Three times more pay packet for Indians 20 years from now !


As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, The salaries of Indians are increasing at breath-taking speed. An IT person getting a 30 to 35% rise is a common place now a days.
Mckinsey Global Institute recently released a report which concludes that in couple of decades, Indians will be earning more than 3 times of what they are earning right now.
The rising income levels would lift 291 million people out of poverty and create a 583 million strong middle class society. The report said that “Average real household disposable income will grow to Rs 318,896 (a year) by 2025 from Rs 113,744 in 2005.

The report also added that India is set to become the fifth-largest consuming economy behind US, Japan, China and the UK by 2025. 

Hmmm…exciting times lie ahead of us !

  1. Hitesh Bhardwaj says

    Hey Ajay, Thats not “untrue” , But the peroson shuould have a skillset which is highly demanded . Being in industry since 5yr is good but you will have to update your self according to the market .

  2. Ajay says

    >> An IT person getting a 30 to 35% rise is a common place now a days

    I think you are seriously mistaken over here. I am in the industry since 5 years. This is untrue.

  3. daksh says

    Thanks for the report link. I was looking for this one on indian consumers :)


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