Want to get home early from work? Spend some time on looking good !


office makeupYeah..that’s what has been revealed in a recent Synovate survey on beauty.

More than 55% of the people think that well groomed and good looking people can get away with less work at workplace than their peers. Now, I have my doubts if this holds true in India – you can make your judgements :)

I’d be more inclined to say that girls do have advantage of being just that – girls. They do sometimes get away with lesser work at office, and its not only at workplace !

Think about any situation – lets say you are in a long queue to get tickets. If a girls approaches you saying she is in hurry, most of the you may allow her to go ahead and feel good about it. But if guy approached you, it very unlikely that you will allow him to get ahead of you.

Unfair advantage? you take a call !

Here are some of the interesting findings of that survey:

  • The highest daily mirror time goes to the Bulgarians with 31% spending more than 10 minutes a day gazing at themselves, followed by the Americans at 26%.
  • Singaporeans relate beauty to confidence more than any other market, with just under half saying it’s all about self-belief
  • 41% of all respondents agreed that they pay attention to beauty tips in magazines
  • It’s good to be beautiful in Brazil and India where 55% of people think you can get away with less work as long as you look good.
  • Were money no object, nearly half of all people would have regular facials, massages or other treatments. This was as high as 77% in Brazil (91% of women) and 72% in Spain (86% of women).

Whats your take?

  1. Sridhar Oruganti says

    Well it isn’t giving them an unfair advantage but being chivalrous—Srip.s: talking abt the girl in a queue

  2. Amrita Das says

    To some extent I agree that "smart" girls tend to "delegate" their jobs and assignments to the guys – but this is only half truth. My experience has been that this is limited to places like colleges & universities etc. In the real world of work, Women employees tend to be more sincere and hard working. Probably, they are in that job for longer time than the guys who would like to switch jobs more often. Or may be it is a feeling of competition with the guys…

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