks.

    “”I am not saying that other colleges are bad””. But one shouldn’t give sweeping remarks without
    even having slightest idea of the thing you are talking about.

    @ BIT Rocker: take a chill pill brother. let the actions of our fellow BITIANs speak for the college.

  260. Free Articles Today says

    Guys i cant find many engineering colleges which are very good and not included in the list.
    Some names are :

    1. VJTI
    2. Thadomal Shahani Engg college.
    3. Swami Vivekanand Institute of Technology.
    4. Shah & Anchor Engineering college.

    And many more. Cheers!!

  261. Chethan says

    On this year i completed my diploma in electronics and communication
    Engg.i had interest to do in B.E.if there is any part time job to do…

  262. sushmita chaudhari says

    i have got a score of 392 and percentile of 90.75 in gate 2009. i belong to d general category. brnach would b in electronics and communication. in which institute can i get admission? will any IIIT have a cut off lesser than this?

  263. partha says

    i want to the top 10 engineering colleges in calcutta..plz give me a reply

  264. nida says

    this is really outdated info.updated info should be placed so that it can help students select a good college.ineed updated info abt top engg coll in andhra. and can i get info abt ICFAItech as soon as possible. is it really good?what abt the placements? i need the info urgently

  265. SUJITH says

    i have a gate score of 286 in GATE 2008.can i get the admission in any IIT OR NIT in any branch of electrical engineering.if its not possible,i wish to join in delhi college of engineering.please tell me is it possible or not.if all of these are possible,please tell me which government enginering college i get on the basis of my gate score…pls reply

    1. Engineering college Indore says

      You got a good marks in gate exam. but score of gate is valid for one year sorry …

  266. Lucky_Insane says

    Why do you people fight behind all these list and colleges. Where ever we join WE should LEARN the subject, manage ETHICS and inculcate good knowledge by which we can get good JOB. No teacher or management would come behind us.
    To my knowledge, all colleges are same, dont fight for un-necessary and un-known ideas.
    Whether it is YOUR college or MY college, everything is good.


    Hai plz publish the websites of the collages it is neccessary to the viewers

  268. Avinash Modi says

    provide me the list of company for ce/it dept students palecement
    as early as possible.

    thank u

  269. Avinash Modi says

    i think ATMIYA INSTITUTE is one of the best colleges in saurashtra region and also in gujarat.
    so have a visit on the website

  270. terence says

    …dear mr.srividya or wateva…
    …your college luks to be as outdated as your name is…
    how cud you eva compare your institution 2 iits…
    are you insane??..i wud advise some serious medical advise..
    and i wud like to know if you got in thro’ merit or through sum stupid quota..??..
    …don try flauntin’ stupid infowidout knowing the world outsyde…
    and yes about your ethics…LEARN YOUR BASIC ETHICS FIRST…..dont boast and try publisizing youSSN or wateva it is…
    I’m a NITian and i’ve neva heard of any institution called SSN…its jus dat i read your posts just to kno dat a college like SSN existed….you’ll hav jus started mechanical….and mind you….mechanical is the backbone of engineering….gosh….you were being so ridiculous…
    …peace out….go….GET A LIFE……

  271. jason says

    please give me the information about aeronautical college. can u give me top 50 aeronautical collegeapproved by “AICTE” .please send me on my e-mail

  272. Ritesh says

    Guys i cant find many engineering colleges of mumbai which are very good and not included in the list.
    The names are
    1. VJTI
    2. Thadomal Shahani Engg college.
    3. Swami Vivekanand Institute of Technology.
    4. Shah & Anchor Engineering college.

    And many more.



    1. Neha Sakalkar says

      these collages you have named are good but not good enough to be ing the top 100 …

      1. Poor consolidation of colleges says

        What !!! CBIT hyd, JNTU hyd is part of the list but not VJTI !!!

  273. aniket says

    hey guys
    i had completed my diploma in electrical engineering..
    i want to do b.e/b.tec in power engineering.
    can u pls tell me the list of colleges undertaking the course and which one amongst them tops the list…
    pls help me…

    if in ur knowledge let me also know the abroad universities offering the course

  274. aniket says

    npti is better from many of the above colleges………………
    it shoud be included in the list

    and can anyone tell me which npti frm nagpur, badarpur and durgapur is the best npti….

  275. nitish raj says

    By da way if you don’t know much about any college then don’t give any comment on that.
    Like you had given 10 points out of 20 for placements in NITP .

    Kindly chk out clearly in NITP you ll find 95% placement in 2006 for 2k3 batch
    100% placement in 2007 for 2k4 batch
    92 % placement nearly completed in 2008 for 2009 batch .. some companies are in queue.

    Pls chk out neural database coz it may lead to some disaster.

    I just argue with placement and i m not worried bout ranking coz any1 student need gud placement package.

  276. apgt says

    according to me the rankings given in this website are copied from other website and are very much outdated as well
    the rankings of NIT’s is certainly questionable.
    as per me the ratings of NIT’s is as follows

    1. NIT warangal
    2. NIT trichy
    3. NIT suratkal
    4. NIT allahabad
    5. NIT kurukshetra
    6. NIT calicut
    7. NIT rourkela
    8. NIT nagpur
    9. NIT jaipur
    10. NIT bhopal

    this data is based on the preference given by students , survey conducted by all NIT students headed by the chairman of all NIT’s

  277. keshav says

    i will be writing the eng. exams this year.
    i am doing my 12th from andhra pradesh.
    i wanted to know if i am eligible to write other state enterance exams and will i have any quota in oter state’s eng. collegs?
    what all procedures are required for the admission and what is the eligibility for adnission in bits for a andhra pradesh board student?

  278. sami says

    اودالحصول على قبول في احدالمعاهد لنيل شهادة مساعد مهندس في التكييف المركزي
    و التهوية
    علماًان شهادتي هي الإعدادية فقط
    ولكم جزيل الشكر .

  279. krishna says

    krishna wrote,
    Iam civil engineering student,Iam presently studying in B.V.Bhoomreddy collage of engg&tech,Hubli.I wants to became a brillient structural engg.Our collage has got fourth rank in karnataka state.why our collage is not in top50 in india.

