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Most of us have heard about Elance, getafreelancer or guru where users can outsource work to freelancers on project to project basis. These services are quite popular number of individuals and small business earn their livelihood through these sites.

One of the main drawback of this service is that while quite a few do a good job and leave their clients satisfied, equal number of people perform their work quite unsatisfactorily. One can frequently see complaints and disputes between the freelancer and client.


Now a new India based start-up called TasksEveryDay.com gives a new twist to this freelancing and targets a particular niche of people. They provide busy professionals and Business people in U.S, Canada, U.K and Australia with virtual assistant service at a fixed low rate of $6.98 per hour.

For example a businesswoman somewhere in the US is working in her office, keeping up with the demands of the company she has created, however Accounts is one area where she is unable to give enough time. She gets a Virtual assistant from TasksEveryDay.com and explains the work. She receives an email from her virtual assistant in Mumbai, India informing her that her accounting books have been completed for the quarter and her profits are up. She breathes a sigh of satisfaction and calls her Virtual Assistant to thank her for her exceptional work.

I am sure there are number of business people in US/UK, who would love to avail this kind of service, especially because it is not a single individual looking out for work on the net. Every Virtual Assistant is screened and shortlisted by the company and provided to the client. This ensures that the VA is qualified enough to do the job.

These Virtual Assistant are typically College Graduates, MBAs, Accountants, Web Designers, Lawyers, and experts in various fields. TasksEveryDay.com currently has 250 virtual assistants.

The best part is that client has a local number to call his/her Virtual Assistant even though the offices of TasksEveryDay.com are in India. VA’s can handle any jobs that can be done from an offsite phone or computer. Clients can hire a VA part-time for a 20-hour week or full-time for a 40-hour week, or for short-term projects.

I like the concept and I am sure it will appeal to the busy professionals. 2

What do readers think? Will this service take off?

  1. pradip choudhary says

    Hi evryone,

    myself Pradip looking to work as a visual assistant epecially in transcription(Business transcription) form.
    So is there anyone who can guide me about the same.

    Pradip Choudhary (Mob no- 9773392493)

  2. Paresh Bafna says

    Hi kamini,
    I know u have a great desire to work as virtual assistant.

    Generally the virtual assistant segregate into following categories:

    Graduate Assistant: Internet Research, Data entry, Collecting contact details, Customer service, Accounting, Order Management, Invoicing, Recruiting, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Documents, Emails/Calls, Blog/Forum Postings, Transcription, CRM or Database Management, Property listings, Resume writing and Job applications, Personal Tasks, appointments, travel booking,

    MBA Assistant: Business Plans, Market Research Reports, Competitive Analysis, Executive Summary Writing, Project Management

    Web & Internet Assistant: Website Design, Logo Design, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, PPC management, Web 2.0 online marketing

    so before approaching to any virtual assistant first decide about what type of work you wanted to do.
    Its not necessary that MBA never perform the task performed by the graduate and vice-versa.

    you can search the virtual assistant company from various search engine and post your resume to them.

    I hope this make sense

  3. Paresh says

    Hi there,
    I am working in taskeveryday.com as a manager client relationship.
    It will be a great pleasure helping you all. I would put in my best efforts to ensure that all queries solved quickly.

  4. Jyotibabu says

    I am working as a Technical Support Engineer and would like to render my services as a Virtual assistant. Can anyone guide me as to from where do I make a start?

  5. pratap singh says

    India consultancy services provides virtual assistants to its clients for administrative, technical and creative assistance to legal firms and business enterprises .

  6. Pratap Singh says

    I am virtual Assistant based in india ,i am interested in working as virtual assistant over the months.

  7. Kamini Sharma says


    I am based in New Delhi, India and am interested in working as a virtual assistant over the weekends.  I have been trying to find the info on internet.  How do i go about it.  Can someone help me.

  8. Naved says

    taskseveryday and getfriday both are great.

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