Advocatekhoj: Present your case, get a lawyer, Win your case


No, the last part of the title is stretching it up a bit too much. But this new startup AdvocateKhoj helps users to find well qualified lawyers to fight out your case. A good lawyer is half battle won !

Legal system in India is overloaded will millions of cases and more than 3 million cases are still pending in Indian High courts. This gives Advocate Khoj a readymade market to target.


AdvocateKhoj communication platform bridges the gap between clients and advocates by providing an avenue for talk. Anyone who needs legal assistance can present a case (answer some simple questions about their legal situation) “free of cost” on the AdvocateKhoj website without revealing his or her identity. Then, member advocates by AdvocateKhoj decide whether to respond to your legal issue after reviewing your presented case. Once you get a reply from an advocate, you are able to view the advocate’s qualification and experience so that you can make an informed decision on which advocate to hire.

What I really like about Advocate Khoj is that a user does not have pay upfront for any of the services. The payment comes into picture only after the client has decided upon the lawyer to take his case forward.

Another feature of AdvocateKhoj is that it uses automated online technologies to match the specific needs of a consumer with a lawyer, by matching geographically, and also based on a lawyer’s various salient attributes and legal expertise. The matching is fully automated and is based on client-entered criteria, so there is no preferential treatment of any particular lawyer.

The site also provides comprehensive information and education about Indian law, historical antecedents, legal tips, areas of law and Indian acts and rules.

I think Advocate Khoj has got into a very good niche and being the first entrant into the market has great chance of success.

The only doubt that remains, are Indian lawyers and consumers that net savvy adopt AdvocateKhoj?

  1. R.S.Agrawal says

    The lady is entitled to half share in the properties left behind by her father. The other half will go the heirs of her brother.She will have to file partition suit to get her share

  2. anandbhootra says

    wheither a Bussiness Firm can go to Consumer Court.

  3. anandbhootra says

    wheither a Firm can go to Consumer forum.

  4. shankar says

    My mother in law wants her share in her father’s property in Chennai.
    Her father is no more & her only brother has also passed away recently.
    Her brother’s wife & only son are enjoying the full property currently.
    Legel status of the property whether transferred from her father to her brother or anybody is not known.
    Pls. advise how to proceed .

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