  280. Chiku Biswas says

    Engineers: Catalyzing Industrial Growth in engineering colleges in Orissa, India

    A major factor for the sustainable growth and development of any state is availability of quality and efficient manpower, which includes both skilled & unskilled. The industrial growth of a state is largely dependent on the available technically skilled professionals.

    The Engineering colleges not only provides technical education to young minds but also help them to attain the professionals attitude that is required for all sectors of industries. After completing a degree in engineering the young mass become professionals and they are responsible for innovating the structures and designs of the existing systems and machinery as well as come up with new ideas and products much needed for development and growth of any country.

    Orissa is a pioneer in providing quality technical education and has been an education hub in India. There are a number of premier institutes in the state providing best quality Engineering Degree programmes in a wide range of subjects like Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Electronics, Computer Science, Biotechnology, Information Technology etc. several new stream of Engineering Degree programmes like Electronics and Telecommunication, Electronic and Electrical etc have been introduced due to the increasing demand and need of market and industries.

    Irrespective of the type of activity and products, each industry requires a pool of talented engineers from each and every branch. Each entrepreneur first searches for the quality human resource before establishing its unit in that area.

    As Orissa has prove to be one of the largest treasure for quality technical manpower, the last few years have attracted a number of industries with thousands of crores of investment pouring into the state. To mention a few, companies like Vedanta, TCS, Tata Steel, POSCO, SAIL, NALCO, Infosys, Satyam, etc recruit every year number of engineers from many colleges in Orissa through campus recruitment.

    With a number of young innovative minds with technical expertise, no doubt orissa will emerge as the treasure of talented professionals with the potential to change the industrial as well as the socio economic scenario of the state.

  281. swapy says

    hi,i m presently studying in ICFAItech,hyderabad but i m nt satisfied with its placement so i wanna appear 4 aieee09(passed +2 in 08)to get good rank & get admission in better coll.can u tell me should i continue studying here in icfai or else go for another coll.also want to know what rank in aieee 2 get admm in NITjamshedpur or bitmesra as i belong to that state so should i get any preference in admm.plzzzzz reply me as soon as possible,i m in dilemma

  282. swapy says

    hi,i m presently studying in ICFAItech,hyderabad but i m nt satisfied with its i wanna appear for aieee09(passed +2in 08)to get good rank & 2 get better college.can u plzzzzzzzz tell me should i continue my study here in icfai or go for another.reply as soon as possible

  283. jannu says

    hi i’m jannu i want to know about taking admission in the private college bits mesra pilani ranchi for the session 2008-2009.can u just tell me how i can got admitting there as soon as possible thanks.

  284. avinash prakash says

    hi guys,
    i got bio-tech in bit mesra.can anybodytell me the scope of bio-teck in future. plz send me a sms on 92313

  285. venkat says

    you need to update for every six months so that the students can be aware what to choose so as to get a branded

  286. sreenath says

    foolish survey… where is panimalar engineering college in list…… if you know chennai.. ask about panimalar engineering college

  287. sonal jain says

    can u plz tell me if iiit,gwalior and hyderabad also provides mba course and hw”z placements there.

  288. shilla says

    where is ANNAMALAI UNIVERSITY in this post???
    ANNAMALAI secured 39th rank in top govt engg colleges then how its not in top 100 engg colleges??? if u’ll post like this… u expect anyone to beleive ur posts on net…..u shud post the correct information

  289. imagination... says

    hi dudes
    actually i was getting dr. m.g.r university,ece through aieee but i didn’t took admission into it.did i take the right decision and is there any -ve effects of dropping on placements.

  290. Logesh says

    Dear SUresh,

    Watever you do don’t forsake ypur chance in BITS Pilani. You have wonderful placements there and better chance to do MS/PhD in top 15 engg colleges in US. Also Practice schools in BITS offer extremely good interns….. Don’t miss BITS….. i joined NITT  and am suffering….. Also a note… Profs in US who have studied in India are either Alumnus of BITS Pilani or IITs… and some from NITs…. so think and take a decision

  291. suresh says

    dear guys

    could you help me-i have got admission in NIT Bhopal. i am also in waiting for bits pilani. should wait for pilani or accept NIT Bhopal. how do you compare the two? please help

  292. sp says

    Colleges like gcet and ddit should not be in the above list If msu is not there .On which basis these rankings are ? Msu gets filled much before gcet or ddit and on basis of merit.Can check the site official site of gujarat board for that and so dont get confused by these rankings.

  293. arpit says

    which are the best 35 engineering colleges for affilated by u.p. technical university & which colleges were available at the rank of gn18935 (uptu) last year.

  294. BIT rocker says

    ho ho……..well this is for Mr. BIT rocker2 i.e. Otto 192…….who is so ashamed of himself that he is hiding his identity ………cool man……………………you know what by makin yourself BIT rocker2 ,you have really increased your prestige by associating the name of such an institute with yourself……..but you don’t deserve that…………people like u ……gettin into colleges thru management quota and then trying to increse the repo of your college by attemptin to degrade the image of other colleges……..though no one tends to believe JERKS like you……..ihave got one thing to say…….””JALI NA”” ha ha ha

  295. thiru says

    Well , i am here to expplore a good college in computers or electronics field but sadly ;like every where else in India ,i got to witness a rivalary between …………….(rockers and athabasca)

    but any way it was fun……competing against each other u really blow ur institutions prestige away………!!!!!!!!!!!!

    to be frank i enjoyed it…..keep going great guns!!!!!!!!!!

  296. otto192 says

    Oh bit rocker you’re from rajasthan. And also from comp sci., then in that case kindly develop a solution for fermat’s last theorem if you know wat it is. IF YOU DO THAT I’LL EAT MYSELF

  297. pandu says

    hi bit rockeryou got an e-mail from me look at it you will be amazed

  298. BIT rocker says

    @BIT rocker
    hello,, i’m BIT rocker2 clone of BIT rocker .. i’m the most stupidest person on the whole planet and my favorite pass time is to use obscenities on public forums and bloat my college to quixotic levels..  oh.. i just realised i dint know the meaning of quixotic and i’m an MBA aspirant..  OMG i’m as dumb as a brick…

    polar bear..

