Shame! Verizon Used Bouncers To Evict Terminated Employee!

Nothing justifies the way in which Verizon evicted the wrongfully terminated employee.


Verizon Used Bouncers To Evict Terminated Employee

Bouncers are usually employed by pubs, discotheques to handle any agitated, over-excited tipsy patrons and maybe evict them from the location.

However, when bouncers are used for manhandling terminated employees from an IT company, then it becomes a shame. Something similar happened in Hyderabad, where Verizon used bouncers to forcefully evict a terminated employee.

Meanwhile, we will also share those 4 skills in IT, which will help you to get a job in 2018.

But before, let us understand what Verizon did in Hyderabad, and why it was shameful.


Verizon To Bouncers: Throw This Employee Out!

This is something which has not been seen or heard in India, ever.

When Verizon Data Services in Hyderabad decided to terminate a 32-year-old engineer, they thought of an innovative way: Use bouncers.

Note here, that the employee was working since last 6 years, and was currently working on a project. He was not on the bench and was a productive asset. When the HR asked him to sign a termination document, he got up and asked for some time to at least read it.

Then, suddenly, bouncers appeared and pushed him down. Forced him to sign the document, and in a very humiliating way, escorted him outside the campus.

That employee said,

“The bouncers pushed me back into my chair and held me by my shoulders till I signed the document. It was an awful experience and I can’t begin to tell how demeaning it was. It was not like I was on the bench, I was performing and they treated me in this terrible manner.”

As per ForIT (Forum for IT Professionals) in Hyderabad, around 993 employees from Verizon’s campuses in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai has been terminated, and most probably, in this manner.

In their defence, Verizon described this action as ‘Role rationalisation’.

Verizon said,

“As Verizon consolidates its strategy, we can scale, compete, and continue to be successful. Verizon’s IT, including Verizon Data Services India, is transforming into an engineering-centric, technology organisation. The transformation entails rationalising roles, which has an impact on headcount. We are doing role rationalisation not to meet a specific number but to match the talent with the requirements of the business for its future.”

Regarding the issue of manhandling, Verizon has denied any such thing, but yes, have admitted that ‘security personnel’ were present.

Sajad Pokkadon, Verizon’s corporate communication head in India said,

“Security personnel along with an HR personnel were part of the meeting to ensure there is no emotional outbursts or adverse reactions.”

IT Employee Unions have jumped into this issue, and this incident can prove to be a landmark case.

Kiran Chandra, founder member of ForIT in Hyderabad, which is an employees’ association for IT professionals expressed his anger:

“It is such a nasty situation and it is not just about people being retrenched, it is also about how it is being done. They are antagonising people with bouncers and counsellors. We are planning to even complain to the medical council regarding this issue. As far as the bouncers are concerned, they are brought in based on how the employee reacts. We will take this issue to every forum and fight it out,”

If you are a Verizon India employee and experienced any such activity, then do let us know by commenting here. Your name would be kept anonymous.

4 IT Skills Which Can Get You A Job In 2018

Meanwhile, when one opportunity closes, another 10 open up.

IT Industry in India and globally is going through a transition phase, and no doubt jobs are being sucked away. But at the same time, new skills, new jobs, new requirements are also coming up, which means that for the learner, there is no dearth of opportunities.

All you need to do is, keep evolving.

Here are 4 major IT skills, which are in demand for 2018, and if you have the skills and experience in these, then the sky is the limit:

Artificial Intelligence

70% of Indian firms will have to deploy Artificial Intelligence or AI in their businesses, and this is a reality now. Flipkart has already announced their AI driven initiatives, and they have been working on this since long.

As per Alka Dhingra, General Manager, IT staffing, TeamLease Services, AI alone will create 23 lakh jobs by 2020.

AI is the buzzword, and it’s going pretty strong.

Data Science

With billions of digital users, millions of transactions and thousands of portals, apps, the importance of data science, and big data is only becoming larger. This data universe will expand to 44 Trillion GBs by 2020, and we need experts who can handle this data.

Big Data Scientists are already earning 10X of what engineers are earning, and the opportunities are immense.

Startups like Swiggy have already declared that data science is the skill they are looking after and if you are searching for a job, then it can’t be any better than that.

Blockchain Specialists

‘Blockchain’ is the future of digital, and if you are only believing the astronomical rise of cryptocurrencies as the proof, then you are mistaken. Cryptocurrencies are just an application of blockchain: Banks and Govt. have already started using blockchain, and soon, it will become the backbone of the corporate sector.

Digital Marketing, Content

As we predicted in our yearly digital marketing trends, the sector is right now piping hot with opportunities and potential. An internet-based economy is growing at a faster pace than anyone had ever imagined, and the industry needs creativity, passion and ideas.

Within digital marketing industry, a heavy requirement exists for content creators, designers, coders, visualizers, salesmen, customer support and more.

Did we miss any hot skill for 2018? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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