India Is World’s 6th Wealthiest Nation; Beats Others In Wealth Creation Growth!

India has emerged as the 6th wealthiest nation in the world and has beaten all other nations in growth of wealth creation.


India Is World's 6th Wealthiest Nation

Capgemini powered New World Wealth report is out, and there is some exciting news for India!

We are now the 6th wealthiest nation in the world, and in terms of growth of wealth creation, we have beaten all wealthy countries including China, US and UK.

Overall, India created a wealth of $8230 billion in 2017.

Let’s talk about some real money here!

India Is 6th Wealthiest Country In The World

With the total wealth amounting to $8230 billion, India has been ranked as the 6th wealthiest nation in the world.

This way, we have beaten countries like France, Italy, Australia and others in wealth creation. Overall, USA has been hailed as the wealthiest nation in the world right now.

The 5 countries which are wealthier than India are:

  1. USA: Wealth of $64,584 billion
  2. China: Wealth of $24,803 billion
  3. Japan: Wealth of $19,522
  4. UK: Wealth of $9,919 billion
  5. Germany: Wealth of $9,660 billion

The New World Wealth report considers all private wealth of individuals residing in any country and includes properties, cash, equities, business interests, less any liabilities. Govt. funds or Govt. assets are not considered for this report.

India Registers Highest Wealth Creation Growth

Now, if we talk about the growth of wealth creation in 2017, then India is positioned at #1 position, with massive 25% growth rate.

No other country has been able to match this growth!

Our neighbour China was at #2 position with a growth rate of 22% in wealth creation.

Overall, global wealth increased by 12% in 2017, which means India’s wealth creation growth was more than double of the global average.

New World Wealth attributed to this massive increase in global wealth to the tremendous growth of stock markets all over the world.

The report said,

“In general, it was a good year for all W10 (wealthiest 10) markets, thanks to strong global stock market gains – the MSCI world index was up 23 percent and the Dow Jones (DJIA) was up 26 percent during the year (in USD terms),”

Some other interesting facts from the report:

  • In terms of resident billionaires in any country, India is at #3 rank with 119 billionaires
  • India has right now 3.3 lakh HNWIs (high-net-worth individuals),which makes us 9th in the world, in the ranking for HNWIs
  • Total of 20,730 multi-millionaires reside in India, which makes us 7th highest population of millionaires
  • The US has maximum HNWIs: 50,47,400
  • In terms of wealth creation, India his the fastest growing country, as our wealth increased from $6,584 billion in 2016 to $ 8,230 billion in 2017, a steep 25% growth

You can find the complete report here.

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