  299. BIT rocker says

    and ya one more thing man i came to know that u r waiting for your visa……… seems you were kicked badly on your ass by the premier indian institutes………hu hu ha ha ha…………..

  300. BIT rocker says

    u try to preassume so many things mr athabacsa.
    u have just no right to predict how much would i have scored , had i given gre…..
    and about that “SPELLING MISTAKE” man…i just have got to say that u might have come across situations involving that feeling very often resulting due to your idiotic comments …….but i have not……………i hope u r no more left with false accusations against good colleges and thats y you are rather trying to act as a linguistic……..i told u i will be pursuing MBA ……..but i won’t waste my time in predicting your “score” in it…………..i hope u r very well aware of the reallity …………

  301. athabasca says

    btw…even if you had appeared for gre i dont think you would have crossed 1000…so why worry..?

    you seem pretty liberal with the ellipsis(its the ……………….. you put at the end of every sentence, in case you didn’t know what the ellipsis means).

  302. athabasca says

    spelling mistake in last line..should read embarrassment…………………. instead of embarrasement………………….

    P.S. Dont make your customary  "wise guy" retort for this post too…

  303. BIT rocker says

    what did u say…..people put BIT after all NITs……i got an aieee rank of 3219(air) and a state rank of 512(raj)but u know i was tryin to get ece in mesra but couldn’t get it at this rank…….in cs also i got the last seat meant for our state…….it doesn’t actually matter me what u say/………….coz i’m aware of the reallity……… do u know who is the GRE topper this year…………Ms. shivranjani popli from BIT mesra 100percentile………and i’m tryin 4 MBA so i didn’t appear for it and i too won’t join INFOSYS or accenture dude………..and there are many more like me in my coll………
    remember the blog in which u r postin such vague comments rates our coll higher than urs(100%true)
    so now tell me who is trying to hide his embarrasement………………….

  304. otto192 says

    And to add one more thing(MR. BIT ROCKER)

    college must inculcate an interest towards higher studies.. either research or management…. so don’t be complacent with your jobs and all…. about 50% of the people from my college chuck their placements behind to do higher studies in reputed institutes… as far as rankings are concerned i did feel bad about ot at first but then it affects me in now way cause i know how good my institute is and i don’t need rankings to tell me… and let me remind you in the year when i joined NITT people used to put BIT Mesra as the option after selecting all other NITs during the CCB counselling… Generally in India central government controlled colleges are institutes we can trust in…. then only the private colleges come… and also the general rankings come up mainly with reference to placements , etc which concerns only baccalaureate studies since degrees are classified as "professional degrees"

  305. otto192 says

    and MR. BIT ROCKER…
     wats ur gre score???? or do you know wats GRE… which city are you from….. and do you know wat language you must use in public posts like these? and don’t bloat yourself….. you’ll end up blowing yourself….. and you are a compsci student right???? so do you get interns from GOOGLE, eBay, etc….. people here in NITT do get it….. if you are not convinced you can come here and ask them…..

  306. otto192 says

    dear Mr. BIT ROCKER you further justify that you people are dumb (with your post)…. you can’t take criticism… sad really…. anyone can get placed if they are in your situation… you should give the correct idea to people….  i don’t have a worry… i have passed out…. so help aspiring students don’t be an ad for your college and put up a wrong image

  307. otto192 says


    Yes i am very sure that by two tears time your college will be like stanford…. (well…. its possible only in your dreams….otherwise sacrilegious to think so….)

  308. BIT rocker says

    hey mr. it seems athabacsa told u to write all this stuff haan………………
    listen u don’t need to enter this ok,,,,,,,,,,,,,better mind your own business…….i know u people don’t get proper placements so try shitting around but…………ha ha…… body is going to entertain u……………got it…………just have one thin to tell u………………suck my dic* u idiot………ha ha ha ha……………

  309. BIT rocker says

    Oh i see………so u r from NITT…….cool…….but hey our coll stands no less than yours………….and whatever shit you were sayin about the placements in your coll dude………go and check this out on the net about the colleges givin the highest placements in the country………..ours is among the top 10………while there is no sign of NITT in the top 10 list dude………….
    okay i agree that your coll doesn’t deserve a position below ours………but it is a rightfull owner of a position in the top 15 man………and the language which u used about our college in your first comment clearly shows your lack of knowledge…………coz gettin in a good NIT through a “quota” doesn’t make you smarter..isn’t that true???????
    and whatever u told bout placements in your coll……the following is a partial list of the companies visiting our college
    google,wipro,CTS,freescale,verizon,Tata Elxi,infosys,avaya global connect ltd,birlasoft,tata motors,telcon,IBM,accenture,HCL tech,LG electronics,eicher,ZSS,zensar,HP,ushacomm,L&T,NEI,VSNL,siemens,philips software,MBT,NIIT,,HCL info,baxter,bbluestar………….
    oh i’m tired of writing the names………..don’t beleive me…………ask any student studying in any branch of any centre of our coll.viz.mesra,patna,jaipur,deogarh,allahabad,kolkata,noida………..
    i’m not saying your coll is bad……its one among very reputed coll of our country but ours stands no less than yours so u better don’t try degrading(though u will never succeed) the image of our university

  310. miner49er says

    You got thro by management quota right?????… so you are in no comparison with the meritorious students who earn their seats by entrance tests… god know wat capitation you had to pay though

  311. miner49er says

    Hi Mr. Bit Rocker…. Private colleges can have high ranks cause they have enough cash to pay for their spot. I don’t to mean all rankings are flawed, but there is always a chance. And stop talkin about salaries and all. If you were in a college with good "intelellectual capital" you will always think about proceeding further to ms/phd. And one more thing… Infosys will pay you 7.32 lacs in 2 years perhaps but not in one year, even people in iitm who get direct management posting get around 6 lpa… so don’t ever think your institute is more prestigious than the IITs

