Is Artificial Intelligence Really Going To Steal Your Job?



Imagine a future where almost every job is done by artificial intelligence. Cars don’t have drivers. Planes don’t have pilots. Hospitals don’t have doctors. Architects have been replaced by intelligent software. Police and the military have been replaced by defense bots. Manufacturing, construction and production are done by large 3D printers.

When I share this with people, most people at first find it hard to believe. Then they get angry. “There is no way robots and artificial intelligence can do all of this!” a furious doctor told me when I shared this vision I had.

But if you think calmly, we as human beings have been able to achieve whatever we have thought of.

Go back in time and imagine someone telling people that we will be able to fly, that we will be able to see and hear each other even though we are on different continents and that we will be able to go to outer space. They would have thought the person saying all this was crazy. A lot of science fiction from the past is science reality today.

Every time a new technology has come, old world jobs have been lost. So imagine a while ago when people rode in horse carriages. The invention of the motorized vehicle caused lots of people who knew how to ride horses to lose jobs.

Was this bad?

No, it wasn’t bad, because eventually many more new jobs got created in automobile manufacturing and new car drivers were needed. Now the new cars needed spare parts, servicing and also needed people to advertise cars. People needed to invent airbags and in-car entertainment systems.

Millions of new jobs got created and there was an economic boom. This is a cycle that will continue happening, the old is destroyed to give way to the new. This happens in nature and throughout the Universe.

If you look at the way things are moving, more and more old-world jobs would be eliminated. Either you can fight and deny this reality, or accept it and start thinking what best can be done to benefit from the change that is coming in.

Cars without drivers will be a reality. They would be much safer. Today, more that 1.3 million people die because of car accidents due to human error. That is more than deaths caused due to terrorist attacks.

Planes without pilots too is a reality that will happen soon. Auto-pilot systems today can anyway do everything.

The benefits of this will be incredible, but there will also be a group of people who will be left behind. Every time something new happens, a group of people get left behind. This is a law of nature. Even the mightiest creatures that ruled earth, the dinosaurs, got extinct.

Those who start thinking how they can benefit from this, those who start investing in knowledge and start looking at opportunities will be the ones who will move ahead.

Large amounts of wealth will be created in this process and I am sure all of you reading this are the ones who value knowledge and wealth, thus you are the ones best suited to benefit from this bright new future.

If I was a doctor or an engineer, I know what I would be doing that would create huge wealth! Think, you too will get incredible answers!

Yogesh Chabria is one of the world’s most loved and sought-after speakers, bestselling author, successful entrepreneur and founder of The Happionaire® Way. You can find more about it at

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