What is the Blogging scenario in India ?


Blogging is definitely catching up in India. It surely is not close compared to US and UK, however, if you compare it with what it was a year back- it has grown in at least couple of multiples. Every 5th or sixth blog I come across is run by an Indian.

Following are the top 5 observations about Indian people blogging, they are from my experiences alone, so other may not agree to it:

1) more than 90% of Indian bloggers are quite young- late twenties or early thirties.
2) Bollywood and entertainment blogs rule the roost, followed by the technology guys.
3) Corporate blogging is just started, but nothing serious yet.
4) Quite a few bloggers are in area on Web-Designing have taken up blogging. Lot of WordPress/ blogger themes come from them.
5) The no 1 Indian blog is Debonairblog (I am not going to link to it due to questionable content that it provides – I do not endorse this blog in anyway- neither should you !)

I came across this research done by WATblog, it is very interesting and also bit detailed. I am not sure of some of the numbers presented and the authenticity of same- but makes an interesting reading.

  1. sahil says

    @ArunPrabhudesai: blogging is booming up like anything also many people start as a hobby and end up as a full time career

  2. ramaraoms says

    yes blogging is coming out of the clouds and is becoming a parallel real media for info dissemination  in India. Big B’s venture is a point. netizens, getizens and now to citizens…….
    It will grow well as it offers a sharing platform to people of all walks of life especially the upcoming youngsters.
    Abuse is no problem. Users learn and develop their own strategies to meet it.

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