  312. mechE says

    yes i agree with otto192…. SSN sucks big time.. especially with management quota.. cuz people who don’t deserve a seat can buy their way in…. sad really…. and people complain about IIT JEE and all…. so if you are really good uou get into IITs or NITs otherwise join shit like SSN

  313. otto192 says

    Dear Mr. Bit Rocker or watever you say… athabasca is a classmate of mine from NITT… we passed out last year and now waiting for visa interview… athabasca has been admitted to penn state univ and is highly knowledgeable.. since we studied there we know how good the other colleges are… So don’t go on about placements and give wrong info to everyone cause no college gives out info about the companies that come for the current year. the data you posted will be valid if we were two years back. So stop posting bogus stuff…

  314. athabasca says

    @ BIT "rocker"
                                Your coll. might be good,but still it hardly deserves a spot above the Southern NITs .You were talkin about average pay in your esteemed comp.sci dept.Let me tell you that the average pay for the mech and prod depts. in coll like NITK and NITT is around 5 lakhs.If core branches are able to offer such kinda offers imagine  depts like compsci which average around 6.5 to 7 lakhs…i know for a fact that comp sci students in these colleges don sit for jobs below 5….Every year the max offer is around 15-16 lakhs…the highest being 44 lakhs offered to a guy in NITT…companies like EA sports,Shell, Schlumberger,Amazon,Trilogy,Nvidia,PWC,ITC etc come to NITK and T….the total tally at the end of the year comes to around 160 plus companies…and dude please don think that placements are the end of everything…every tom dick and harry can get placed in decent companies…aspects like faculty profiles(no. of phd holders), infrastructure, % of students going abroad etc.(please don give me any shit about brain drain) need to be analysed to frame rankings…
    Even now i m re emphasising the point that the rankings are flawed and colleges like NITK and T deserve to be higher up than your coll…i never state that your coll sux…it s a very decent coll when compared to many other "so called" good colleges in the country…You guys certainly deserve a spot higher that Anna Univ….but please dont idolise your coll…you need to appreciate that there are other colleges atleast a notch better than yours…..

    P.S. The forum is not your backyard…refrain from using obscenities at your will…if everyone starts using abuses and starts actin like a smart ass, constructive criticism cannot be maintained…

  315. BIT rocker says

    ha ha ha…………feeling embarassed na………….
    man i’m in the 7th sem presently and have been placed in accenture, wipro, and most recently in infosys……..i got a package of 7.32 lacs in infosys man……… what will you say dude…………and i’m not the only one in ma coll who has got this high placements…….some have got as high as 10.5 lacs man………..
    whatever u say doesn’t actually matter me……..but this is for all the students who unfortunately tend to believe all this shit from jerks like you……………
    go and check out the cut off ranks from CCB site …….and you will come to know the reallity………….

  316. athabasca says

    @ BIT "rocker"
    tsk tsk…such bad words…i never thought that the truth could hurt someone so badly…i m really sorry for a sore loser like you…

  317. BIT rocker says

    dear mr. athabacsa………
    i’ve no idea about anna univ. but i’m pursuin CSE 4m BIT mesra…..av. package in CSE has been 5 lcs dude……and our coll has’n been in the top 15 from this year man………it has been holdin its position high since 50 years.okay…….
    and Mr. you better check and recheck yourself before posting such comments………now you better fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!

  318. athabasca says

    Do you guys seriously believe that the fools who published these rankings know what they re talkin about..??Half these so called ranking of top tech schools are half baked in nature….i sincerely hope that such rankings are not published as the only purpose they serve is to give crappy ideas to students about "College Standings"….
    Colleges like Anna University,BIT Mesra which dont deserve a spot in the top ten are highly exalted.Wonder how much these guys were paid to churn out such shit…!!
    And for all those misguided souls who think that colleges like CEG,SSN and Panimalar top in placements and stuff….GOD SAVE YOU GUYS…!!

  319. otto192 says

    @srividya again
    "And coming to placements we have 100% placements…..
    irrespective of the branch u study…..
    core companies do visit our campus…
    every year nearly 45-50 companies visit our campus…..
    And the highest package offered every year is 7L-8L every year…
    After anna university SSN is the only college which can flaunt about its placements….
    Here education is worship and you get the best of it…..
    All praise to Shiv nadar,The great man behind HCL and SSN…"
    lol… 100% placements is no big deal.. iit’s and nit’s get 155-165 companies out of which 100+ are core.. dont brad about your tech fest’s all have ever been to shaastra/pragyan/engineer.. with out seeing the world outside dont brag about your coll..

  320. otto192 says

     ssn crap when compared to iitm. i’ve not come to ssn but gone to iit .. does haliburton, slumberje and price water house coopers come to your coll… no.. they go to iit… and student quality is very good in iit so please dont idolise your coll… your coll is good but in comparison to iit your are dust..

    If u want a good coll life (enjoyable, without restriction and tons of freedom) as well as a decent placements join NIT’s..  In nit there is no wat so ever restriction on campus.. u can do watever  want.. except break/steal coll property…

  321. otto192 says

    anna univ does not deserve to be in the list at all. it is the worst coll on the planet. everything sucks in it  infrastructure ..etc..
    i’m not quoting this without evidence..
    godrej came to their campus for recruitment and the students bribed the pune there and stole the question paper’s of godrej. when they found out about this they left the coll v.angry. wat kind of coll is this???

  322. suresh reddy g says

    what about VNRVJIET, it is a good college in andhrapradesh(hyderabad).
    it should be rated equivalent to CBIT,VASAVI.very good infrastructure
    and faculty.Good in placements, technical events and sports.
    Visit the college and it should be among 100 best colleges in INDIA.

