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E-learning is fast gaining popularity in India. With Internet audience and broadband connections growing in India, e-learning is becoming a viable option to many. Number of Internet startups have come up in recent times to cater to this growth

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WiZiQ is one such startup that has come up with a free e-learning platform. With WiZiQ, teachers can create their own virtual classroom and impart knowledge to interested students. It could be a private or a public classroom and can be scheduled at a fixed time and date.

WiZiQ does not limit itself to be just a e-learning center, it also serves as a collaboration tool where teachers and students can interact at various levels and even conduct tests online.

Watch this video to see the features of WiZiQ’s virtual classroom

The Virtual classroom has duplex audio, text chat, whiteboard, PowerPoint and PDF document sharing together or independently.

What I really like about WiZiQ is the simplicity it offers for teachers and students to teach and learn remotely!

Here is what WiZiQ have to say about themselves:

WiZiQ puts learners and teachers together regardless of the boundaries and enables live, online teaching for absolutely no cost to the teacher or the student. Learning live in a virtual classroom from a teacher of your choice, we believe, is the next best alternative to face-to-face teaching.

Further, with all the “digital” benefits that computers offer us, teachers can explain concepts using ‘learning assets’ such as images, videos, PowerPoint presentations, documents etc. Unlike face-to-face classes, sessions get recorded so that teachers and students can revisit and even search for a certain topic.

Real time interaction in the virtual classroom allows for live feedback from the students making WiZiQ a valuable tool for teachers. Another advantage of WiZiQ is that it is a discovery platform to find good teachers and high quality free educational content that is rated by the learning community.

WiZiQ is FREE – they do not charge anything from teachers for using WiZiQ for online teaching. However, there is premium version available with certain advanced features for a monthly / yearly subscription fee.

Premium membership gets benefits like:

  • Use the Virtual Classroom with Private Chat, 3 control interface, and branding for your organization name.
  • contact through email, Skype or phone.
  • WiZiQ support offered within a business day.
  • Teachers can keep session recordings for a year.
  • Teachers can collect session payments on PayPal.

And now time for some goodies, WiZiQ has offered 50 premium yearly subscription worth $49.99 for trak.in readers. If you are a teacher or a subject matter expert willing to share your knowledge, WiZiQ is a must for you.

Drop me a mail or just comment on this post and I will get back to you with your free premium subscription of WiZiQ.

The creators behind WiZiQ are also the ones behind Authorstream, the online PowerPoint presentation and sharing tool with which I was quite impressed.

  1. Don says

    I’m actually creating courses on pdf, downloadable which is not the best solution for me. I’ve heard of wiziq and would like to try it. Can I have a pass also ?


  2. ciena says


    I’m a coach and a teacher and wiziq could be a solution for me. I you still have passes I would love one. Thanks !

  3. adhsanth says

    Hi I am in teaching industry searching for such a solution. Thanks for providing such useful information.
    Please give me one wiziq subscription

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    This seems to be interesting.
    We are a team of ID writers and would want to get the premium subscription.

    Thanks for the great write-up.


  6. Shelley Howell says

    Hi. WIZIQ seems great! Great write up! Can I please have a premium code for a subscription to check it out properly please.

  7. CareerFruits says

    I would like to highlight here that WIZIQ is one of the best tools available for video conferencing. I used paid tools like GotoMeeting, WebEx and LiveMeeting but I found that WIZIQ is simple and solid. I would like to get one of the premium subscription.

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                I spend some time on WizQ and like the subjects . I would love to share/learn on topics like Project managment, SOA , Theory of constraints etc..

    Syed Naqvi

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    I’d be interested in one of these premium subscriptions! I have a group that is exploring new education models for India in areas of religion and anthropology. I would love to hear from you!

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