  323. analyst says

    kerala engineering college ranking
    1.NIT calicut
    2.College of engineering trivandrum
    3.Amrita School of engineering
    4.College of engineering,Thrissur

  324. ankit says

    i am startled by ur rankings given above you have placed nsit on 33rd which is the prober bull shit man.check out the placements IC and anything it is somewhere near the dce and also rank given to dce doesn’t look good because from my point of view it should be in top 10 cllgs with respect to it’s placements as average package reaching the all time high around 5.3 lakhs and infrastructure is sound too and for IIIT hydrabad i can’t say much but as i know one of the india’s best for IT and CSE.Before this atrophy check out the proper listings and survey hope u will produce some authentic and useful survey’s next time.
    And i advice the people not to go by any of these rankings as these rankings are biased try to find out someone near u rather than searching on net.

  325. Swapnil Mishra says

    ICFAI Institute of Science & Technology (also known as ICFAI Tech Hyderabad) is 78th Rank holder among top 100 Engineering colleges and
    24th Rank holder among Top 50 Private Engineering colleges of India. It came at this position within 5-6 years from starting only, so any body can realise the growth and potential of this institute.It started in 2002 and the rankings are of 2007.

  326. pandu says

    Non sense,”what the hell are you speaking”?. you have written that IIT khanpur is the india’s best college instead of my college ,C.B.I.T

  327. mohit says

    i have got 81% in maharashtra cet and now have completed first year  in ramdeobaba kamla nehru engg college with cs branch in nagpur university with 71% there in first year.can i get direct admission in second year in bombay university in top 150 colleges of india?

  328. pallab chakraborty says

    i have achieved 31860 rank in uptech .which college will be best for me in cse/ece/ee/me engineering streams?please help.

  329. upendra says

    may i know which one is better institute according to their placements 
    DAIICT gandhinagar  or

  330. himanshu says

    SGSITS is a good college.when it comes to placement it’s undoubtedly comparable to some nit’s!It’s rank is 96 which is due to it’s infrastructure which is not so good!Professors are very talented and a lot of students are placed in core companies.I don’t claim it should be ranked better,but it should be considered better!
    It’s only the luck that it is not counted in nit’s as it has only 30 acres of area!So consider it while choosing colleges!

  331. priyank says

    ICFAItech is a gr8 coolege …..
    its really surprising that not much of us know about ICFAItech
    As ICFAI is a has maintained a fabulous reputation among mba cooleges , in the same way ICFAItech is also developing and has made a decent reputation among private cooleges in india……….it has been ranked within top 25 private cooleges of india.

  332. Prabu says

    Its really surprising that Government College of Technology aka GCT, Coimbatore is not starring in the list… When colleges like Coimbatore Institute of technology is there in the list, the non-existance of GCT really sprang a surprise for me………..

  333. vini says

    how is amity
    does anyone have any information abt it…

    1. shobha says

      amity to bekar clg hai usse bhaute aacha sharda university g.noida hai

  334. sachin says

    aieee 13000
    vit 6100
    comedk 3400
    wat should i opt???
    wat could i get in thaper,pec or daiict..

  335. pankaj says

    I think the important factors one should take into account while choosing an engg college are: infrastructure, faculty, placements, alumni, track records, etc. So  one  should try to gather unbiased info…by visiting the campus if needed…and not by what it’s students say.  anyway, it is definite that irrespective of the college, it is the amount of knowledge gained that matters in the long run.

  336. sp says

    The rankings are biased compeletly. I am student of gujarat. These mad people have placed Gcet(99) and DDit(95) in list but m.s.u , baroda aswell as L.d. college, ahmedabad is missing . In reality first the above 2 colleges are filled if we consider the cutoffs . on the other hand in gcet or ddit one can easily get admissions through donations even if we get less marks . So the question arises are money taken for these surveys as truth is different . If this is not true than why l.d. and m.s.u’s seats are filled way ahead of gcet and ddit. Again in placement go as high as 8 lakhs also

  337. sachin says

    hey i m gettin 6100 rank in vit
    expecting 152 marks in aieee
    wat college should i go for or wat field i could get

  338. Srividya says

    Ha ha ha….HI sphinx….This is real fun…Dude pl go back and read all my previous posts……i have  compared r mentioned about other colleges only in one r 2 places…i have mentioned the points why i say my col is a good col and i have praised our chairman….for that too i have given reasons..I have supported and praised our col by giving our strong points..i have  given all the facts about our college  and i have not rediculed others…Winners always speak about there victory and how they won…….as i say the good things about my col,pl come forward and share ur thoughts about ur col…if u r from SRM or any JPR institutions pl share ur thoughts….Provide some gyan about ur col……@sphinx….if u ask any student from a rural bground…..They say abt only one col that is anna university….the reason is as u see they r from economically poor bground and they cannot afford to join a costly col like SRM or sathyabhama… that case now rural students have become more aware of colleges and the fees structure….so a good student will surely select a college like SSN……
    I also want to mention the names of some good colleges who r doin good in both placements and acadamics…like mepco which is in sivakasi……
    And one more thing…all of  us in wat so ever school or col we study we become the brand ambassador  of our  institutions….so i don think  there is nothing  wrong   in flaunting about  our col……
    wat  i have  said  about  JPR  is some thing  for which  i  i dont  regret ……because the students of his institutions may be good at acadamics and placements…..but pl be frank……it was ur students who made the "mingling" thing famous…..ur students are putting ur chairman in such a poor light….this is really an issue to ponder…….if u really r loyal to ur institution pl com forward with ur name and institution and defend ur col and chairman…

     have fun in life ,don make fun of others and take care so that others don make fun at u ;)

    May god bless you…

  339. Sphinx says

    Srividya N Sreenath

    Havin a spat here regardin ur respective colleges dunno  gonna mak ur colls superior…facts n truth are different things … truth always hav the fact with itself..but vice versa  isnt  true always…so dunno go over  the facts .. n  dese type of rankings are always misleadin n biased…so if u r proud of ur college u dunno hav to prove it here…neither u can prove…so don spam .. my college is superior or mine … if u really think ssn is such a great college just ask a aspiring eng lad outside chennai…he might havnt heard its name…so hwz it great when a aspirin engineerin student doesnt know its name..leave common ppl..,whereas ask bout IITs, IIITs, NITs Or SRM Chennai n some really good colleges …all of the students must hav heard n aspirin to go into pls be patience .. ur coll will come to horizon .. but dat will take time .. u n rest of ur colege mates  as a student hav to work hard n show the world wat a ssnite can do in corporate/research/ny other feild…

    n don compare ur colleges wid IITs atleast 5 of them  … its really ludicrous n ridiculous.. if dey are Hollywood ur college is still a Tollywood..dey hav huge gov fundin, mamoth infrastructure n brightest students from all over india.. so just be patient n ..face the truth…

    Best Wishes
    Hav a Bright Future Ahead :)

  340. alfred says

    haha…its good to see these srividya changed her stand from ‘best college in city’ to ‘one of the fastest growing colleges’….you have the same emotion that makes mothers say their child is the most beautiful than all children…anyways just take one ranking by one organisation…dont say look at outlook and then say look at anna univ ranking…there may other places in the anna univ ranking where ssn may rank last…and as mentioned you folks havent diversified in your courses..i mean no harm..its upto the people to decide, so put forth your unbiased view and leave it..every person thinks his/her alma matter is good..whether it is ssn or govt corporation school…mentioning of colleges that follow rules isnt really called for(see your ‘mingling’ post) ..i think you shud appologize for that…you might have hurt some sentiments..
    shiv nadar is a businessman unlike people like KCG or JPR…i mean education isnt his first priority..and one man doesnt run the show…but its good he does something for education…

  341. Srividya says

    Hi ….i have nothing against anyone or any institution…i just wanted to put one thing straight,SSN as an institution has scaled greater heights in shorter duration….why would i mislead anyone…i just shared my experience genuinely without any bias… far as placements are concerned, companies come for placements based on the academic university rankings and pass percentage of the college…u can very well check out about our college in the anna university ranking of colleges…..anna university has seggregated  colleges based on these criteria and our college comes under "A" catogory of colleges…….And based on anna university ranking…among colleges affiliated to anna university(IITs never comes in this list),We come first…..It is a fact that other colleges lag behind us…..
    And even now i would loudly praise our chairman "Mr Shiv Nadar"…
    A "Padma vibhushan" recipient, Our nation and the whole world is praising him….can any one deny the fact…..our college gives a lots of scholarship to the really good students, after reading this i want many such good students to opt for SSN so that they don’t  miss a good oppurtunity to join the best….
    Which college in chennai gives full scholarship(i.e The total fees) for students…
    Im not brandishing u…im just curious to know about such good colleges……
    No offense made frens…..

    1. arvind b says

      hi srividya. I want to know about admission to your college [ssn] through management quota and also the fees for people joining through management quota please reply thanks

  342. chennai says

    im not sure abt the top colleges in aeronautical in india, but in chennai you can look at hindustan college.ranked 90 in this list.they have a good course and they even get to fly planes..gliders actually….generally they get to hover around their campus and nearby localities in not sure which dept gets to do that.they have some students placed in aero companies, though very limited..say 1 or 2..only the toppers..some have got thru off-campus…do some research beyond this text and get to know other colleges as can see

  343. abhishek tiwari says

    i want to know the top colleges of aeronautical engineering who are in good position at india and how can i enter in that colleges what is the date of opening forms of that colleges n how can i apply there plz give that all information as soon as posible. i also want to know that what will be the fee of one year and how can i contact that colleges plz give me that colleges site and phone nombers plzzzzzzzzzz 

    1. Ramakrishna says


      I would like to introduce myself Ram an educational consultant in chennai. If you join in chennai, then I will give you the full information regarding this & I am doing admissions also. If you want you can directly call me by phone or send mail.
      e-mail: [email protected]
      M: +91 9840550696

    2. abhishek chaudhary says

      sir mai aeronautical engineering k baare me detail lena chata hu. Pls muje iske bre me complete knowledge de. Sir mai aeronautical k best college ki talas kr rha hu. Jiska gud placement ho or direct admision ho. Mai distic bijnor u.p. se hu. So koi bst college north ka h ho to plzzz sir

  344. mahesh says

    dear Srividya,
    Please note that rating for colleges are not just abt one factor or another.SSN loses out to two other colleges in chennai for placement in this ranking.The mech engg stream just started recently.Something that most colleges have started years back.there are many colleges in chennai that have more depts than your college and these are not new , they are the ones with placements year after year…
    while you have all the power in the world to praise your chairman, its not right to look down on other visionaries in the field of education.I think thats the first ethic you gotta learn..
    There are a lot of things that go into a ranking.Please refrain from glorifying your college in public forums and therby mislead people into making wrong decisions..

  345. pankaj says

    I wonder how SSN can be better than IIT Madras. The guy thinks he is the best…..and hence his institute is also the best. I feel sorry for you dude… Anyway I think one should not read too much into rankings. Rather, one should try to realise one’s full potential. ……..If u r good enough, u will be among the best anyway..

  346. Y subrahmanyam says

    can anybody tell me mumbai engineering colleges having hostel for girls for undergraduate courses

  347. Y subrahmanyam says

    can you rate top 10 colleges in Mumbai and in maharashtra
    i got 5424 rank in VITEEE 2008
    what branch of engineering i can expect

  348. Srividya says

    Hi sreenath…
    I very well know about both the colleges…
    Not just me, the whole world knows about these colleges through CNN-IBN….
    I place an invitation to u on behalf of our college…U can very well bring ur frens also…u can find the truth by yourself. Coz here v don follow any rules like “Boyz n Gals no Mingling”, What ever i said about my col..
    are all facts….I don wanna get into any mud slinging at ur col….I don blame u guys…but still ours is the best col in the city…We have reached this position by our quality n nothing else……

  349. sreenath says

    rubbish… did u have time means search about sathyabama and panimalar in chennai…….how fine we are…

  350. Srividya says

    SSN is the best college in chennai…no doubt on it…..more than studies here you learn the ethics which is even more important wen u go out in the corporate world….people like jpr r more bussiness minded and for them running an educational institution is just like running a bussiness…..
    But thats not the case with SSN…..
    No other college in chennai gives so many scholarships to its students……
    And to talk about Mr.Shiv Nadar….The great man behind the great institution….Im really at lose of words….You don get a chance to meet and interact with such a great person if you join in any other institution…
    He is a visionary……..
    Here “just merit” speaks…….Your caste does not have any role to play in your admission…..
    If you really deserve the seat you will get it….Im doin my final year MCA in this prestigios institution…I wrote TANCET and got through the management quota.after clearing the GD and a personal interview….im an OC candidate….There is no field for caste in the apllication form, this speaks volumes about the college…….
    watever you learn in SSN is more the worth of the fees you pay…..
    Here you have the most sophisticated lab with internet facilities which can be utilised by the students anytime…
    We have wi-fi connectivity throughout the college…..
    Every student is given a laptop at the time of admission….
    at a very nominal cost at the time of admission….
    which is definitely essential these days…….
    Ambience at SSN is too good which u don get in any other college…..
    You get a lot of oppurtunities to interact with the people from different industries through seminars and workshops,which happens every now and then to keep the students updated with the development in the industry……
    We have an annual cultural meet called INSTINCTS that happens three days every year…which is really famous among students in chennai…..Apart from that we have dept technical and cultural fests………
    The quality of education is really good…..
    Seperate hostel for gals and boys……with 24hrs internet connectivity…
    separate gym facilities for gals and boys….
    “Apart from all these they treat students like professionals.”……..
    And coming to placements we have 100% placements…..
    irrespective of the branch u study…..
    core companies do visit our campus…
    every year nearly 45-50 companies visit our campus…..
    And the highest package offered every year is 7L-8L every year…
    After anna university SSN is the only college which can flaunt about its placements….
    Here education is worship and you get the best of it…..
    All praise to Shiv nadar,The great man behind HCL and SSN…

    1. hemant gupta says

      how i can join ur college plse tellme iam from delhi aieee54000rank,dce 4692 and bhartiya vidyapeeth pune 907rank.

    2. Sathish Kumar says

      hi @ Srividya…..
      I ld like to know the procedure for applying through management quota and the fees structure….

  351. IIIT HYDERABAD says

    Arun hav u really researched on the facts dat were published in the magzines.If not, then do some study and research on them whether they are really publishing the right material or not, coz it can put some of the guys in serious trouble who blindfoldedly follow dis given table and end up learning dat they had chosen the wrong one for the same value of money and rank.

    U know this sort of table has always been enraged me a lot coz this sort of analysis never gives clear picture.When ppl are in ambivalent state they prefer to look for dese type of articles and waste many hours on net searching for the college which suits them best.And very hopefully they chose a college which has higher ranking compared to others.But this completely misleads them.So do some serious research before publishing it.

    And this above table is completely rubbish.Howcome IIIT Hyderabad is in 24th position.Infact, It is among top 10 colleges in India.I m not boasting or bragging but dis is fact.If u dont believe ask a guy who has AIEEE(CBSE) counselling.Its closing rank is about 2,000 among 8,00,000 students that are competing.In terms of percentile a guy coming to IIIT Hyderabad has more than 99.8 percentile.Many of the guys who hav sucessfully competed the JEE wid fairly good rank are rather chosing IIIT Hyderabad than IIT.

    Actually i donot prefer to post a comment on the blogs but this table completely pissed me off.So Arun do some research before publishing so that guys that come here for help do get some genuine facts about colleges.

    And guys dont solely rely on net and magazines to find the right college coz they are very much biased.Go and ask person who really has some insight in dis matter.And feel free to contact me regarding dis on my mail : [email protected]

  352. Rahul verma says

    i am giving aieee 2008 n i am confused abt colleges n i want good coll so i need ur help n dont know abt many coll hw 2 apply in these coll so can u tell me abt hbti n other top 100 coll.

  353. Rohan Chawla says

    Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology & Sciences (GGITS), Jabalpur is being rated at #83 across India by Dataquest & IDC, which is a renowned surveyor globally like Gartner.
    The institute has the maximum placement record in its very first batch and even government institutes like Jabalpur Engineering College & SGSITS, Indore are far behind from it. It has best looking building, excellent facilities, highly qualified faculties, many are from the IITs, best result, based on number of university toppers and maximum pass percentage, many new and innovative ways of teaching, each lecture hall is equipped with a DLP and is fully air-conditioned. Nearly every MNC visiting M.P. does an Open Campus Drive from this instute only. It has the best insfrastructure and the group has two more engineering colleges, one college of education, one college of computer application and three C.B.S.E. affilated schools with world class facilities.

  354. sai kirshana says

    attention evry is a message fr evry student whz going to join engg…particulary in hyd..
    ……be cautious..while choosing a coll in hyd.frst of all.
    most of the colleges are out side the city limits fr exmple BSIT,PRRM,PIRM,ROYAL,MNNAN,etc
    my sincere advice is not to join this colleges& SPOIL UR ENJYMNT””’IF UR A BOOK WORM&thinkin TO STUDY…………thenGO ON WITH UR DECISSION…….TO THE OUTSKIRTS OF THE CITY””””
    meeeeeee sreyobilashi

  355. [email protected]@hardoi says

    deer students.
    never loss ur confidence just keep on studying…
    dont even think how bad your collg is … always keep in mind ….u r the best …..

  356. Avinash says

    knowledge about ICFAI engg. college.

  357. sreenath says

    this college is more student satisfaction with every thing..

  358. sreenath says

    we are the best

  359. sreenath says

    look about the panimalar engineering college and institute. its the best in chennai for ever…

  360. jasmeet says

    hello sir, i want to kw abt top 10 private colleges in india for biotechnology plzzzzzzzzz give me right information

  361. ankitaa says

    its nice site but could u please give me d names of top 50 aeronautical engineering colleges at my email id!

  362. [email protected]@hardoi says

    surely iiit’s are ever best colleges for engineering in india. but NIT’s and other AIEEE colleges are also there which are very good. but it depends on your choice what branch you want to choose as your career.
    you have to first think about your branch ,then ponder on college rankings.

    according to me——–!
    as i am related with information technology,so i can brief only about colleges related with my interests
    [A]. computer science & information technology

  363. Jerry says

    what shit are you telling……top 2 colleges have the same total points but you wrote it wrong and IIT Kanpur got first……how?????????

  364. prabhat says

    tell me top 100 engineering colleges & their scholarships.

  365. prabhat says

    Hi, I want to know about top 100 ngineering colleges in the world and their scholarships.

  366. SHASHI BHUSHAN says


  367. ajay v k says

    i want to know the top 10 engineering colleges of kerala.pls reply me immediately..

  368. ajit sharma says

    plz include lnct bhopal in ur list of top 100 coll of engineering

  369. sharath says

    hiii dude..

    everythng z fine but,
    Where z MVSR engg coll???

  370. ravi says

    mvsr engineering college should be placed in all india top 100
    because almost 70% students are being placed every year

  371. The Khan says



  372. sandeep says

    M.V.S.R engg college is almost equal to muffakam jah engg college so M.V.S.R also should be placed in all india top 100 ranks

  373. ravi ranjan says

    the survey of outlook is goodbut yet not too true .  ssn is not such like 45th rank .its highest pacage is only 3.5 lakh srm is given 26th position in placement but no one is selscted in any core company itshighest pacage is also too low.

  374. ALOK KUMAR says


  375. faraz says

    get confrmed admission in
    [email protected]

    1. piyush says

      I want to take admission in B.Tech. Please guide me. You can aontact me on 09031083626 or mail me on [email protected].

      1. jai says

        dear student,
        if u knw d more information abt d clg plz visit d clg site nd dnt belev “n consultant,itz gud 4 ur carrier

  376. Ruchir Parikh says


  377. jeethendar says

    i am now joining in engg with the branch of please tell me that which material is most preferable to take. please send me your suggetion soon.And also how much it costs. v thankyou,

  378. Grunge says

    Im suprised how SSN college in Chennai is way ahead of colleges like SRM,Hindustan & Sathyabama.SSN didnt even have courses on Mechanical Engineering for long, though recently the college has started the course in 2007 (which means the batch is yet to pass out)the same holds true for bio-medical and chemical.Compare this to the other three colleges, where the depts have been functioning since the 90’s and have good placement record year after year….

  379. balram says

    I am joining in engineering in this year and decided to get a best rank in mtec .in mechanical eng.
    so can you tell me the best material to follow for it .so that i will be thankful to you .I am ready to
    follow it.
    thanking you

  380. Vandit says

    I guess many colleges are left out like ms uni. Of baroda,gujarat.
    Tsec of maharastra,st rodrigues of bandra,also,myself studying in guj,i dont think ddit and gcet deseve to be there if msu isnt there..Also bvm,gujarat is far better than gcet(rank 99)

    1. aditya says

      ryt man ms shud be in top 50 n bvm,ld shud be sbove ddit

  381. Ayush says

    I am a son of ex-serviceman from Himachal, Can anyone help me with quota availability information in govt. engineering colleges.

  382. Siddharth says

    i guess a more indepth (actual, not on paper) analysis is required to make a list of “REAL” TOP 100 Colleges…… i was in HBTI and i know what is the actual position of few colleges in comparision with other so if possible make few surprise visits before collecting information from colleges…………..

  383. Raman Bhatia says

    Thanx man. I am pursuing CSE from BIT mesra’s jaipur extension branch. The extension branch has been opened 3 years. this is the fourth batch. actually i had got aieee rank 7200 and i was pretty good colleges but the problem was i wasn’t gettin a good branch. then i came to know about BIT’s jaipur centre. we’ll get the degree of BIT mesra and for placement we will go to ranchi for placements. hence i preffered it over others. Thanx a lot for makin me realise that my decision was correct.

    1. amit says

      i ma the counsellior in areputated institute, so if u have ant quiry then mail me

      1. harshaneel saikia says

        Sir,i am studying engineering.I want to transfer to some other engineering college.I would prefer a government engineering college.So,please sir,i request you to help me in my matter.My mobile number is 9957349766.

      2. Rakesh Mendiratta says

        I would like to know the credibility of Mody Institute of Technology, Sekar Rajisthan in fielf on B Tech in Computer science

      3. gaurav kumar says

        i need to get admission in any of the pune’s top collages.can u please help me out regarding admission schedules of different top MIT,VIDYAPEETH etc.AIEEE was not so goodas i still have routes opened for admissions.thanks in advance.i seriously need your help

        1. rajiv r. singh says

          ya definetly

          mit is the best option you can try for management quota seats as exams are over.

      4. Saksham says

        sir what about srm institute it is far better than wat the rankings suggest

      5. vivek says

        curently i am in B.E mechanical……..i want to become M.E in aeronautical branch……is it possible…..

      6. salahuddin says

        my aieee rank is all india rank 35181 and state rank is 1400 (jharkhand)
        can i get any gov. college
        does jamia milia islamia select on aieee rank
        plz help me

      7. kirt says

        uptu rank 15220 in general and 1948 in girl..aieee rank 52000, which college would be best at these rank..?? plz rpy

  384. ajeet kumar says

    my rank in aieee is 53134. will i admitted in orissa top 15 colleges with CSE branch or not. orissa jee board uses at first time AIEEE score card. please help me.
    just reply me.

    1. anjali says

      its a togh q bt if u gt gud rank rank in aieee means approx 30000 dn u ll gt it

  385. trakin says

    @Haq..sorry I am not in a position to answer your question.

    1. Pranav says

      hello sir .
      i m lokesh nandanwar .im the studrne of mechanical engg.(doploma).my question is can i eligible to get admision in areonatic engg After complit my diploma.
      my contact no:-9096400189
      ( Plz contact me)

    2. shalu says

      Helo,amit sir i m in +2 non med. now tell me what shoud i do for my best career.

  386. md sadrul haque says

    how many seats are reserved for outsider genral studend in orissa engg college. my rank is 1401 (os ge) which branch can i get in c.v raman , nist or silicon and other top 5 eng. college plz reply soon

  387. tomar sanjay says

    kindly look for lnmiit jaipur and what rank should it be at

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